March 2, 2021
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Jack D – “Hold My Beer”

Purchase the album here:

  1. Last Minute Drunkend Intro (feat. Coota Bang)
  2. Had to Rap
  3. Post to Be ( Remix ) [feat. Coota Bang]
  4. Keep Drinkin’
  5. FallBack (feat. Sixx King MLB & Troof Music)
  6. Houndin’ Interlude
  7. Long Damn Time (feat. Coota Bang & Prota Buck)
  8. Hold My Beer
  9. Cold Beer Interlude
  10. Dirt Road (feat. Y-Lo)
  11. The Gun
  12. Story to Tell (feat. Ricky Latt)
  13. Superman
  14. I Always Will ( Swift Remix )

Listen to the album on Spotify here:




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