July 30, 2021
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Chuuwee – “Hear No Equal”

“Hear No Equal” by Sacramento rapper Chuuwee, is a collection of released and unreleased songs that never made an album placement. Including a few popular singles such as “Perception”, “Hope”, “For The Kids” and “Holy Mountain”, the album consists of 12 tracks.

With one feature on “For The Kids” by NIKO IS, the producers on the album are AC3 Beats, Nate Curry, Saltreze, Dylan Tran, Shae Money, Eli Opus, Telepath & Danny Boy, Money Montage and Slept.

See all download/streaming options here: https://smarturl.it/HearNoEqual

  1. Perception
  2. Taking Time
  3. Hope
  4. Contemplation
  5. Mxney
  6. For The Kids (feat. NIKO IS)
  7. Man Of My Word
  8. Holy Mountain
  9. Que Sera (Pt. 1)
  10. Blasphemy
  11. Pscilocide
  12. RainDance

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