December 1, 2021
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Underground Spotlight

Mental Cases

What’s up Fam? It’s that time once again for another installment of the infamous Underground Spotlight. So, once again it’s Johnny O. and this time

J. Buzzi

Welcome, once again, to the infamous Underground Spotlight. So, Juggalettes and Juggalos it’s time for us to check out another fresh new artist. On this

Michael Lee Warren aka Blockboy Cheef

  What’s up Juggalettes and Juggalos? Did you notice I switched it up there? Yeah, I realized it should always be ladies first. Anyway, welcome


Hello Juggalos, Juggalettes and everyone out there in Faygoluvers Land!  It’s Johnny O and I’m back once again to bring you the freshest artists in

Whitney Peyton

What’s up y’all? It’s your boy Paul NForm and I just want to kick things off by saying that I hope you had a very

Poizonous Logik

What’s up Juggalos and Juggalettes? That’s right, it’s Johnny O and this time I’m back with a new Underground Spotlight straight from Arizona. Psycho D


What’s up yall? As you should know by now, It’s your boy Paul NForm and I’m back in here with another epic interview! This time


What’s up Ninjas and Ninjettes? It’s Johnny O back up in this bitch and ready to bring you another fresh edition of the Underground Spotlight.

Moon Shine(Southern Psychopaths)

Whats up yall? It’s your boy Paul NForm and I have another interview here for all of you today, My newest interview is with the

Seth Rock

The unique rhythms and melodies behind the music of Dayton, Ohio’s native, Seth Rock, are unmet by the majority of “underground” rappers in the oversaturated

Shane Martin

What’s up yall? I know by now you have all heard the name Johnny O, and your aware that he has been chosen to take

BeZerkaveli *Extra Extended Cut*

[youtube][/youtube]*This Extra Extended Cut features even more Q&A and a fresh video for you too! Keep an eye out at the three minute mark for

Mr. Westside

Juggalos! Juggalettes! What is up?! I’m back to bring you some more freshness that I wanted to get out a little sooner, but some shit


Juggalocoros, and juggalocarettes. It’s you biz-oye BeZerk, and I’m back this October 1st, to bring you another segment to the Underground Spotlight. I was going

Sketchy Waze

The internet can be a challenging place for an artist to navigate. A computer can do the job that a well equipped studio once did,