September 26, 2021
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Saturday Night’s ICP Patreon PPV Has Been Changed

Tomorrow night, any of you who are Patreon subscribers are probably planning to watch the pay-per-view happening at 9 PM EST.  Don’t worry…the show will still go on, but instead of the Succulent Soup show, they have postponed that until the 21st and swapped it for ICP’s Slideshow Spectacular!

What all will this show encompass?  Will we see even more rare photos and footage than they’ve already shown us throughout the years?  You’ll have to tune in tomorrow to find out!

Peep what they said about tomorrow’s show changes below.


Change of Plans – Swapped Events

Hey ninjas…we’ve had to swap Succulent Soup tomorrow night with our Slideshow Spectacular originally planned for the 21st…see you all tomorrow night for some wicked presentations! Register on Crowdcast here…



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