February 25, 2021
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The Offspring talks ICP / Gathering of the Juggalos

Everybody knows who The Offspring is, right?  Well they have a relatively frequent podcast that they do which is only about 10 minutes a piece.

The Kaos & Kronik tour is on the road!

It has been talked about for MONTHS, and now it’s finally here!  The  Kaos & Kronik Tour featuring Twiztid, KMK, Blaze, and Big B is officially underway

The Mighty Death Pop is coming!

Over at InsaneClownPosse.com, they just wanted to give you Juggalos and Juggalettes a friendly reminder that The Mighty Death Pop is a mere 4 months (and 1

What you get with the Kaos & Kronik Tour VIP!

Have all you ninjas been wondering what’s gonna come in your VIP Packages for the Kaos & Kronik Tour?  Well there’s a new tweet from

Tonight on Psychopathic Radio: THE MAIN EVENT!

It’s Thursday night, and that means it’s time to tune in to Psychopathic Radio, your favorite Internet radio station!  Tonight, we’ve got a new 4

ICP on the upcoming Lil Wyte album?

Lil Wyte released a video from behind the scenes of an album cover photo shoot for his upcoming album “Still Doubted“. At 6:24 we can

New HatchetGear to debut at Hatchet Attacks!

Attention all New Mexico Juggalos, and those of you ninjas and ninjettes planning on making the trek to Farmington for Hatchet Attacks: there has been a

Tonight on Psychopathic Radio! (updated with Archive stream)

Update: The archives are now available to view as a stream: [youtube width=”560″ height=”344″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5e4iDIk9Qts[/youtube] I nearly forgot to mention this!  It’s Tuesday Night, and that means

Twiztid & KMK – “Watch Out” Music video debuts!

Mere minutes ago, the music video for Twiztid and Kottonmouth Kings‘ track “Watch Out” hit youtube!  The video turned out pretty dope, and you can see it

Twiztid to headline Kaos & Kronik Tour

Twiztid has confirmed that they WILL in fact be headlining the Kaos & Kronik tour with the Kottonmouth Kings, Blaze ya Dead Homie, and more!  Here’s

ICP makes list of WCW’s “Wackiest Photos”

Here’s a small blurb worth mentioning.  WWE.com put out a list of 36 photos and titled them the “Wackiest WCW Photos”.  There’s everything from WCW stars

Vampiro Shoot Interview (2002)

There’s a Vampiro shoot interview that I’ve seen floating around on Facebook for the past day or 2.  It’s from back in 2002, but this clip

The Official Juggalo Gathering website is now ONLINE!

The new Gathering of the Juggalos website is now online!  But it’s being taxed like crazy right now because it’s not even loading properly.  In

Willie D joins ICP for April 28th concert in Columbus, OH!

Over at InsaneClownPosse.com, there’s a new post talking about the ICP Show on April 28th in Columbus, OH!  Apparently, they just added Willie D of the infamous Geto

Blaze remembers his first Detroit Tigers game

Detroit’s Metro Times caught up with several Detroit “rock stars” to ask them their favorite memories of the Detroit Tigers.  Guess who one of their