September 25, 2020
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Brothers – “Brothers 2: The Brothering”

Brand new album by Brothers, “Brothers 2: The Re-Brothering” Big Trox and Troxy Cotton coming at you with 14 tracks of unadulterated fire! Featuring amazing verses by JDirty and Andy Beatman, mixed and mastered entirely by Kutface.
  1. High And Tight
  2. Impervious
  3. El Troxa Nibre
  4. OS Baby (ft. JDirty)
  5. We’re All Doomed
  6. Burgundy, Ron (Troxy Cotton Edition)
  7. Audible Destruction (ft. JDirty)
  8. Brothers Went Bananas Trapped In The Crib
  9. Burgundy, Ron (Big Trox Edition)
  10. Responsible (ft. Andy Beatman)
  11. Worst Case
  12. Wasted Efforts
  13. Worst Case (Kutface Remix)
  14. Wasted Efforts (Kutface Remix)

Listen via Bandcamp here:

You can also listen via Soundcloud here:

Finally, get that physical copy here:




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