February 27, 2021
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Free Music

Black Ridgeway


CON-CRETE has been infecting the world with his NW crunk sound for the almost 20 years now and has 9 solid albums and a few

Creature Mixxxtape

Sick Stick

Listen to Sick Stick’s Creature Mixxxtape via Spotify Tracklist: Bloody Mess Wicked Words (ft. Will Gates) hnjinjinji haaaaaaa FLESH Fuck Your Smile Emotion Witchcraft Basement



After a year of hard work, BatiBatt is now giving her debut album out for free! Download/Stream here: https://listentolokey.com/batibatt LIES Social Mediocre ft. Domino X Decay

The Silence Of The Lames

J Payne

Download J Payne’s The Silence Of The Lames: J Payne – TSOTL (mediafire.com) The Silence of the Lames The Come Up Black Sheep Nutthouse Crazy (ft.

The Curse Of Nick XL

Nick XL

This album is sort of conceptual in nature. Frederick Loren guides you through a haunted house that represents the themes explored throughout the album. As

The San Antonio Silverback


Download/Stream the album here: The San Antonio Silverback Mixtape by Various Artists (datpiff.com) Intro Bow Down by Forilla ft Nightmare & Insane Loc Time in the

Resurfaced Anecdotes: Vol 3

The Warlock

The 3rd installment of the compilation of rare & cut material.. Featuring cut tracks from “The Rise & Fall” to “The Witches Gamut”, as well

Black Xmas / ScannerBrain


The Newest in Terror-Tainment! 2 Feature Albums designed to Shock your Senses! You made it through “STAB”, now try and survive Black XMAS! Listen to Black

Electro Euphoria

The Warlock

The Warlock came up with the idea for this project in early to mid 2014, around the same time he finished writing “Disenchanted Youth”. All

Icicle Crown


This album is about mental health. Originally I was going to title it “The Sylvia Plath Effect”, which is a phenomenon that poets are more

One Life EP


A short concept album running through the thoughts and feelings of someone on the verge of suicide. Listen via Spotify here: One Life (Intro) Hating

Mixtape Vol. 8: 2020


You can download this free mixtape here: https://therealnowayout.com/2020 See the track list here: Sick 2020 Karma Don’t Play That Ride How Much Ur Done Why Way

The Haunt Of Fear 3


The long awaited third installment of the Haunt of Fear, right here for you Boils and Ghouls!!! Haunt Main Theme Grandfather’s Clock The Evil That

Sour Jack-O-Lantern: Bloodline

Squallie Greenthumb

Download/stream here: https://weedaboo.bandcamp.com/album/sour-jack-o-lantern-bloodline Hell and You (Slow Deep and Hard Remix) Sick Guy (beat jacked from Komatose IT’S FOR CHARITY DON’T YELL AT ME!) Cheap Soda

Tales From The Hood: Dpg90sick


From Blackfoot505, the new album TALES FROM THE HOOD: DPG90SICK OUT NOW ON ALL STREAMING PLATFORMS! Take a journey into the darkest reaches of the