July 2, 2020
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Kingspade 15 Year Anniversary Vinyl Release!

Can you believe it’s been FIFTEEN years since both D-Loc and Johnny Richter formed Kingspade and put out a full-length LP?  There were some definite bangers on that album, and if you haven’t heard it before, it deserves a listen!

If you’re a vinyl collector, this is definitely one that needs to be added to your collection!  Check out the description of the album and pre-order packages below.

From SRH.com:

D-LOC and J.RIC formed KINGSPADE 15 years ago and dropped their first album. To celebrate the 15th anniversary of this underground classic, we’re dropping a special, limited edition 15th Anniversary vinyl of the album.

Bundles, coming with a Kingspade T-shirt and free keychain and button pack are available now for pre-order… while supplies last. Pre-order yours here.

Pre-orders are $29.99 for the vinyl only, $24.99 for the t-shirt only, or $49.99 for the vinyl, t-shirt, pins, and keychain.  You can pre-order any of those here: https://shop.srh.com/collections/kingspade-vinyl-15th-anniversary

Here’s a little reminder of the flavor from that original album:



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