August 21, 2018
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Attila’s Fronzilla Launches New Trap Metal Group; Releases EP and Music Video

Attila frontman Fronzilla has joined forces with Da Boi J to form the trap metal group Bone Crew.  You can stream or purchase their 5 track debut

MUSHROOMHEAD Announces Official DVD Premiere Event and In-Store Signing in Cleveland, Ohio

What up, ninjas!? Especially Ohio and Michigan, ninjas!  Super influential Cleveland, Ohio-based metal horror masked pioneers MUSHROOMHEAD will release their highly-anticipated upcoming DVD, VOLUME III

Vigilante Drug Testers Save Lives at the Gathering of the Juggalos

We got a bomb-ass article from Vice that I definitely want to share with you Juggalos. The article Vice posted is titled “We Embedded With Vigilante

Juggalos Parodied in; An Online Satirical Newspaper

In a news article posted up by The Peedmond, “Virginia’s Most Trusted Satirical News Source“, that details an event that almost seems like it could’ve

Dread Central Debuts Kissing Candice’s Brilliant Industrial Tinged Cover of Michael Jackson’s Thriller

Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” is such an iconic 1980’s era single! It still receives constant radio rotation to this day, especially during the Halloween season. The

Juggalo Couples Tell VICE How They Fell in Love

It was the Summer of Love during Whoopstock so what better way to celebrate than to find out just how Juggalos fell in love. In

2 Arrested after Advertising Mushrooms For Sale at the Gathering of the Juggalos

The Gathering is all about having fun. And it is. Some people have fun in different ways than others. That’s cool. But honestly, ya gotta Posts About Juggal-Obama; the Presidential Doppelganger at This Year’s Gathering

Those of you that made it to this year’s Gathering of the Juggalos may have got the chance to meet or see former President of

Tall Jess (1/3rd creator of Morton’s List ) has officially launched new game called Drug Lord: Lord of the Drugs

Tall Jess, 1/3rd creator of Morton’s List has officially launched his highly anticipated new game “Drug Lord: Lord of the Drugs”. The game is available

Mike Busey’s “Not Dead Yet…” Tour Dates

Fresh off the 19th annual Gathering of the Juggalos, Mike Busey and his Busey Beauties are hitting the road on the “Not Dead Yet…” tour.

Juggalos Beat Facial Recognition Technology; Elon Musk Confirms that he’s “Down With The Clown”

This story is too dope (pun intended) not to share with you!  There’s a Twitter user named @Tahkion who is a computer science blogger that

First Batch Of Guests Announced For Astronomicon 2

The guest announcements for Astronomicon 2 have begun! The following guests have been announced: Scott Hall Sid Haig Bill Moseley Twiztid Ming Chen Mike Zapcic Astronomicon

Chad Carsten of Faygoluvers interviews Bill Manspeaker of Green Jello (Green Jellÿ) [Editorial]

  Fall of 1994, Flint, Michigan. My little brother and I came home from Cody Elementary School (now bull dozed)  with an unexpected surprise awaiting

FAM-I-LY Movie Viewing/ ICP Performing In Brooklyn, NY on June 29th

East Coast Juggalos in 10 day you have the chance to witness the New York premiere of the juggalo themed movie FAM-I-LY. If that’s not enough

The Kevin Gill Show Episode 154 Featuring Tony Foresta

KG Kevin Gill has released the latest episode of his long running podcast, The Kevin Gill Show. Episode 154 features KG interviewing Tony Foresta. KG and Tony Foresta discuss the following: