October 30, 2020
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KidCrusher - "The Drain: S01E02" (ft. AvD)

London’s own; The AvD from Red Method / The Defiled, joins us Live from Greece. We cover the rise and fall of The Defiled, Performing on a moving iceberg in Greenland for the Guinness book of Records. His Australian Adventures for the Soundwave Festival, Jagermeister, Future plans for Red Method, The Backstreet Boys, Movies and a possible Defiled Reunion with new and unreleased music!

KidCrusher also touches base on his upcoming single “Sacrifice” with Louis Tripp with a sneak peak at the Music Video. He also talks about an upcoming side project for November, upcoming live events and more!

THE DRAIN is an underground podcast hosted by the South Australian musician KidCrusher with Friends / Special Guests, which primarily focuses on promoting music and movies from all over the world, including his own. Discover or Get Discovered in the tunnels of the industry as we record the echo of the screams from those who crawl below. In this season based series, KidCrusher will be reeling in various special guests as well as opening up about his own career and upcoming projects.

Subscribe as Todd Hansen from King Parrot / The Berzerker will be joining us on the November episode of The Drain! Other special guests for this episode include; Tony from Enwrathed, Jesse from Darkcell, Purple Johnson Blimp Situation, Jack from Christ Dismembered, Jinzx and Freakface.

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