March 6, 2021
37 Guests and Online


Intrinzik’s Upcoming LP “Lasers & Poison” Now Available For Preorder VIA Majik Ninja Entertainment; New INT Single “Lied To” Out Now!

Good afternoon, ninjas! We were just informed that Intrinzik’s upcoming LP “Lasers & Poison” preorder is currently a top seller through the official Majik Ninja

A Kansas Juggalo named Tony Mead passes away

We’ve got some truly stale news to bring to you tonight.  A Juggalo who calls himself NinjaFacE hit us up about a homie of his

Violent J’s “Brother” EP and Shaggy 2 Dope’s “Gloomy Sunday” EP Now Available Digitally!

There are a couple of EPs that the Wicked Clowns have dropped in the past few years that you may have had a hard time

Damien Quinn’s (Dark Half) House of Terror Youtube Live Experience Tonight 1 A.M. EST/12.AM. CST “Cult Thang” Single?!

Get your L’s up in honor of Damien Quinn’s New Live Experience titled “House of Terror” that’s premiering  on the official Dark Half YouTube page

Baby E & Ouija Macc announce the “We Never Forgot” Mixtape! [Pre-orders Now Available!]

Last night, one of the most prolific artists in the underground announced yet ANOTHER completed project!  Ouija Macc and Baby E have teamed up to put together

Super Famous Fun Times Guys Unleashes Their Long Live Evil Debut “Don’t Hug Me From The Front”!

Good evening, ninjas! A about a month ago we reported that the Super Famous Fun Time Guys hip-hop duo (Whipstick & Mr. 8 Legz) signed with

ICP’s Patreon Gift Bag Update! [Video]

Alright Juggalos…those of you who were Patreon subscribers for ICP’s House Party Peep Show in October of last year, I know that you’ve been patiently waiting for your

Mega Ran & GameChops Final Fantasy VII Concept Album “Black Materia: The Remake” Out Now!

Looking for some fresh video game inspired hip-hop in your life?! Well we here at are proud to report that Mega Ran & Game

Lyrikal Snuff Productionz Presents Insane Poetry’s “Wicked Killagraphy” Tour! Kicks Off FEB 10th, 2021!

Good evening, fellow snuff addicts! Its that time again to put up your L’s! Lyrikal Snuff Productionz recently announced that Insane Poetry ‘s next tour

Win Blaze’s 1 Less G Hand-Written Lyrics!

In just TWO DAYS, your dead homie Blaze will be performing 1 Less G N Da Hood in its entirety with special guests Twiztid, ABK, and other random surprises! 

ICP’s Juggalo Weekend Extravaganza Schedule Released for February 2021!

It’s about that time Juggalos!  In true Wicked Clown fashion, Psychopathic Records has released the schedule for their month-long Patreon that starts up tomorrow night!

Brand New Blaze Ya Dead Homie Interview about the 1 Less G Era! **Faygoluvers Exclusive**

Juggalos and Juggalettes of old and new…we just premiered an interview with the one and only Blaze Ya Dead Homie, and holy shit is it a

Horrorcrunk Icon Bloodshot Reveals Brand New Release “Return To Camp Horror” For 2021!

Good evening, underground supporters! Who all remembers when Rydas Records conquered the underground over 15 years ago and released Bloodshot’s horror classic “Camp Horror”?!  Today

UPDATED! DurtE of Mission: Infect Recently Unleashed Tampa Bay Buccaneers Anthem “Buc Em UP!”

Hello fellow underground supporters whom may love the NFL too! Are you rejoicing in front of your screen by the sports fact that the Tampa

Shade Drops Exclusive “Heart Shaped Boxset” with Shade Condoms?

The underground’s Prince Of Horrorcore, aka Shade of Team Heka, recently dropped some exclusive freshness! I’m talking about a heart shaped boxset that includes a