January 22, 2021
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Mike E. Clark’s “Shocked Rhythms” 4 CD Set and “Songs from the Blue” Available for Pre-order!

One of the producers who quite possibly created a substantial part of the soundtrack to your life is about to drop some all new flavor for that ass!  That’s right, the infamous Mike E. Clark has announced the release of a grip of new projects that are all available right now digitally, and will start shipping physical copies on January 20th!

First up, Mike E. Clark’s “Shocked Rhythms” is a 4 CD set containing over 80 MEC Tracks which include a bunch of instrumentals!

He’s also got another album called Songs from the Blue that will come out on the same day!  The best part is that if you purchase the album now, you get an instant download of it to spin just as soon as your whack ass AOL can download it!  I just purchased it myself and after throwing it all into shuffle, it gives you over 5 hours of music from the legendary Mike E. Clark!

There’s a new track called “Come On Homegirl” that was uploaded to Youtube that shows details of all of the albums.  Check that out here:

The 4 CD Set includes a bonus 9 song bonus CD!  That set sells for $39.00.  The new Songs from the Blue is available for $9.99.

Click to visit MikeClark.com!

So help support MEC and get you a copy at MikeClark.com!



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  1. Waterboy

    Comment posted on Wednesday, December 30th, 2020 08:17 pm GMT -6 at 8:17 pm

    Hell ya! Thanks for the heads up on this Scottie D. I don’t fuck with social media so this is my go to place for happenings and whatnot. I just went and ordered this bitch myself. MCL

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