October 31, 2020
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Kung Fu Vampire Interviewed on the Iron Crew Podcast!

Just a few days ago, our homie Kung Fu Vampire was interviewed by the Iron Crew Podcast!  This hour-long episode had them speaking on a variety of topics, including his years of studying gymnastics, being a father, the new album Come Dawn, and a variety of other topics!

Here’s a description straight from IronCrewAthletics.com:

Kung Fu Vampire is an American rapper and vocalist who is the creative mind behind the Iron Crew Podcast’s intro music.  Kung Fu talks about his time as an elite level gymnast, his thoughts on good parenting vs GREAT parenting, and how he built his personal brand from scratch.

Take a listen to the full interview below:

You can listen to it from the official Iron Crew website by clicking Right Here!




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