May 17, 2021
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Fresh New Underground Hip-Hop Releases You Need To Bump W/ Madchild, The J. Hexx Project, & Bloodshot

We’re currently the middle of the Witching Hour and we feel like letting you know what new recently released albums you need to be bumping right now! For starters. The Canadian hip-hop underground legend Madchild just recently dropped one hell of an full length LP through OMG Records titled “The Little Monster”. “The Little Monster” LP contains 13 tracks of mind-melting lyrical rhyme schemes that are bound to stay inside your dome for months on end due to Madchild’s addictive hip-hop mayhem flavor.

Madchild – "The Little Monster LP" (Album Review) | UndergroundHipHopBlog

You can support “The Little Monster” here:

Former Serial Killin Records horrorcrunk icon Bloodshot recently decided to return to crank the chainsaw amongst the underground with a giant warm welcome back reception from his fans. But once again Bloodshot has unexpectedly decided to surprise his die hard fans with another brand new haunting LP titled BURIED”. But be careful, ninjas! We’ve heard rumors of poltergeist reports happening in the very own homes of our readers after bumping Bloodshot’s “BURIED” release. So if you’re brave enough support the LP at this link here:

The J. Hexx Project has been dropping instant horror hip-hop storytelling classics through Sev’rd Nervez Music for over a decade! Metaphorically, each verse he drops is capable to slash through your flesh as if the deadly powers of the Grim Reaper’s scythe were somehow accidently summoned by the sound engineer responsible for mixing the vocals to J.Hexx’s hellish bars. And the undead powers that be leaked into the audio of the acapella vocal sessions and its other worldly powers attached itself to the wordplay and gave it enough dark strength that when listened to, its capable to rip through your flesh sonically! Intense, but morbidly beautiful.

Simply put. The J. Hexx Project is damn inspirational to the horror world due to his vividly stunning lyrics may be capable to choke slam musical souls into the dark abyss of the Greek Mythology underworld when first listening to any of his tracks. This time The J. Hexx Project has risen from the morgue to unleash his latest full length LP “The Dead Nervez Twitchez Again”. An album that’s a die hard hip-hop love letter to 1980’s gore and slasher flicks. But this isn’t boring “stab you in your chest music”. This gutter LP actually contains morbid originality and well thought out haunting lyrics. No basic ABC rhymes here.
Above all, the unique story telling embedded within “The Dead Nervez Twitchez Again” is superbly meshed with rugged Giallo influenced production and is bound to pull horror hounds deep inside the mind of  J. Hexx to witness pure lyrical terror and leave them shaking cold-sweat fear at first, but then listeners may realize the true genius behind the LP and end up bumping it from their own custom made hearse every season of the pumpkin as this could very well be The J. Hexx Projects finest work to date! Support “The Dead Nervez Twitchez Again” LP here:


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