May 31, 2020
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A Guide To Dallas’ Juggalo Rap Scene by

Shaggy 2 Dope is going to be playing his last show of the FTFOMF tour this Wednseday, February 13th at the 2513 Deep Ellum in

Dee Snider, Bam Margera and All The Celebrities MLive Saw at Astronomicon 2

Astronomicon 2 just ended but the ninjas from were there trying to find all the celebrities they could. Now they’ve posted up photos from

Date & Location for Astronomicon 3 Announced

As some of you ninjas that have been following our Facebook page know, Faygoluvers‘ very own Scottie D, Chad Carsten & Cherry Bomb have been running around

Faygoluvers Presents: Generation TWIZTID Chapter I (3) – Green Mirrorz

It’s Tuesday, and that means that Chapter I (3) of our 7 part series about Twiztid is now available for your listening pleasure! Our homie

Goldust Speaks on Detroit, Astronomicon, AEW and More!

Comic fans, Juggalos, wrestling fans, Xuligans, samurais, horror fans, and more are all getting hyped for this year’s Astronomicon 2 convention in Sterling Heights, MI.

Big Stank & Lil’ Poot Will Be At Astronomicon 2; VIP Packages Available

I’m not sure how long it’s been since we’ve heard from Big Stank and Lil’ Poot of Big Money Hustlas/Rustlas fame but they’re back, yo!

Satire: If the Founding Fathers Were Alive Today They Would Be Juggalos

This news parody website called have posted a satire article titled “If the Founding Fathers Were Alive Today They Would Be Juggalos.” The short

Edward Furlong Announced for Astronomicon 2!

If any of you have not seen the James Cameron classic Terminator 2, you need to get to a video rental place (I know, they

A Violent J Christmas Story

Merry Christmas, ninjas! From us to you! What better way to celebrated the holidays right here in the underground than with a Christmas story from

Strange Music’s Holiday Sale; 60% Off Until Jan 2nd

Right now, running from today until January 2nd, is having a holiday sale. Most items are available for a discounted price with a lot

The Kevin Gill Show interviews former WWE Superstar: Aron Stevens (aka Damien Sandow)!

Our homie Kevin Gill is back with yet another interview for your earholes!  As always, this interview was conducted LIVE, and this time he speaks

Cruisin’ The Barrio’s Big Baller Xmas Ticket Auction for Charity

Our homie The Rude Boy hit me up about a charity auction they’ve got going on with Cruisin’ The Barrio.  On This Facebook post, they

Faygo Relaunches Moon Mist Red in Time for the Holidays!

It’s a great time to be a Juggalo, and a “Faygoluver”!  As you may or may not have heard, Faygo Beverages has re-released a variation

All New Kevin Gill Show with Amigo The Devil!

It’s been several months since the last episode of the Kevin Gill Show aired. After a bit of a hiatus, and several computer issues, ya

Flint, Michigan Metal Leaders King 810 Set To Release New Record “Suicide King” January 25th, 2019

How many of you ninjas went beyond wild in the pit during King 810’s performance during Juggalo Weekend 2016 in Detroit at Harpos or witnessed