March 6, 2021
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LazyAndCrazy Merch Drop Ends Today!

Over at, they have been dropping some super dope “grin reaper” merch that’s extremely limited!  Today is the last day to get your orders in

Zinger speaks to Daddy X of KMK (and other things we learned from the Madchild Live Stream)

The homie Madchild and Kevin Zinger of Suburban Noize Records sat down recently for nearly an hour and live streamed for an impromptu Q&A.  They covered a bunch

Freshness Friday Music Flavor Featuring Ouija Macc, Combichrist, Jarren Benton, Scum, Intrinzik, DJ Muggs, & More!!

What up fellow music supporters?! A whole lot of fresh music has dropped today and we here at just wanted to spread more music

C Daddy Sickness of Enasnimi Passes Away

A heavy dosage of staleness recently impacted the underground music scene. C Daddy Sickness, one half of the duo Enasnimi, passed away earlier today. He

Madchild Unleashes New Track “Love Me, Or Hate Me”! Is Celebrating Battle Axe Warrior’s 25th & SRH’s 30 Anniversaries!

What up fellow underground supporters?! We have some fresh news regarding Madchild! Earlier today he dropped the fire track “Love Me, Or Hate Me” with

*UPDATED* Horrorcrunk Icon Bloodshot Announces Physical Preorders For “Wendigo” & “Buried” LP’s!

*UPDATED* Bloodshot has also revealed pre-orders for physical  copies of his newly released “BURIED”  album are up now for only 10 bucks! and orders will

Reminder! Gibby Stites Debut Majik Ninja Entertainment EP “The 13th Wonder” Out Now!

Hope everyone is having a fun filled weekend! We just wanted to remind our readers/supporters that Gibby Stites’ (the protégé of Twiztid) Majik Ninja Entertainment debut

Wicked Wood Merch Drop for Grave and Cray’s Excellent Adventure

Wiked Wood recently made appearances on CarnivalSpirits’ The BeastMasteR Show and The Hours of Chaos, the latter of which they revealed a brand new t-shirt

Steve-O Gets his Hatchetman Tattoo!

A few weeks ago, Violent J and Steve-O spoke on the “Steve-O’s Wild Ride” Podcast.  After they spoke about some past meetings that they had, they both cleared

Tickets to ICP’s 3 Ring Live Concert Extravaganza Now Available!

Next weekend, we come to the grand finale of ICP’s Patreon for February 2021!  To close out this month of flavor, we have what they’ve

Madchild Releases Brand New Banger “Smoke Session”!

It’s getting late fellow underground supporters. But Madchild released one hell of a banger today titled “Smoke Session” from the upcoming deluxe version of “The

Juggalo Gong Show Contestants Wanted! Win tickets to Juggalo Day Concert!

In just 3 days, the Juggalo Gong Show will be happening LIVE at Psychopathic Headquarters!  Do you have a talent that you’ve been waiting for the right

Watch ABK’s “The Hatchet Warrior” Show Tonight for chance at Giveaway!

In just under two hours from the time I’m typing this, our homie Anybody Killa will be performing his Juggalo classic The Hatchet Warrior album in its

King Iso (Strange Music) Announces “The Group Therapy” Tour For Spring 2021!

Strange Music fans stand the hell up! King Iso recently  announced “The Group Therapy” tour featuring C-Mob, Taebo Tha Truth, and Snake Lucci! It kicks

J-Webb writes “Why Insane Clown Posse Matters” Article Just in Time for Juggalo Day!

Our homie Jason Webber aka J-Webb hit me up with a link that was just published on a site called  The article is called “Why Insane Clown Posse Matters”,