March 21, 2019
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More Than A Prince

Jef Jux

More Than A Prince!! The debut EP from JEF JUX!!! This EP features 7 new songs including the hit single, LMNZ, and featuring special guest

Suicide Kit, Vol. 3 EP


Purchase/Stream links:

A Screaming Reflection

Butcher In The Fog

Butcher in the Fog describes their style as “Thrash Doom from London” Download / Stream here: Screaming Reflection Heavy Mental Fxckin’ Psycho Hell’s Teeth

The Painted Ronin EP

Madd Maxxx

Download / Stream here: The Painted Ronin Escape (ft J Reno & Donnie Menace) Inglorious Basterd What The Fuck is Good?! Sick Hop Lives!



Download the full album here:

The Masking Tape


Download “The Masking Tape” here: The Masking Tape (prod. by Snowgoons) Out the Mud (prod. by I.N.C.H.) Backwoods feat. Ryan Barber (prod. by nyktophobia)

Lights Out: The Final Chapter

Various Artists

Download the mixtape here: A Dub – Going Further Atone The Underdog – BeatBoxin In The Boom Box BabyTooth Killas – Toasty Blaise –

The Supreme Tape

Super 'Ro

Download the new EP here: SFBS (Now Streaming) Be Humble (ft. Floso & Sike Sick) Hi Ho (fo Real Remix) Higher (ft. Sike Sick)

Mega Lazarus EP

IDzILLEAGLE in Association with United Children of Creation

Listen to / Download here: In VeT’Ro – Sam I EL Michigan Magician Walking Abortion Life 13 Like Mega Lazarus Ekklesia Steeze T’Way’s The

Shhhhhhh! EP

The P. Thang Crazy P

Download or stream the EP here: Purchase hard copy here: FishChicken 2018 Shhhhhh! Nothing What If We Listen here:

Trash & Decay

Shock Trostic & Extra Kool

This is a collaboration album between Shock Trostic and Extra Kool. It’s titled Trash&Decay. 6 songs. These 2 have been collaborating on songs together for

FamZ and the Legion of Doom


Download Here: Motion ft VSD & Hogg Mortal Combat Barz Miss Me When I’m Gone Last Man Standing Flyin’ By Peace (ft. AV) Zs

Super Dudes Crooning The Tunes

Super Famous Fun Time Guys

Download the complete album here: 2 Dudes (Intro) Body Ya Captain Cocaine Who I Am Blacktop (Ft. Madd Maxxx & Zero) Creep (ft. Zero)

Bangers From The Morgue

Ghozt Tha Dmented

G.T.D’s second release with Brutal Business Entertainment  Featuring Playboy the Beast, Whitney Peyton, Grewsum, Hex-Rated, Scum, Dubbs and more! INTRO Ghozt With the Most House

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Four Finger Ring

The Ancient Natives believed the number 4 was majestic. Representing the four seasons a complete circle. A ring is a round band worn as an