August 21, 2018
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The Hunger 2 [Mixtape]

Atone The Underdog

Download The Hunger 2 mixtape: Distorted Records (The Feast Pt. II) Scream Paper Planes Can’t Slow Down Gas on the Floor Yikes (Feat. Mat

The Hunger

Atone The Underdog

Download The Hunger Mixtape Here: The Feast (Intro) Kooda (free) The Drop Warrior Pt. 2 (Fighting For My Life) Dance Like It’s A Revolution

The Slappening (Parts 1 & 2)

Super 'Ro

Super ‘Ro has 2 EPs available for free download!  Check the details below!  

Gator Gang


Download the EP here: Lil Bit More (Chompa x Ashxs) (prod. AMWA) A. V. E. RAGE (prod. Los) AIRBOURNE (prod. JOURNAL) BANG BANG (Chompa



Download/Stream here: Vertigo (Intro) New School Flow Smoke Leaf Intersteller Blast From The Past Hey Miley Pt. 2 Never Gonna Blow Up Suttin You


Michael Jackson x Insane Clown Posse

Download / Stream here: Track List: Mighty Death Pop Night Of The Chainsaw Chris Benoit Bazooka Joey Forever Clownin (bonus)** Chris Benoit (alt mix)**


Menacide & Various Artists

The Official Menacide Mixtape for RS (Reign Supreme), featuring guest appearances from McNastee, Dubbs, A-Game, Cleezyana Jones, The Jokerr, & More! Download/Stream Here: Uncle

The Purge


Download/Stream Here: Intr0 THE PURGE Murderous Red Planet SIRENZ Louisville Slugger Photographs Take $ Skit Children of the Corn Fist Fight No Place for

Free Dope

Psych Ward Kidz

Download / Stream Here: Deadbeat Ft. Koncept Tha Truth Goosebumps (Travis Scott Ft. Kendrick Lamar) We Ball (Meek Mill Remix) Ft. Monster Loco Bag Right

Disenchanted Youth

The Warlock

Free Download: 1.The Opening (Intro) 2.Barney & Budz 3.WhenHeTheFoo’ 4.Morphine Rangers 5.The White Rabbit 6.Hellfire 7.Sanctuary 8.Now I Know (Outro)  

Forbidden Memories


Listen Here: LastOneLaughing SunRise DarkCloud Steve Austin (ft. DLARS) BlueStrips PsalmOrPalms NinetyNineEverything Jump

Shock & Roll - A Story Of Triumph

Shock Trostic

Download here: Intro Set It Off Death Or Survive Deep Freeze (feat. Extra Kool) Get Out My Way Bastard King (feat. ADEEM and Dash

UPStival 4 Mixtape

Various Artists

This mixtape was released for free at UPStival 4. tracklist: 1) Lame Shit – SFFTG ft Durte 2) Still Rocking – Majik Duce 3) Get



Stream / Download the album here: Pop Five Perks fet Infectshun path of self destuction James Homes i seen that you called me 32

Soldiers of Fortune - "Soldiers of Fortune" EP

Zero and Shakelous are the Soldiers of Fortune. In the aftermath of Mission:Infect’s disbanding Steve Collins and Danny Shakes are two mercenaries for hire bonded