September 26, 2021
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12 of KidCrusher’s Releases Now on Vinyl for a Limited Time

A few days ago, the Australian website WickedGear updated the section for KidCrusher. Most notably, 12 of KidCrusher’s releases are now available on vinyl. Some of these have been out-of-print for awhile, and some have never even been pressed to vinyl before. There are only 100 created for each release; thus, the supply is quite limited.

The pressings includes his 2006 debut album Tormented Mutation, his 2014 acclaimed album Metal Music 3D 2, his 2012 singles compilation Suicidal Singles (albeit cut down due to length), his 2018 newest release Distorted Dimension, and 8 others. For all of the vinyl diehards out there, this would be a good chance to snag a copy due to the small amount of availability.

KidCrusher released his last album in 2018, and is currently planning a show on Friday October 9th. The venue is limiting tickets sold to only 100 people, to encourage social distancing.



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