July 31, 2021
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Claas and Hex Rated Team Up for VLNC LP! Pre-order Bundles Now Available!

VLNC is finally here!  Claas and Hex Rated have put together an 11 track album simply titled VLNC: Vol 1, and I’m hype to hear it!

First, let’s get you a track list:

  1. Intro Skit
  2. GXD Shit
  3. Warning
  4. We Got Em
  5. Come See Me
  6. The L
  7. TDIH
  8. Inmate Skit
  9. Till The Gun Goes
  10. Fall (ft. MMMFD aka Scum & Insane Poetry)
  11. Soldierz

You can get a sneak peek at the first track leaked via Spotify here:

There are plenty of pre-order options, and you know that LSP always comes correct with their merch.  Peep those options below:

Click to visit GoreHop.com!

  • VLNC: Vol 1 Pre-Order CD – $10.00
  • VLNC: Vol 1 Warning Bundle (CD, Poster, Decal) – $18.00
  • VLNC: Vol 1 Soldierz Bundle (CD, Poster, Decal, Facemask) – $33.00
  • VLNC: Vol 1 Come See Me Bundle (CD, Poster, Decal, T-shirt) – $40.00
  • VLNC: Vol 1 The L Bundle (CD, Poster, Decal, VLNC Basketball Jersey) – $65.00-$70.00
  • VLNC: Vol 1 GXD Shit Bundle (CD, Poster, Decal, Facemask, Shirt, Basketball Jersey) – $100.00-$105.00

To get the album, merch bundles, and anything else LSP related, make sure to head over to GoreHop.com!



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