February 24, 2020
25 Guests and Online

Underground News

Jelly Roll’s “A Beautiful Disaster” Available for Pre-order on the Strange Music web store!

A pre-order was just announced that may catch you by surprise.  His fans know that Jelly Roll has a new album called A Beautiful Disaster that will

Ouija Macc & Death + release new FREE EP: “3”

There’s never a shortage of music coming from our homie Ouija Macc!  He and Death Plus just teamed up for another EP simply titled 3. It’s a 4

Twiztid’s “Don’t Be Hatin'” Used for Super Bowl Promo Video

If you were one of the 100,000 people in attendance for the Super Bowl, then congratulations on having like 20 grand to burn!  If not, then

SCUM announces Revolving Nightmare Tour featuring MMMFD, Razakel, Damien Quinn, more!

Our homie SCUM just dropped an announcement about a tour with a HUGE underground lineup that you’re not gonna want to miss! He has deemed it

Twiztid signs Production Deal for Haunted High-Ons

This is HUGE news for Twiztid and Majik Ninja Entertainment!  Madrox and Monoxide have teamed up with Ken Levin (of Preacher and The Boys fame)

Twiztid announces the the Highmanic Duo Tour featuring Slaine, ABK, AMB, Dead By Wednesday!

This year, the ENTIRE month of April is 04/20, so Twiztid is celebrating with a tour throughout the entire month!  It’s starting on April 4th and ends up

Twiztid releases “Back 2 the 80s” EP for FREE to Astronomicon Attendees [Listen/Download Inside!]

Juggalos and Juggalettes…it’s 4 AM, and I just got back to my hotel room from the Twiztid Pop-up shop at Astronomicon!  I picked up a

Astronomicon 3 Starts TODAY! Detroit News tells you what to expect!

Juggalos, we are just a few hours away from the official start of the 3rd Annual Astronomicon!  It’s 8 AM, I am mid-flight on my way

Strange Music Announces the 50% Off “I Love Strange” Sale!

It should come as no surprise when we announce that Strange Music has a 50% Of Sale…and that’s exactly what I’m here to do! Just

Twiztid’s Schedule for Astronomicon 3!

We’ve got some info for those of you attending Astronomicon 3!  While the focus of Astronomicon is a pop culture convention, lots of Juggalos in attendance

Message from Dirk Manning about Astronomicon 3: Do NOT miss the Haunted High-Ons Panel!

For those of you who will be joining me in Sterling Heights, Michigan this weekend for the 3rd Annual Astronomicon, there’s ONE event that you’re not going

Submissions Wanted for Philly Raw Rap Mixtape: Volume 2

Our homie Aequitas hit us up about taking submissions for the sequel to last year’s Philly Raw Rap Mixtape!  That’s right…Volume 2 is in the works,

Boondox, Blaze, Lyte & The R.O.C. on this year’s Juggalo Weekender!

The UK Juggalo Weekender seems to get bigger every year!  For the 10th Annual edition, they are pulling out all the stops!  This year, it’s taking place

Madchild and Tom MacDonald releasing new album: Killing The Neighbors

While Madchild is almost universally liked by Juggalos and Juggalettes, I don’t think I’m going out on a limb by saying that Tom MacDonald is a pretty

Astronomicon 3 is THIS WEEK! See a Clerks Reunion, Twiztid as Batman and Joker, Ashtrays & Action Figures LIVE, more!

In just 5 days, the 3rd annual Astronomicon convention will be in full swing at the Wyndham Gardens Hotel in Sterling Heights, MI!  My whole family is coming to Detroit