May 31, 2020
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*UPDATED* Crossworm & BAD MiND Collabo Exclusives SOLD OUT!*Legendary Super Producers Crossworm and BAD MiND Join Forces To Provide Fire Production!

The Bank Hard Beats visionary known as BAD MiND (Alla Xul Elu, Brotha Lynch Hung, etc) and the Dirtcore maelstrom of talent that is Crossworm

2020 Gathering Of The Juggalos Officially Cancelled

Unfortunately juggalos, I’m up on here today to bring you guys a bit of staleness. Now I know Violent J said that he was working

*UPDATED* Horrorcore Hip-Hop Legend Q-Strange Returns With Three New Wicked Singles!

Who all remembers  back  over twenty years ago when  the Rhode Island horrorcore hip-hop legend Q-Strange was at the top for most downloads through!

Hopsin Unleashes COVID-19 Influenced Video “COVID Mansion”!

The independent hip-hop extraordinaire that is Hopsin has snapped again! But this time becoming inspired during the COVID-19 lock downs effecting the world! Inside the

MUSHROOMHEAD Reveals New LP “A Wonderful Life” W/ Preorders; Drops Instant Classic “Seen It All”!

Hello fellow rockers and metal-heads! The masked Ohio legends MUSHROOMHEAD just revealed that their new LP will be titled “A Wonderful Life”. It’s their very

Faygoluvers 4/20 Mega Post!

What’s up you guys?! Caligreen here with a super fresh mega post for that ass! In celebration with every stoner’s favorite holiday, a lot of

*UPDATED* Twiztid Surprises Fans With Raw New Record “Mad Season” and Trippy Horrortastic Video!

It’s now approaching the Witching Hour and the Detroit Demented Duo has awesomely decided to drop a surprise record on our asses as if thousands

Twiztid’s Ashtrays and Action Figures 420 Edition Tomorrow at 4EST

Here is yet another fresh Facebook live event scheduled for tomorrow! In celebration with every stoner’s favorite holiday, Twiztid have announced a very special 420

Kottonmouth Kings 420 Facebook Livestream Tomorrow at 3PT

This one is for all the Subnoize rats! Tomorrow at 3PM PT, KMK will be doing a Facebook live event hosted by D-Loc, Johnny Richter,

Damien Quinn Doing A Live Facebook Performance Tomorrow!

Cult crew stand up because this one is for you! Damien Quinn announced that he will be doing a live performance on his Facebook page

DJ Clay Working On Let Em Bleed Vol 5

So DJ Clay did a live Q&A yesterday where he answered a slew of questions. One of the big questions was, “are you doing a

In-case You Didn’t Know! R.A. The Rugged Man Drops Pure Fire Record “All My Heroes Are Dead”!

What up, ninjas and fellow hip-hop fanatics?!  Did you know that  east-coast independent hip-hop legend  R.A. The Rugged Man just dropped  a pure fire record

Twiztid’s Highnamic Duo Tour Cancelled Till Further Notice

Here’s a bit of staleness for everyone looking forward to seeing Twiztid this year. In response to the current situation with covid-19, Twiztid has decided

Out Now! David Gunn (King 810) Unleashes YAVID “Black Teeth Devil” Vol 4 EP!

Craving more new music because  your playlist is again becoming stale during this lock-down pandemic craziness?! Well, we here at are damned thrilled by

Reminder! Lo Key (Mission Infect) Reveals New Female Loke Records Artist BatiBatt!

The masked legend Lo Key (Mission Infect) has once again risen from the shadows of the underworld  to give the underground some fresh musical madness!