October 18, 2021
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You’ll Be Able To Bump Razakel’s New LP “Even In Death” On Christmas!

The Shrunken Head Entertainment gothic gore hip-hop legend known across the globe as Razakel recently unveiled that her brand new upcoming LP “Even In Death” is ready to be presaved! And those who roam around the wicked underground will be able to bump the digital version of “Evil In Death” early on Christmas if you presave it now at this distro kid link here: https://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/razakel/even-in-death?fbclid=IwAR04o6wbCPZVj–zZwTw4qCnyRa7PhQqz4LiqD17fqTLD9d44OSgHQmW-g4  

Official Statement By Razakel Regarding the “Even In Death” LP: 

“My last solo album (besides my Spanish album that consisted of already released songs, translated) was in 2018 (Gores Truly). Since then I focused on my team, The Slice Girls and Serpentines….so here I am, with my 14th solo album release “Even In Death.” Beyond proud of this project and trust me, it goes to all levels and then some. Consistency is KEY, whether its a solo album or group projects, I BEEN BEEN. Whether you like me or hate me and/or hate/like my music, there’s absolutely NO denying I BEEN BEEN. So excited to close out this year for my team, this marks 22 fucking releases since we started. As much as I’m proud of myself, my pride and joy will always be the team and what we have accomplished together in this short period of time, and we are just getting started. I hope you guys take a moment to check my new release out. New single “Curse Box” coming soon along with so many more goodies. Lets end this year with a bang. To all my friends, fam and supporters/fans that have stuck by me, old or new, THANK YOU SO MUCH!”

Physical CD’s and preorder bundles for “Even In Death” are still available at RAZAKELSTORE.COM

Until then keep a look out for a new Razakel music video that’s supposed to be dropping this Friday!



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