December 2, 2021
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Choppers Big Bill Anderson Frankenstein Paper (Ft. D.p.) Lb and Ryf Appropriation What Do I Gotta Do To Make You Love Me Steak Knives In

Trapped In Ice


About 3 Years in the making. Ice is back with another free album for everyone to enjoy. This Album goes through his fight with anxeity,

Mind Of a Psycho

Nyro The Madman

Check the track list for Nyro The Madman’s 2020 release: Mind of a Psycho: Enter The Mind (Intro) Revolution (ft. Lex The Hex Master) Bitch Talk

Logia Astro


The new release from Stigmonsta : Logia Astro is all about finding ones direction in life while navigating the stars, A enlightening musical sci fi

The Unexplained EP

Taurean J

An EP by Taurean J for the upcoming album Heaven Lights, Hellish Nightz Volume 3 Download/Stream here: Intro The Unexplained The Power Within Trapped in

The Morning Star


Check the Mythic “The Morning Star” track list here: YES MakeThePeopleWannaBuyThi$ The 17th WalkingCinemaMan Reason To Be Want (666) Deadlock FootstepsInTheAttic cOROner Stream the album

Teenage Mutant Ninja Rapper

J Payne

Download the full 16 track album featuring B Holy, Blizz, Christ Sufficient, Edifide, Emac the Great, Excalibar, Franco BZ, C Nutty, Inclyne, Jeremiah Dirt, Just

Rap Reapers

Bong Squad

Download here: Ain’t Nothin But a Bitch (ft. Conrad of 92, Sicc, Deadshot G) Another Nother One Clowns (ft. Deadshot G, Sicc, Conrad of

Crackle Sings The Blues

Crackle Kapone

Self Medicate (ft. 4D Gunz) Jusaphuckup Heart Breaks Fusmo Purchase a physical CD of this EP:

Alan Ween


Download/Stream here: Alan Ween Interview with Detective Pisslips Alan Ween 2: Trickle Trees! Voicemail Alan Ween 10:31 (Super Spooky Remix) Alan Ween 3 Trailer

616 Was Here EP

Xander Taylor, Teyland Avery, Shane Edwards, Semaje Beats, Lil Stevie, Cuu Joe, Darth K

After a couple delays the “616 Was Here” is finally here featuring- Xander Taylor, Teyland Avery, Shane Edwards, Semaje Beats, Lil Stevie,Cuu Joe and Darth

The Witches Gamut

The Warlock

Download/Stream the album straight from Bandcamp: The Warlock’s sophomore Wicked Shit project . This is my 1st project with a heavy focus on his

Freaky Friday Halloween Playlist

Super 'Ro

Download / Stream the album here: Screws In My Neck Trick Her Treat (Halloween) (ft. Sike Sick) Dreadeye Loves You – Dreadeye Twisted Love

UK Wikid (The Real Guy Edition​.​.​. For Real Guys)


Stream/Download at this link: Intro UK Wikid (Remastered) Neon Demon (Remastered) The Bat (Directors Cut) .44 (Remastered) Cold Killer (Remastered) Dead Bodies (Remastered) Choke



Download/stream here: Fuck Kenobi Clyde Cash Howling Drunk C.O.Y.F. Not Very Good Pibbiny Scribbins One For You Jim Beam Eyes Meet You Half Way