January 22, 2021
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Twiztid’s Jamie Madrox tests positive for Covid-19

Twiztid’s Jamie Madrox made an unfortunate announcement on his personal Instagram (@pops_and_vintage) earlier today.

After being tested 5 days ago, he confirmed that he did, in fact, have Covid-19.  While this is a definite bone, he seems to be in good spirits and is taking the opportunity to tell all of you ninjas to take precautions and please stay safe.

Here’s what he said in his own words:

Click to enlarge!

You can also see this IG post of him getting tested just a few days ago:

We at Faygoluvers wish Madrox a speedy recovery! Get well soon homie!!


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    Faygoluvers Comments

  1. the_almighty_smack


    Comment posted on Tuesday, November 24th, 2020 10:40 pm GMT -6 at 10:40 pm

    what’s covid when he already has the aids??
    Donald Trump beat it in 3 days never bitched or cried once
    fake pandemic spread by fake ass people like Madrox

  2. YungCrowbar


    Comment posted on Wednesday, November 25th, 2020 12:31 am GMT -6 at 12:31 am

    how you know what Trump did when he had covid? was you with him 24/7??

    stop suckin the racist mans dick lol

  3. BlackSand


    Comment posted on Tuesday, November 24th, 2020 10:47 pm GMT -6 at 10:47 pm

    7-Up and Chicken Noodle Soup.

  4. mikeysinder

    Comment posted on Wednesday, November 25th, 2020 12:40 am GMT -6 at 12:40 am

    YungCrowbar when Trump got covid he waz very transparent about it, made posts regularly to let the people know whatz goin on. And also Yung Crowbar I like u, u my homie, but if you think Trump is a racist then ur a sheep who sucks main stream media dick. Trump ain’t racist, stop being a sheep. Much luv.
    And Jamie, you got a cold with an above 99% survival rate, you’ll be fine.

  5. Slumerican502


    Comment posted on Wednesday, November 25th, 2020 07:34 am GMT -6 at 7:34 am

    What is it about this website? I’ve seen 4Chan incels with more intelligence and grace than the retards that frequent this site. Like seriously. Why are y’all so fucking stupid?

  6. druggalo


    Comment posted on Wednesday, November 25th, 2020 08:23 am GMT -6 at 8:23 am

    @slumerican502 right? I was dreading reading the comments on this post, especially from milkyshitter. People like this literally give juggalos a bad name.

  7. dood

    Comment posted on Wednesday, November 25th, 2020 08:41 am GMT -6 at 8:41 am

    if anyone actually believes Trump had covid you’re a fucking moron. And Trump might not be racist but the majority of his inbred fan base is. Also get well Madrox even tho you make shitty music now a days.

  8. King Lucem Ferre

    King Lucem Ferre

    Comment posted on Wednesday, November 25th, 2020 10:50 am GMT -6 at 10:50 am

    Jamie was prepared for the haters. Jamie knew because they are predictable as fuck. Jamie has thick skin. Mikey wouldn’t be the man we know and love if he wasn’t shitting on Twiztid. Jamie making dope shit doing awesome things and Mikey on the comments talking shit. Two constants I enjoy seeing.

  9. Frankthetank

    Comment posted on Wednesday, November 25th, 2020 12:14 pm GMT -6 at 12:14 pm

    So was he feeling sick and had symptoms or just random test?

  10. PanickinMannequin


    Comment posted on Wednesday, November 25th, 2020 01:42 pm GMT -6 at 1:42 pm

    What a complete faggot.

  11. MillaTheKilla

    Comment posted on Wednesday, November 25th, 2020 03:44 pm GMT -6 at 3:44 pm

    This calling everybody a racist shit is getting played out. It’s not cool to be a triggered sjw anymore

  12. King Lucem Ferre

    King Lucem Ferre

    Comment posted on Wednesday, November 25th, 2020 03:49 pm GMT -6 at 3:49 pm

    Sounds like something a racist would say.

  13. MillaTheKilla

    Comment posted on Wednesday, November 25th, 2020 03:57 pm GMT -6 at 3:57 pm

    I can’t with you

  14. Slumerican502


    Comment posted on Wednesday, November 25th, 2020 04:00 pm GMT -6 at 4:00 pm


  15. King Lucem Ferre

    King Lucem Ferre

    Comment posted on Wednesday, November 25th, 2020 04:01 pm GMT -6 at 4:01 pm

    You can’t what? Can’t… stop hating black people? (inquisitive face)

  16. dood

    Comment posted on Wednesday, November 25th, 2020 04:10 pm GMT -6 at 4:10 pm

    Also, Trump lost to a fucking dementia patient who likes to sniff kids. Thats pretty goddamn funny.

  17. Slumerican502


    Comment posted on Wednesday, November 25th, 2020 04:35 pm GMT -6 at 4:35 pm

    Ikr? Imagine being such a loser you lost to a dude that got carried through an election weekend at bernies style. Can’t make this shit up.

    Trumps a yuge loser. The best loser. Believe me. Never been a bigger loser.

  18. mikeysinder

    Comment posted on Wednesday, November 25th, 2020 05:55 pm GMT -6 at 5:55 pm

    No official source has called the election, the only people saying that Biden is the president elect is the mainstream media (And the dumb douchebags who believe them lol), the media have absolutely no authority to call an election whatsoever, you people would know that if you weren’t brain dead sheep who suck main stream media dick. Trump might win, Trump might lose. The election hasn’t been called so if ur talking as if the election has been called like dood above is, then all ur doing is letting everyone know that when the mainstream media pulls their fat dick out you immediately get on ur knees and suck that dick, then you swallow. That’s what Dood does and probably that Slumerican fuckin idiot aswell lol.

  19. mikeysinder

    Comment posted on Wednesday, November 25th, 2020 05:56 pm GMT -6 at 5:56 pm

    Also nothing I said was hating on Jamie you dumb douches, if anything it was the opposite you crybaby twizzler bitches.

  20. mikeysinder

    Comment posted on Wednesday, November 25th, 2020 06:22 pm GMT -6 at 6:22 pm

    And to that Druggalo fuckwit, I give juggalos a bad name? It’s not because of me that juggalos ended up on a gang list, those juggalos give us a bad name not me u fuckin idiot, I’m a real juggalo and u can go and fukk urself ya snowflake ass bitch.

  21. Slumerican502


    Comment posted on Wednesday, November 25th, 2020 06:32 pm GMT -6 at 6:32 pm

    You upset breh? Like that dude that called into Rush Limbaugh crying? Don’t worry breh, Rush and Trump got you. A couple of rich dudes totally down for the everyday man. Real salt of the earth type dudes. Lmao jackass.

  22. mikeysinder

    Comment posted on Wednesday, November 25th, 2020 06:41 pm GMT -6 at 6:41 pm

    Don’t know much about Rush Limbaugh so don’t know what ur talking about. Slumerican it’s not my fault ur a tool, try not sucking mainstream media dick for a change. Come with facts little byotch.

  23. ElectroheadDante


    Comment posted on Wednesday, November 25th, 2020 08:10 pm GMT -6 at 8:10 pm

    Thank China again, kids.

  24. King Lucem Ferre

    King Lucem Ferre

    Comment posted on Wednesday, November 25th, 2020 09:49 pm GMT -6 at 9:49 pm

    citations needed*

    Fact is, the votes have been counted and thus far Biden is the winner.

    The mainstream media didn’t call it, they projected it before it was called. They were very transparent about this and if you followed the most accurate source, Associated Press, they will literally tell you how much of the vote is counted. The states have officially called it. The people that count the votes. Biden won. Some states are like, 99.99999% counted with no way that Trump is going to win.

    At this point we are doing recounts and Trump is desperately trying to get any accusation of voter fraud or manipulation that he can to stick. It doesn’t seem likely since he’s trying to rely on judges he appointed to scratch his back in return and they aren’t willing to do it from what I’ve seen. I haven’t followed and the only people that have anything contrary are the same nut bags that told me Obamagate was going to blow up around this time and never did.

    It’s 100% true thus far to say Trump lost the lection and to say otherwise is completely irrational unless you have any sort of proof otherwise. Even proof that we shouldn’t trust the mainstream media on this would be useful. Otherwise I’ll trust them over the guy that bitches about Twiztid on every news post on a juggalo site.

  25. the_almighty_smack


    Comment posted on Wednesday, November 25th, 2020 11:13 pm GMT -6 at 11:13 pm

    first of all the above statement is bullshit lucille fairy is a well known never Trumper a real snake oil salesman that sells $1 beats for $25 and has $75 dollars in sales in the last 3 years..

    the whole point is this if Madrox never mentioned he has covid it would not matter because he has a 99.9% chance of NOT dying from it, what he did was try and gain sympathy and created panic among his dwindling fanbase.

    at this point I would invest more in Jokerr than twiztid..

  26. mikeysinder

    Comment posted on Thursday, November 26th, 2020 12:49 am GMT -6 at 12:49 am

    Hang on hang on, King Lucem your using Associated Presses fake call of the election as your source for information?hahahahaHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHA.
    As I JUST stated the media has no authority to call an election whatsoever, none at all, they have tried to call it, I don’t know what semantic game ur tryna play but they CALLED it, as did pretty much every major news outlet, they did so with no authority whatsoever and the only people dumb enough to believe them were simple minded sheep like u King Lucem. If you look at every state that’s officially been called and arent in court because of the fucked way they handled their voting, Trump is actually ahead, you would know that if you weren’t busy sucking mainstream media dick.
    Trump doesn’t rely on judges to “scratch his back” you sheep, he relies on judges to do their job, he’s already gotten several claims of voter fraud to stick, once again ur sucking mainstream dick and letting everyone know you do.
    King Lucem just because u retardedly state something is 100% fact doesn’t make it so, it is 100% FACT that we don’t know who won the election. I don’t know, u sure AS HELL don’t know, and ur pretending u do which is hilarious because the election has NOT been called, the only ones who called it are mainstream media outlets who have NO authority to do so, but keep sucking ther dick King Lucem, it’s hilarious.

  27. mikeysinder

    Comment posted on Thursday, November 26th, 2020 12:50 am GMT -6 at 12:50 am

    And King Lucem, scrol up…do u see me bitchin about Twiztid on this post? No u don’t ya fuckin idiot so try again and get back to sucking that mainstream media dick u love SO much.

  28. King Lucem Ferre

    King Lucem Ferre

    Comment posted on Thursday, November 26th, 2020 05:27 am GMT -6 at 5:27 am

    It’s like arguing with the Tales From The Sick album cover because you keep projecting your thoughtless sheep mentality on to me. Like, how am I the sheep when you’re blatantly believing what Trump lies to you about with out question or proof because if you had proof you’d give me it? One source. One ounce. One shred of proof. I’ve seen zero.

    Most outlets called it when they were sure there was no way Trump was going to win, like Fox News ironically the most dishonest mainstream outlet out there that typically feeds retard right wing idiots like Trump supporters, was one of the first to call it. Then they got called ‘liberal’ by dumb fucks like you who I guess have such short attention spans that you forgot that’s where your ideas came from. They jumped the gun but they didn’t end up wrong. Associated Press, the one I followed and the one that is heralded as the most accurate, said he was the projected winner until the states called the election.

    Every state that’s being called to court are the key states Biden won the election with. You can say we technically don’t know but I highly doubt anything will stick because I’ve been reading about judges throwing his shit out for being ridiculous dribble with no proof


    ^that may be too mainstream for ya but, despite knowing you’re just poisoning the well on the “mainstream news is fake, ahhh” bit, let me teach a trick intellectuals use when looking for credibility. Anything a news article shows has to cite it’s sources. If it doesn’t have sources cited, it’s probably bullshit. Or maybe it does have a source but when you read the source they took shit out of context which mainstream media, well all media with a bias or a goal, does a lot. Citing where you got your information is something that you’re taught to do in highschool, I don’t know if you ever got that high of an education. Probably not.

    I personally trust mainstream media that can source their claims over you. Sourceless. And empty. Didn’t even talk shit on Twiztid on this post and that’s what we love ya for. Come on, you know you wanna.

  29. Jor MF D

    Jor MF D

    Comment posted on Thursday, November 26th, 2020 07:31 am GMT -6 at 7:31 am

    Trump is the shit, best president America has ever had.

    Also I had covid like a month ago, went to work all week without a mask and didn’t get anybody sick.

  30. Jor MF D

    Jor MF D

    Comment posted on Thursday, November 26th, 2020 07:32 am GMT -6 at 7:32 am

    The only news worth watching is newsmax, and OAN everything else is fake.

  31. Jor MF D

    Jor MF D

    Comment posted on Thursday, November 26th, 2020 07:59 am GMT -6 at 7:59 am

    Democrats are the devil. The devil disguises himself as an angel that cares about you. The devil wants you to be happy and follow your desire, your desire is in the flesh and only leads to sin.
    Bible says women should be silent in church, now there are women pastors all over because it was “discrimination”. “The bible contains hate speech get rid of the bible” (democrats, demonic rats)
    They use black people and gays as a tool to make themselves look good.
    We’re all equal but democrats lift gays up higher than anybody else (slap in God’s face) and that it’s good to be gay. No its not good, repent the or go to hell.
    Bible says those that won’t work shall not eat, yet democrats want to feed all the lazy liberal losers who won’t work for free and charge make the people working pay through taxes.
    Democrats closing churches and fining churches that stay open during this “pandemic” but allow people to riot and burn buildings down and then complain that Trump won’t fund money to pay for damages that these people caused.
    In new york you can riot but A group of college kids in new York get arrested for writing in sidewalk chalk on a sidewalk in front of planned parenthood “preborn black lives matter” (supposedly they have sidewalk chalk art every single weekend there)
    Pedophilia is the only sin thats noyok with society and calofornia is working on thatwith the helo of the devil, In California they recently passed a law that if your ages 14-17 you can have sex with a person that’s no more than 10 years older. So a 14 year old can have sex with a 24 year old and it’s up to the judge to say if they’re a sex offender, first it was gay marriage, next it’ll be “let that 24 year old marry the 14 year old don’t discriminate”
    Abortion, one of the secen deadly sins. tax deductible. I know a girl that had like 3 abortions; no job, gets drunk and has sex with whoever, and I’m helping her pay for being irresponsible with tax money. If you vote pro abortion just because you like the idea of getting free shit and make responsible people pay for it. Or just because you don’t like orange people.

    Not to mention 2 impeachments against trump, the rigged election. (Y I cant eatch fake news to have any detsils about that) They’ve been trying to get him out since before he got in because they knew he wanted to expose fraud. That’s the only reason they don’t like him. Not because “he’s mean” they’re scared of him.

    It isn’t political, it’s spiritual. They are demons.. not saying republicans are angels were all sinners.. but when you embrace sin like it’s good.. devil says good is bad and bad is good.

  32. Jor MF D

    Jor MF D

    Comment posted on Thursday, November 26th, 2020 08:08 am GMT -6 at 8:08 am

    Oh and to take “under God” out of the pledge of allegiance at the dnc. Might as well take out “and to the republic for which it stands” as well

    If you think Biden won fare and square.. they just had a senate hearing yesterday for Pennsylvania, and if there wasn’t evidence it wouldn’t get very far in court now would it. Fake news will say there is no evidence. Fake news saying trump is conceding, then trump says “I concede nothing” but it’s news so it has to be right

  33. Jor MF D

    Jor MF D

    Comment posted on Thursday, November 26th, 2020 08:41 am GMT -6 at 8:41 am

    Oh yeah I forgot to mention, when a Democrat has nothing smart to say, they start trying to manipulate people’s emotions trying to control how they feel. Well “trumps racist, hes lying Republicans hate gays and they’re racist.”
    Or Biden in both debates. “Think of the empty chair at the dinner table that chair is empty becasue of trump.” people die. If God wants us to die were gonna die and you can’t stop God’s plan.

    I already had covid, but Im expected to wear a mask to protect people’s feelings. Democrats. People gotta stop being so sensitive.. whether they’re sensitive or just trying to manipulate people. I think it’s more manipulation.

  34. Naptownjuggalo


    Comment posted on Thursday, November 26th, 2020 08:46 am GMT -6 at 8:46 am

    In the great words of Bill Murray:
    “it’s very hard to win an argument against a smart person but damn near impossible to win against a stupid person”. As this site has gotten to show time after time nowadays! It’s a story about dude getting the vid and you fuck heads end up screaming about Trump lmao!! Then you get panties all up in a bunch cause dude lost!!! Until ALL those cheating, lying, rich fucks who have zero idea what it means anymore to live paycheck to paycheck or even what America is supppse to stand for decide to work together for the common good not one is better than the next! Was America better after the last Republican president (nope) how bout last Democrat president (nope) still fucked up mess! As being an older juggalo that’s part of what I like about what use to be are family! No matter who u were you loved each other! No matter where u were if someone repping saw u it was whoop whoop! Nowadays I don’t see that. Just the other day I was in with my Ringmaster Jersey and an older juggalo stopped me and showed love! That’s what it used to be! Now it’s just motherfuckers fighting like what’s posted above!! Until you can have a conversation with mutherfackos getting all bent out of shape shit ain’t gonna get better!! There is indeed fake news and bitch ass celebrities trying to tell us who to vote for! Most of what Trump is accused of is “fake news” he’s not a racist! He did try to make America better but dude still did shit wrong! Biden will b the same way only he’s a life long politician so he’s gonna try to walk that line and say things that he doesn’t piss of one group or that! Anyone who thinks Trump won that election well sorry to say but that’s just inaccurate! I’m sure some votes were fucked as is in every election but not enough to change the outcome! Dude would have needed 3 of the final 5-6 to even sniff the finish! Anyways Jamie get to feeling better so you can continue to provide us with that shitty rock music u like!! And Happy Thanksgiving Ninjas, even you crazy ass ones MCL

  35. dribblybob


    Comment posted on Thursday, November 26th, 2020 10:59 am GMT -6 at 10:59 am


    I’m just gunna leave that there, do with it what you will.

    Merry kill injuns day to anyone who wants it.

  36. mikeysinder

    Comment posted on Thursday, November 26th, 2020 01:43 pm GMT -6 at 1:43 pm

    Yeah I dont know that album cover but whatever sheep. And proof? There are over 100 sworn affidavits that are available for public viewing, but let me guess you’ve read ZERO of these because you’ve spent no time searching for them even tho they’re readily available, instead you spend all your sucking mainstream media dick. I’m guessing you’ve done absolutely ZERO research of your own into the possibility of voter fraud but demand others to do it for you, here’s an idea fuckwit, go to Google, type in 2020 election voting irregularities and have a read you brain dead sheep.
    And what do you mean if I had proof I’d show it to you, you’ve never once requested proof, we’ve just started talking about this u fuckin weirdo.
    You differentiate the major media outlets as if one somehow has the truth, this is why your a sheep, I don’t watch Fox, fuck Fox, none of them are reputable news outlets but you still get dumb fucks like you wanna criticize Fox as if the other are somehow above it lol.
    Again the election has not been called, that is a fact, the only ones saying the election has been called are major media outlets, by telling me that you actually think the election has been called is a clear demonstration of what a sheep minded fuckwit u are because you’re just blatantly believing something that isn’t true from a source that has no authority to say so. Ur a joke. I’m here telling that your a dumb fuck who blindly believes false hoods told by the mainstream media and then part of your retort is a LINK TO THE NY TIMES?? You just proved my exact point you dumb ass, are you that retarded that u didnt release that? Lol
    And just because something cites sources doesn’t mean it’s accurate u fukkin idiot.
    And dont try to switch it around you fuckwit u just said Im on every post hating Twiztid, fuck outta here, in case u haven’t noticed most of the real juggalos hate Twiztids bitch ass aswell, I’m not some lone ninja on dat. And I don’t giv a fuk if you enjoy me hating Twiztid or dislike I’m doing it regardless of whether it makes you happy or sad because fuk how u feel I truly dont care.

  37. mikeysinder

    Comment posted on Thursday, November 26th, 2020 01:45 pm GMT -6 at 1:45 pm

    And you just summed it all up perfectly there at the end of your comment, a quote from King Lucem “I trust the mainstream media…because they cite sources (that I don’t even check)”…..ladies and gentlemen I give you a mainstream media dick sucking sheep, he wants to be called King Lucem, but ther clearly no King, ther more of a fuckwit. Fuckwit Lucem, that sounds better. And you never asked for a source u douchebag, go and find a source fuckin idiot, you’ve never once tried to re search any of it instead you just pretend it doesn’t exist, go and do that Google search I mentioned and see what you find Fuckwit Lucem.

  38. mikeysinder

    Comment posted on Thursday, November 26th, 2020 01:48 pm GMT -6 at 1:48 pm

    Basic re search Lucem, try it sometime, instead of demanding others do it for you.

  39. MoneyHungryTwizzler


    Comment posted on Thursday, November 26th, 2020 03:18 pm GMT -6 at 3:18 pm

    I always find it funny how the ones who talk about others being sheep, are the most sheepish. Just regurgitating, the same old bullshit every other idiot trump supported yells. It’s like they all share 1 brain. “Biden, cheated” “Covid is fake” but once Trump claims he had it “OK, i guess it’s not fake since my idol said it’s real” “Fake news” “Mainstream media!” All thinking they are woke, because they go on shitty independent websites with no sources, just eating up BS propaganda.

    Just live your life and stop obsessing with politicians and political parties. Neither party and no politician gives a fuck about you personally. Stop defending them and sniffing their jock like you’ll get something out of it.

  40. mikeysinder

    Comment posted on Thursday, November 26th, 2020 05:40 pm GMT -6 at 5:40 pm

    Trump supporters don’t deny covid exists you fucking idiot, they’re just aware of the facts, they’re aware that the flu is a more dangerous virus for the average person, they’re aware that Covid has been politicized by the left and blown completely out of proportion. And money hungry twizzler you talk about regurgitating the same ole shit when that’s exactly what ur doing. You try to discredit people who have actually done their research instead of relying on mainstream media to spoon feed them bullshit, whats wrong with going onto independent websites to do re search ya fuckin dud. Thats where you’ll find the journalists with the most integrity, not these cock sucking news outlets you probably watch.

  41. MisterMime


    Comment posted on Friday, November 27th, 2020 05:07 am GMT -6 at 5:07 am

    Those swab tests felt like they were poking the back of my eyeball. Not a fun feeling, man.
    Anyone else here that says fuck the vaccine tho?
    Fuck the vaccine.

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