November 21, 2019
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Gvllow – Orlok [Official Music Video]

Some of that new wicket shit evolving and arising in the underground! is obsessed! It’s Now Available on Spotify!… “Orlok” Album Releasing ?/?/19

Tre LB – “Unity” (ft. Max Julian) [Official Audio]

Song Explains How ICP squashed BEEF with Eminem & Proof The song “Unity” explains how the ICP crew squashed a beef with Proof Of D12

Krizz Kaliko Signs New Contract with Strange Music! [Red Rocks 2019]

In one of the most emotional moments in our history as a label, Krizz Kaliko addressed a sold out crowd at Red Rocks and announced

**WORLD PREMIERE** DurtE – “Change” (ft. Hard Target) [Official Music Video]

Buy or stream the new album “Broken Strings & Beat Machines” now at all online digital retailers and streaming platforms at the links below. Visit

Iceberg Black – “Playa Shit” (ft. Ouija Macc) [Official Audio]

Thees Handz (Murs, The Grouch) – “Thees Handz” [Official Music Video]

Maez301 – “F**ked Up For You” [Official Music Video]

MAEZ301 marks the release of his self-titled debut album on Strange Music with his brand new music video, “F**cked Up For You”.

Beni-Hana – “RedRum” [Official Music Video]

Duhmonic, Aequitas, & AdotWAKE – “BAD 4 THEM” [Official Music Video]

Ancient Duhmonic recordings coming from beyond the grave in this self titled debut single from the hard hitting hip hop group “BAD 4 THEM”! BAD

Acid Witch – “Amy’s In The Attic” [Insane Clown Posse Cover]

Acid Wish covers the ICP classic: “Amy’s In The Attic”!  

ABK – “Blood Under The Moonlight” [Official Audio]

Spaide Ripper – “The Section” [Official Music Video]

Onyx – “Kill Da Mic” [Official Music Video]

Subscribe: From the upcoming Album “SnowMads” by Onyx & Snowgoons! Pre-order now: CD:

Odd Squad Family – “Tears” [Official Music Video]