December 2, 2021
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Family News

Pueblo, Colorado Juggalo Jake Marez passes on due to car crash.

We have some sad news to report to you tonight.  A Juggalo named Jake Marez was killed on Friday night in a vehicle crash in Pueblo,

Paul Andresen (Big Money Ru$tla$ / Shockumentary) needs Juggalos for new project!

That killa Paul Andresen who directed the Shockumentary and Big Money Ru$tla$ is in need of help from YOU!  He’s got a new project tentatively called “Juggalo Family

Juggalos celebrating Easter

Whatever your beliefs or non-beliefs may be, we at Faygolvuers want to wish you a great holiday, and hope that you enjoy spending time with your friends

Juggalo Jobber On Smackdown!

As we all know Juggalos love all kinds of things. Music, Faygo, Horror Movies, and most of all Wrestling! Needless to say most things on

Oklahoma Mini Gathering in Luther, OK

So I received an email early this morning from a group of Oklahoma Juggalos who are putting on a Huge 3 Day Mini Gathering!  The thing

Juggalo Cookout Mini Gathering in Hinckley, OH!

I want to make sure you ninjas in or around Hinckley, OH see this message!  This Saturday, April 7th, there’s a Juggalo Cookout happening in Hinckley Park,

Juggalos involved in killing and dismembering 21 year old woman

I’m sorry to have to report to you a very sad and grotesque act allegedly committed by Juggalos in Urbana, Ohio.  5 people have been

Vote for EXPOSD to be on ¡MAYDAY!’s upcoming mixtape!

This killa named Exposd i sa part of a contest where you can get your track featured on ¡MAYDAY!‘s upcoming mixtape: Coast 2 Coast Mixtape: Volume 2!