March 23, 2019
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Reindeer Games

Killjoy Club

In March of 2014 DJ Paul of the infamous group Da Mafia 6ix announced a collaboration with the Insane Clown Posse that would shake the

Gang Rags: Reborn

Blaze Ya Dead Homie

Chris Rouleau, better known as Blaze Ya Dead Homie, is a rapper from Romeo, Michigan.  He began rapping in 1996 on Gotham Records, now signed

Been Committed

Mental Cases

Formed in Cornville, Arizona, in 2004, the rap group Mental Cases consists of Psikosis & Tha Skeptic, accompanied by their producer DJ Trebloff.  Mental Cases

...Honor Is All We Know


In underground music, there’s always those who are regarded as royalty among fans. For the juggalos, that title belongs to the likes of ICP, House

The Righteous & the Butterfly


Mushroomhead is an industrial metal band formed in 1993 within the Cleveland area. They released 3 underground albums in the ‘90s, and followed it up

Switched On


Born in North Vancouver, British Columbia, rapper Shane Bunting is best known by his stage name, Mad Child. A founding member of the Canadian hip-hop

King Of Everything Else


Best known for his work in the groups Special Teamz (with Edo G, Jaysaun and DJ Jayceeoh) and La Coka Nostra (with Danny Boy, Ill

X's & O'z

Cryptic Wisdom

Tucson, Arizona rhymesayer Cryptic Wisdom is a mixture of grungy alternative rock and poetic hip-hop music. Through his crisp, original flow and his melodious hooks,



Natas (Nation Ahead of Time and Space, originally Niggas Ahead of Time and Space) is an American hip hop group from Detroit. Michigan.  Comprised of

First Strike

Emcee M.D.

Emcee M.D. (Madd Dogg) is an American Hip Hop artist from the Buffalo, NY region. Originally growing up outside of the city in a country

The Mud, Water, Air and Blood

Dark Lotus

Dark Lotus has long been held as one of the greatest underground super groups. Underground heavyweights ICP, Twiztid, and Blaze returned with The Mud, Water,

Codename: Assassin


Codename Assassin is the newest release by Politicize. The mixtape features artists from various genres of hiphop, horrorcore inspired artists like Jason Porter and Mars

Remain Raw

Mr. Grey

Coming from San Jose, California, Mr. Grey brings a unique fusion of music influenced by every genre, from Hip Hop to Metal. Growing up, he



Sit back, relax and feel your blood pressure drop, for this is “Ultraviolet”! It’s production will take the soul on a journey, through a peaceful mind

Brand New Day

Swollen Members

After going through one of the darkest periods of their musical career, Swollen Members are back and sounding more revitalized than ever.  With Mad Child