July 14, 2020
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Gibby Stites – “Regularly Scheduled Programming”

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  1. Lately (Prod. Charlie Beans)
  2. Love Lost (Prod. Charlie Beans)
  3. Dying Daily [ft. Blaze Ya Dead Homie] (Prod. Gibby Stites)
  4. The Opposite (Prod. Gibby Stites)
  5. Distance (Prod. Stir Crazy)
  6. Spaced Out (Prod. Gibby Stites)
  7. Invincible Man [ft. Xtra Overdoze] (Prod. Gibby Stites)
  8. Rose Whip (Prod. Gibby Stites)
  9. Looking For a Sign (Prod. Charlie Beans)
  10. F.T.G. [ft. Jamie Madrox] (Prod. Charlie Beans)
  11. Good Grief (Prod. DJ Emaculate)
  12. Bluntville (Prod. Gibby Stites)

releases April 16, 2020

Guitars by Cheezy McNasty on “Good Grief”

Cuts by DJ Emaculate on “Love Lost”

All songs mastered by DJ Emaculate at Studio 55 except for “Distance” which was mastered by Gibby Stites.

“Lately” “Love Lost” “Looking For a Sign” and “FTG” were engineered/mixed by Charlie Beans.

“Dying Daily” “The Opposite” “Distance” “Spaced Out” “Invincible Man” “Rose Whip” and “Bluntville” were engineered/mixed by Gibby Stites.

“Good Grief” was engineered/mixed by DJ Emaculate.

Listen to “Dying Daily” featuring Blaze Ya Dead Homie here:

Release Date:

  • 04/16/2020




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