September 20, 2020
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New Releases

Dizzy Wright – “My Hustle Unmatched”

Download/stream the full album here: I Been There To (ft. Austin Sexton) Come Up Phareal Sick Of Complaining (ft. Beanz) On The Edge Poppin Out

Crackle Kapone – “Chasing Ghosts”

Order the album now: Whole Dead And Gone (ft. Bonez Dubb of AMB) Demons Don’t Talk In My Trailer Keep THe Slaughter (ft. Jooselord) Dreams

Brothers – “Brothers 2: The Brothering”

Brand new album by Brothers, “Brothers 2: The Re-Brothering” Big Trox and Troxy Cotton coming at you with 14 tracks of unadulterated fire! Featuring amazing

Big Dirty Cotton – “All Three Inputs”

Purchase All Three Inputs at Emergency Broadcast Still Scrub Hop Emcee Biology Sick Of It Insomnia (w/ Bonez Dubb) BDC Stolen Valor Save Me (w/ Young

Jehry Robinson – “20/Twenty”

Prepare yourself for a clearer view when Jehry Robinson drops his debut album, 20/Twenty, on 8/21! This album highlights Jehry’s wide range as an artist while also introducing

Humble Among – “Fear Of a Wack Planet”

Purchase / Stream here: Prison Pit (Prod. By Devereaux) Population Control (Prod. By Bad Mind) Thin Blue Line Feat. Doc C (Prod. By THEN WHAt)

Blackfoot505 – “RAP MONSTER”

Check the tracklist for Rap Monster Intro Burn Black Wind Player Hate On Fire Lose My Mind Blood Pop Listen on Spotify:

Raw-D – “Carny Vile Island” EP

View all your download/stream options here: Mr. Nobody Toy Box Gutter Gravy Death Trap Stream via Spotify:  

Oh! The Horror – “Halloween 365”

Kill Em’ All BOOM! Origins Scream Queen Leave Me Alone Ft Matthew Tybor PAIN Ft Kidcrusher IDONTCARE Boomstick!Ft Blaze Ya Dead Homie Bodies Scream! Ft

Shade – “Metamorphosis”

1 Fukk Uh Gat 2 Why 3 May 8th 4 Pain Ft. MIC 5 Lock You Away 6 Gold Sarcophagus Official Site SoundCloud Instagram

Garbage World – “TrashStar TrapStars PT 1”

1 Where Are You Now 2 Sins 3 With Him 4 Evil 5 Rugrats 6 2012 Zombie Ft SLIMRXVPXR & Kidd Krucial 7 Yo IDEFK

MIC – “Heartbreak Heals”

1 Good Luck and Goodbye 2 Lose My Mind 3 And I 4 You 5 Interlude 6 Move Along 7 Know It’s You/Notice You

Chuuwee – “Hear No Equal”

“Hear No Equal” by Sacramento rapper Chuuwee, is a collection of released and unreleased songs that never made an album placement. Including a few popular

Kellie Wolfe – “Until The Death Of Me”

Here’s the track list for Kellie Wolfe’s Until The Death Of Me Before You Start This Project A Dream Up My Nose (ft. Mystah Spaulding) Driving

TO the Tyrant – The Rebirth

The Rebirth  is the debut album by TO the Tyrant!  Check the track list below: The Rebirth Manic Run and Hide Flawed Samurai Slasher Hungry