September 26, 2021
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Sour Jack-O-Lantern: Bloodline

Squallie Greenthumb

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Download/stream here:

  1. Hell and You (Slow Deep and Hard Remix)
  2. Sick Guy (beat jacked from Komatose IT’S FOR CHARITY DON’T YELL AT ME!)
  3. Cheap Soda (and Candy Corn)
  4. Which House? (Death of the Author)
  5. Love You To Death (Buddy the Serpent Remix)

“Hell and You” written by Amigo the Devil
“Sick Guy” beat jacked from Komatose’s “Goretorium”
“Cheap Soda” was co-written by Jacqui Frasca and features Laura Bailey on baritone and tenor saxophone
“Which House?” was co-written by Jacqui Frasca
“Love You to Death” written by Type O Negative and features Aria Rad on bass

You can listen via Bandcamp here:


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