July 20, 2018
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New Releases

Cut Up Krew – “The Last Warboyz”

Cut Up Krew’s First studio Album, Ft. Madd MaxXx and Wicked Wayz! The Continuations of the Canon story line From CUK Get your physical copies

Kourt Jester – “Introspection”

Inspired by Dante’s Divine Comedy, Introspection tells the story of a man in search of a new life as well as himself. Throughout the three

Raw Proof x Eddie B – “Blue Collar Music”

Purchase Here: https://rawproof.bandcamp.com/album/blue-collar-music Two emcees who started on something umpteenth years ago, reconnect and collide, breathing fresh air into a couple of tracks. Next, they



A-Game – “The Raptile”

Tracklist: 1. Eviction Notice 2. B.Y.O.B. 3. Weirdo 4. Whatchu Wan Do? (feat. Mumm-Ra) 5. Bossin’ Up (feat. Delirious) 6. We Ain’t 7. In Your

Ghozt Tha Dmented – “Greetings From Hades”

Purchase physical and digital copies here: https://ghoztthadmented.com Intro- Journey To the Underworld Beyond The Red Door Enter The Madness Feat DKM Cerberus Feat Demo Demon,

Chiiirp – “HardcoreChickWitAHardcoreSound”

Purchase here: https://www.chiiirp.club/product-page/hardcorechickwitahardcoresound-album Chiiirp’s 4th album is NOW HERE FOR YOUR CONSUMPTION…ENJOY THE SOUNDS OF CHIIIRP’S RAW AND REAL RAP LYICS COUPLED WITH HER HEAVY

Sewerside – “Smartalec & Other Songs”

Purchase for only $5.00 here: http://commitsewerside.com/dir/product/smartalec-other-songs/ smartalec highon letdown bittersweetener burntchikkin coolshakes insomnialarm roamaroundRd epic (featuring Syn from Zug Izland)

UGS4Life Presents: “Fuck Tha Lamestream” [Various Artists]

Veteran Music Journalist Scott “Prezident” Bejda (Murder Master Music Show) teamed up with Netherlands producer Detag and several Legends, Pioneers, and Underground Talented Artists to

Slit Tha Monsta – “Soul Not 4 Sale”

MBK’s own Slit Tha Monsta is back with his full length album “Soul Not 4 Sale” Slit is the distinct gritty voice behind MBKs “Piece

Dysmay – “No Filter”

Purchase this album at the following links: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/no-filter/1368240578 https://play.google.com/store/music/album/Dysmay_No_Filter?id=Bawun7jgbxzct4c4mu6yh6gdlum No Filter Problems Between the Lines (feat. G-Tech, Subb & Tgt) Light It Up (feat. G-Tech

It That Betrays – “The Exiled”

Tracklist: 1. Forsaken ft. Simply the Rabbit 2. Divine Plummet 3. Clear the Road 4. Track 9 5. Dirt Cheap Lies 6. 8th Level 7.

Doctor Worx Savage – “Hydrargyria”

  Prologue Introduction Natural Born Bastard Hospice (feat. King I.S.O.) S.M.K. Dysthymia Strangest Things (feat. Twisted Insane) Worst Way (feat. John Reece) Thorazine Hydrargyria One

Da Evilist – “Truth in Lies “

Tracklist: 1. By Design 2. The Games That You Play 3. Alone Ft. Stalks Boogie and Drama Man 4. Black Heart 5. Lifes What You

Alpha Audio – “We Live To Tell”

Alpha Audio’s first 8 track EP. full album coming soon… Purchase the EP here: https://alphaaudio570.bandcamp.com/ Vocals- Joey CrimZn Cipriano Drums- Nelson Negron Bass- Nate Negron