February 18, 2019
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Insane Clown Posse Win House of Blues Awards; Replicon Radio Award Winners Including Alla Xul Elu, Menacide, BAD MiND, Super Famous Fun Time Guys And More!

The underground hip-hop scene  have been awesomely awarded for their talents and every artist deserves it to the fullest! The wicked clowns will never die!

Detroit Emcee Dubbs (Mission Infect) Announces Trilogy of Terror 2 Deluxe Edition; Comes With Crossworm Remix Album. “Perfect” LP Closer To Releasing

 Dubbs (2018 Faygoluvers Music Award Winner) of Mission Infect is always hard at work in his Detroit studio making sure the underground hip-hop heads are

J-Reno Dives Back Into His Sadist Persona! Releases Free Album W/ Labrynthine Titled “Surrounded By Flames”

Hailing from Windsor, Canada; J Reno represents the underground to its fullest! For over twenty years he’s been on the mic and even charted on

Beyond Top Secret Release New Album, “Destroy and Rebuild”

            Mercy Counts Records artists; Freeze, Xplizt and DJ Docta Damnage have to come together to bring a resurgence to

¡Mayday! Releases Surprise EP

The homies in ¡Mayday! have released a surprise album! The album is entitled, The Thinnest Line Part 2. You can stream/purchase the album by CLICKING HERE. Here

The Upcoming 5th Joker’s Card Is Mentioned Several Times on the Fearless Fred Fury Album

The producer of Fearless Fred Fury, Str8jaket posted up something on his personal Facebook page that definitely made me do a second take. I thought

ICP’s “Fearless Fred Fury” Dropped Nationwide Today!

Well my friends, it’s February 15th, today is the day. “Three have come. Three have gone. The fourth emerges now.” The fourth Joker’s Card of

Breaking News: Gathering Ticket Sales Pushed Back

I’ve got some major news to share with all of you. It was just announced via social media that the tickets for the Gathering of

Violent J Confirms 3rd Deck of Joker’s Cards! Explains Fred Fury and Recording Process!

On their recent visit to Psychopathic Headquarters, the Detroit News got some MAJOR NEWS BOMBS dropped in their laps, and they probably don’t even realize

Fearless Fred Fury: An Unboxing [*SPOILERS INSIDE*]

Our homie Brandon Ward hit me up with a link to an unboxing video of the all new Insane Clown Posse album: Fearless Fred Fury.  

Ouija Announces “Guttergods Group Meet & Greet” VIP Package for Juggalo Weekend!

The homie Ouija Macc reached out to me this morning because he wanted to make sure that all of you New Orleans-bound Juggalos knew about

Attila, Ice Nine Kills, Sylar, and Mushroomhead Announce Multiple Tours

Attila, Ice Nine Kills, Sylar, and Mushroomhead have announced multiple tours! First up Attila, which is dropping a brand new album entitled, Villain on February 22nd,

Off Broadway Theatrical Showings Of American Juggalo Kick Off February 13th In New York, NY

Random freshness within the Juggalo World keeps popping up unexpectedly across the globe and this one is insanely fresh! A Broadway production about the Juggalo

The Violent J/Rude Boy Feud Heats Up Pre-SoopaMania! Shaggy & Carlito Get Involved

Oh fuck, ninjas. It looks like shit is getting serious with this feud between Violent J and The Rude Boy. For those of you that

Violent J Reflects on the Recent Respect for the Insane Clown Posse

Today at DetroitNews.com, a fantastic article about the Insane Clown Posse and their upcoming Joker’s Card Fearless Fred Fury debuted.  Journalist Adam Graham (accompanied by