January 19, 2021
21 Guests and Online

New Releases

Farazi & Kodes Kahra – “Born To Die”

1. Born To Die feat. Dyzzi from DivSel 2. Gambler feat. Trizz 3. Storm feat. Chuuwee 4. Everyday feat. Pawz One 5. Different Way feat.

Ouija Macc – “Resistance 2: Hell’s Holotape

1 Wake Up! 2 Fall Thru DA Floor 3 Skin 4 Platinum Skeletons 5 All Blue 6 Poison 7 Open Wide 8 Do the Math

Sewerside – “Smartalec”

SMARTALEC – the new album from Sewerside! Officially drops May 11th! 1. Smartalec 2. Highon 3. Letdown 4. Promoter (skit) 5. Bittersweetener 6. Burntchicken 7.

Brotha Lynch Hung – “The Turnmanator

1 Intro (Turnmanator) 2 Youz a Succa B Ft G-Macc 3 Fire Ft Twisted Insane & Dalima 4 Dat Blow Ft Mr. Ballatician 5 The

Twiztid – “Mad Season”

1 Off With They Heads 2 Do This 1 More Time 3 Everything’s Cursed 4 That’s What They Be Telling Me 5 F Feelings 6

Skribbal – “Quarantine Sessions”

1 Pistol On My Side 2 come Get it 3 That Kind Of Love 4 Spitstorm (interlude) 5 Betrayed 6 Under Alien Control 7 Leech

The Michigan Misfits – “11:34”

Find all download/streaming options here: https://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/themichiganmisfits/1134 Rukus Soundwaves Backwoods ???? 11:34 Loaded Ruger The Silence Black Roses Verbal Abuse The Fly Suicide Note My Confession Industry

The Scribes X AstroSnare – “The Totem Trilogy Part 1”

Purchase CD/Stream the EP here: https://scribesmusic.bandcamp.com/album/the-totem-trilogy-part-1 Download/Stream via Spotify, iTunes, Deezer, more: https://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/thescribes/the-totem-trilogy-pt-1 The first in a series of 3 EPs with cover illustrations by Chris

Sutter Kain & Donnie Darko – “Before The World Got To Us”

Never So Deep Records, Sutter Kain and Donnie Darko, just unleashed their latest project “Before The World Got To Us”. The album is available on

Whipstick – “Kurt Russell’s Hangover”

Purchase the album here: https://www.funtimegang.com/product/whipstick-kurt-russell-s-hangover-hard-copy Release This ft Keeper Kurt Russell’s Hangover ft 8 Legz, Famz, & Floral Bugs Seizure Slide ft Drew West & Tito

Serpentines Debut Album Now Available

The Serpentines, a group on the rise with some familiar names coming together to bring you the madness.  Razakel & Ritual of Ether makes up

DramaMan – “Personal And Enclosed”

Tracklist: 1. Personal And Enclosed 2. Ready 2 Go 3. Night Seems To Whisper   4. Bow Down 5. Mistaken Identity 6. Man Up 7.

Beyond Top Secret – “Last Train to Hollywood”

The 3rd full length release by New England’s Most Dangerous Band. Featuring members Freeze Martian, DNaz & DJ Docta Damnage. Available by Mercy Counts Records

Damius – “413” EP

This album features collabs from: Lo Key Brotha Lynch Hung Twisted Insane Jamie Madrox Skribbal Blaze Ya Dead Homie Boondox Monoxide Check the tracklist and

Project Born – “Crap Or Natural”

This was previously only available on cassette tape and originally released in 1996!  Now is your chance to listen to and own this classic Project Born