January 25, 2020
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Kenobi - "BUT..." [Official Music Video]

Message from Kenobi about this video:

I know a song about suicide prevention is a bit of a weird thing when it’s coming from someone who’s made a number of songs about having sex with dead bodies. You’d think I’d be all for people dying. Anyway, I thought I’d jump on this suicide bandwagon so I made this song… Then I paid some Indian guy $5 to make a lyric video for it. He was a nightmare to work with but I got there in the end. Definitely got my money’s worth and I bet he fucking hates my control-freak personality. To be fair, he probably contemplated suicide after having to deal with me… Wonder if the song worked. RIP Saqib

See how many typos you can spot in the lyrics. It’s a fun game.

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