October 22, 2019
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Update on Petition to get ICP into the WWE Hall of Fame!

We got hit up by a ninja named Young Che who has poured a lot of time and effort into his attempts to get the Insane Clown Posse into the WWE Hall Of Fame!

A few years ago, he started a Facebook page which now has over 3,600 likes.  He claims that each like counts as a signature for this petition.

A few months back, a radio station out of Kalamazoo, Michigan wrote an article about this, and he just got word about it today!  Check the article below.

From WKFR.com:

With WWE Wrestlemania 35 right around the corner, lots of names have been released over the past few weeks of former wrestlers who will be inducted into the World Wrestling Entertainment’s Hall Of Fame. Every year, the WWE also adds one celebrity or celebrities to the celebrity wing of the Hall Of Fame. Celebrities who have already made it in include Romeo, MI musician Kid Rock, Snoop Dogg, actor Drew Carey, and baseball’s Pete Rose. One thing about this bugs me, none of those guys are wrestlers. Meanwhile Detroit rappers Violent J & Shaggy 2 Dope ofInsane Clown Posse consistently get passed because of past issues between the group and WWE.

The Insane Clown Posse are not only trained professional wrestlers, but have appeared and worked in WWE, WCW, and their own federation, Juggalo Championship Wrestling (JCW). I’ve been down with the clown since 97′, which for normal people means I’ve been a fan of ICP for a long time. Not only did they wrestle in WWE, but also produced and performed entrance music for multiple wrestlers while in agreement with WWE. They did all of their work with WWE for free in exchange for promotion for their new album at the time, The Amazing Jeckel Brothers, which they allegedly did not receive. They were never under contract and left after WWE failed to keep their end of the deal. Every year they have been snubbed from their rightful place in the WWE HOF. One petition has been started on Facebook on the page,ICP Belongs In WWE Hall Of Famet o encourage fans to bring signs to WWE shows stating, “ICP 4 HOF” and to contact WWE at their corporate office. I fully support this cause because ICP brought a lot to the “Attitude Era” and they’re actual wrestlers. I don’t wanna see someone who performed a song once during a show get in anymore. Do the right thing WWE.

To join the cause, all you have to do is Like ICP Belongs in WWE Hall Of Fame on Facebook!  Do that, scroll through their posts, and get the word out!




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    Faygoluvers Comments

  1. MisterMime


    Comment posted on Monday, October 7th, 2019 10:00 pm GMT -5 at 10:00 pm

    Hell yeah. Thats been long overdue. Whoop whoop!

  2. the_blanchet_smack


    Comment posted on Monday, October 7th, 2019 10:11 pm GMT -5 at 10:11 pm

    I was in the first 100 to like that facebook page

    they do deserve a spot way more than Kid Rock did

    and I also clearly remember that Jim Ross did plug AJB on raw saying their new album comes out tomorrow but that was it.

  3. juggalotus42000


    Comment posted on Tuesday, October 8th, 2019 10:55 am GMT -5 at 10:55 am

    never gonna happen esp with this shit PG era of raw , vince dosent forget or forgive



    Comment posted on Tuesday, October 8th, 2019 04:20 pm GMT -5 at 4:20 pm

    Keep the hype coming fam!!! We know us juggalos can make some noise. Got to keep trying ninjas. Maybe one day we will see this dream become reality!!! They deserve/earned the acknowledgment.

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