July 29, 2021
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STIFF HA - "Peanut Butter Jealous" [Official Music Video]

shot by @braden creasy for Creasy Visuals

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    Faygoluvers Comments

  1. Papa


    Comment posted on Sunday, July 18th, 2021 09:20 pm GMT -5 at 9:20 pm

    Rating: “***” (Good/Not Bad) Stiff Ha takes a common household food product and tells the story of what used to be called, “playa hatin’.” The songs speaks to the weak, insecure people we may even call our friends, but who get jelly when you got something good going on for yourself and then you get something that they wanted really badly. And you know the type because their faces expose their weak-brained bullshit for the we old to see, so the victim in this video has no face, for your convenience.

    And then when Stiff Ha takes action, he’s only showing you what you KNOW you’d like to do to them soft-headed, bitch-assed people, for whom the shoe fits like RuPaul’s pumps to Cinderella roach-killin’ hooves. At its very least, this is a good video for a good song!

    Its as obvious as big human tits on a male Lion, that they were working on a shoestring budget. But its also obvious that this video’s director, screen writer and producer took the time to study shit like “Symbolism,” “Song/Concept Translation” and my favorite, “Engagement Of Audience.” It takes a winning team to create a winning product: Thats always been true and this video stands as proof! Grade: B- 🐰

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