December 2, 2021
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Free Music

Mega Lazarus EP

IDzILLEAGLE in Association with United Children of Creation

Listen to / Download here: In VeT’Ro – Sam I EL Michigan Magician Walking Abortion Life 13 Like Mega Lazarus Ekklesia Steeze T’Way’s The

Shhhhhhh! EP

The P. Thang Crazy P

Download or stream the EP here: Purchase hard copy here: FishChicken 2018 Shhhhhh! Nothing What If We Listen here:

Trash & Decay

Shock Trostic & Extra Kool

This is a collaboration album between Shock Trostic and Extra Kool. It’s titled Trash&Decay. 6 songs. These 2 have been collaborating on songs together for

FamZ and the Legion of Doom


Download Here: Motion ft VSD & Hogg Mortal Combat Barz Miss Me When I’m Gone Last Man Standing Flyin’ By Peace (ft. AV) Zs

Super Dudes Crooning The Tunes

Super Famous Fun Time Guys

Download the complete album here: 2 Dudes (Intro) Body Ya Captain Cocaine Who I Am Blacktop (Ft. Madd Maxxx & Zero) Creep (ft. Zero)

Bangers From The Morgue

Ghozt Tha Dmented

G.T.D’s second release with Brutal Business Entertainment  Featuring Playboy the Beast, Whitney Peyton, Grewsum, Hex-Rated, Scum, Dubbs and more! INTRO Ghozt With the Most House

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Four Finger Ring

The Ancient Natives believed the number 4 was majestic. Representing the four seasons a complete circle. A ring is a round band worn as an

The Awakening


Purchase or stream here: Calibration Broadcast Initiated Neon Lights DAKSHO The Awakening The Awakening by Dactaliens Produced by Wayne Manor. Additional production, mixing, &

Murder The 90s Mixtape

Various Artists

More info and download link: You probably remember At the beginning of the year Underground Nation was known as “Horrorcore Magazine”. We released the



Stream and add to your playlist below. Unleash The Demon So Much Worse Begging Street Justice  

Absolute Self


Free Download: This album is Inhansed’s my first step into accepting and finding his true self. He’s in the infant stages, but this album



Check out the new album here: 1. South End 2. PT$$$D 3. L!CK 4. Pawn$hop 5. M0B 6. portishead 7. Rugs

Return of The Living Emcee

ScripFlip Hip Hop

Check the EP out here: Purchase download with any donation to Scripflip Hip Hop! Support via INTRO Dead Gurl Podcast Interview Cop Song Stop

Death Jam Recordings: Volume 1

The Flatlinerz

Stream / Download the album for FREE here: Featuring The Flatlinerz, Choirboy Dank, Danny Diablo, M.M.M.F.D., Kung Fu Vampire, Ruste Juxx, Donnie Menace &

The Dream Master

Skeddy J. Kruegerz

Download for FREE here: You can also purchase a hard copy for $10.00 at the same link! Jade’s Nightmare (intro) Sweet ScreamZ (ft. Jade