December 2, 2021
21 Guests and Online

Underground News

Big Left Unleashes His Force 5 Records Debut LP ‘Slaughter of the Innocents’!

East-Coast heavy hitter emcee Big Left has finally released his Force 5 Records debut LP ‘Slaughter of the Innocents’! Fans can support hard copies through

Aesop Rock X Blockhead Release Mind-Melting Collabo Effort ‘Garbology’!

This is for those that are currently craving pure hip-hop meshed with an abundant amount of mind-melting genius wordplay. So let’s get straight to the

C-Lance Releases Second Single Off of His Upcoming Album, “Avocado Money”, Featuring Vinnie Paz and Crimeapple

Just a few days ago, C-Lance released the single “Avocado Money” which features Vinnie Paz and Crimeapple on the track. The single is currently on

Bukshot Releases “Blood on my Chucks” Collabo W/ Blaze Ya Dead Homie, The R.O.C. & Mr. Grey!

Those who attended Camp Xul already know Bukshot had the crowd roaring during this brand new collabo banger of his titled “Blood on My Chucks”!

Godsynth Releases New Single “What Chu Know” W/ Gibby Stites, The R.O.C., & Lex the Hex Master!

Good afternoon underground supporters! We know that most of you have arrived at Camp Xul already! But we here at are stoked to report

Madchild’s “Shane 2” LP Out Now!

Good morning Battle Axe Warriors! Canadian underground legend Madchild just released his brand new LP “Shane 2”! Fans can support “Shane 2” physically and digitally

Rittz and Tech N9ne’s “Strange New World Tour” Gets More Dates Added

Over the past month-and-a-half, Rittz and Tech N9ne have been hitting the road in the U.S. for their Strange New World Tour. About a dozen

White Cheddar (NiteBreed) Returns With New Single “Not Alone”!

This is for those that dive deep into the wicked underground of hip-hop! White Cheddar of east-coast supergroup NiteBreed has returned with a solo single

TWIZTID’s Haunted High-Ons: The Curse of the Greenbook Vol 3. Now Available For Pre-Order!

Good afternoon comic book fans! Vol 3. of Twiztid’s “Haunted High-Ons: The Curse of the Green Book” from Source Point Press is now available for

News From The Underground We Missed Featuring Lyrikal Snuff Productionz, King Iso, &’s “Weirdest, Sickest Rappers Out Now” Article!

Lots of news from the underground does get accidentally passed by with so much freshness smothering using in all its controversial glory. So here is

Alla Xul Elu in the Studio With Legendary Detroit Producer Mike E. Clark?!

Here is some freshness from the underworld of hip-hop. An authentic image recently emerged from Alla Xul Elu’s official social media pages with the forever

Str8jaket No Longer Performing At Camp Xul Due To COVID-19

This is some super stale news. Especially because Str8jaket always murders the stage live. But unfortunately  Str8jaket will no longer be part of this weekends

Dead N Dirty Produktionz Unleashes Final Release “Gravest Hitz: Blood, Sweat, & Yearz”

Before Str8jaket became affiliated with Psychopathic Records, Native World Inc., and Majik Ninja Entertainment, (then soon after founded Hypnotic Sound Studios) he used to help

D-Loc Announces His Own Kottonmouth Kings Tour?!

This is rough for all the die-hard Kottonmouth Kings fans that repped the crown to the fullest for over twenty years. D-Loc has decided to

Long Live Evil Announces Next Super Famous Fun Time Guys Release “Mom’s Not offended, She’s Concerned” LP!

Good afternoon enthusiasts! Alla Xul Elu’s Long Live Evil label recently announced that the next Super Famous Fun Time Guys release will indeed be