February 18, 2019
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Album Reviews

Scumbag America

Scumbag Worldwide

The opening track, “Monday Night Raw,” starts off strong and everyone manages to deliver a solid verse along the way. Snippets of Stone Cold act

Phantom: X-Tra Spooky Edition

Insane Clown Posse

At the 2015 Gathering of the Juggalos, a rare EP was handed out to those in attendance. This EP was titled Phantom. It consisted of

Black Ink


Prozak’s sixth overall solo release has been dropped to the masses, named Black Ink. After a two year long wait, Black Ink has a wide

Grimy The Mixtape


Hailing from Philadelphia PA, the Muslim born emcee puts Philly back on on the underground Hip-Hop radar with the Grimy Mixtape. The sick multi flows that

Shapeshifter: Prelude

Anybody Killa

It has been over three years since Anybody Killa released any solo material (the Perception vs. Reality EP), and much longer since a full length

The Devilman LP

The J. Hexx Project

  The. J Hexx Project has been doing nothing but releasing solid albums since 2008’s The Seven Doorz To Death/ Twitch of the Deadz Nervez

Day of Darkness

Grimm Gutter

Kicking things off we are greeted by the track, “I’m Grimm,” which gives us a chance to feel exactly where Grimm Gutter is coming from.


Lo Key

Lo Key truly cares for his fans and “Dedicated” is a gift for the fans, to show his appreciation of their non-stop support. His fans

Between Heaven and Hell


Horrorcore Artist Draztik was born in the great state of Texas, but joined the Air Force quickly after wrapping up High School. He found himself

Inside the Ride

Stacc Styles

Stacc Styles is quickly rising as one of the top MCs, in Arizona. Blending a wide range of flow patterns, with diverse and deep song

Krown Power

Kottonmouth Kings

The Kottonmouth Kings have had their fair share of controversy over their lifetime. They have overcome members of the group passing, members of the group

Hyperbolic Time Chamber

Scumbag Worldwide

Scumbag Worldwide brings together a variety of different horrorcore artists under one banner and delivers a solid collaboration album. Big Rela, being the owner/founder, is

The Marvelous Missing Link (Found)

Insane Clown Posse

This is the 14th studio album and the companion album to The Marvelous Missing Link Lost which was released earlier in the year. It is

Nightmare Hall


This EP was a companion release with The Traverse. It is hologram numbered, only 1000 were pressed, and features songs with Twiztid and Stevie Stone!

Snuff HD


A Russian-American rapper, based out of Denver, Colorado. Scum is known for mixing horror themed and extremely violent lyrics with a more bouncy, hip hop