September 25, 2020
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The Vault: Volume 2


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Download from here:

  1. Intro
  2. MF by Azreal ft Forilla
  3. Battlin Me by R.C. ft Kaotik One & Forilla
  4. As the World Turns by Forilla ft Core & R.C. (Original Version)
  5. Forever Greatful by Locita ft Forilla
  6. Neva Gonna Stop by Forilla ft Kaotik ONE
  7. The Way We Roll ft R.C. (Trial version)
  8. Bitches Losing It by Sypher ft Forilla
  9. WorkAholic by R.C. ft Forilla
  10. Get Paid by Forilla ft Adiktid
  11. Spiced Out by R.C. ft Forilla
  12. Walk 2 Tha Light by Forilla ft Adiktid
  13. The Way I Kill by SHSM ft Forilla
  14. Truth Rec by Forilla ft Kaotik ONE

You can also stream it directly from Faygoluvers below:



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