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More d&d juggalo subclasses
September 5, 2018
11:31 am
Iris The Tranny juggalette
Iris The Tranny juggalette
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February 16, 2018
sp_UserOfflineSmall Offline

I’m kind of bored, so I made this.

A juggalo barbarian, I’ll put it here in case anyone wants it, and so I’ll know where to find it if my file is gone.

Wicked shit:

Starting at 3rd level, you gain a link to the dark and magical, when you enter a rage you may cast the Hex spell on an enemy, the hex will last until the rage ends or you fail a concentration check. In addition, you can use a reaction to end your rage to cast an eldritch blast. At 10th and 14th level you add another blast when you do so.


Juggalo weapons:

Starting at 6th level you gain the ability to summon weapons that had belonged to juggalos before you. Once a day you can use a bonus action to summon one of the following

-passable axe: the passable axe is a greataxe, it can be used by anyone as if they had proficiency with it regardless of their proficiencies and has the finesse, light, and one handed feature. This axe can be thrown to another ally up to 60 feet and will be automatically caught so long as they have an open hand. This can also be done as a reaction. This disappears after 5 hours

-Just a fucking gun: Just a fucking gun is a hand held ranged martial weapon, with 12 rounds it gains no hit modifiers, neither proficiency nor dexterity, it has a range of 40/100 and deals 3d12 damage

-”my axe” when you first summon, my axe, it is either a hand axe or a great axe, you enter a free rage for 1 round, if you kill an evil enemy in that round it prolongs for another round.

-chuck the chainsaw. Chuck was forged by a powerful artificer, for a barbarian named bruce, it works by turning pure anger into arcane energy causing it to spin. It is a 2 handed heavy weapon that deals 1d6 slashing damage, as a bonus action you can expend a rage to add Xd6 where X is ⅓ of your barbarian level rounded up +2. And while it is turned on you can use a bonus action to make an attack with it treated as an offhand. After half an hour it runs out of power

-Joey’s crossbow. When this mythical crossbow, when it is summoned it comes with 7 explosive bolts if fired its shots explode, upon firing it the user must make a dc 16 strength saving throw or it is flung out of their hands. It deals 4d6 fire damage and counts as a 2 handed ranged weapon ranged weapon

-The ghost’s hands. When you summon this your hands turn into ones with a stronger grip and your eyes turn white. You gain advantage when attempt to grapple an opponent. If a humanoid is grapled for 4 turns they are strangled to death and reduced to zero hit points. This disappears after an hour

Infuriating aura

Starting at level 10 you radiate an infuriating energy people you don’t know will automatically dislike you, but some appreciate this radiance and will take a liking to you.

You gain proficiency in performance if you don’t already have it, if you do you gain double proficiency in it, in addition you have advantage on persuasion, and intimidation rolls on creatures with a strength score of 15 or higher, and they have an automatic liking/respect of you so long as you haven’t wronged them.

In addition you gain the ability to goad creatures into wanting to fight you, as an action you can speak a grading insult at a target, when you do they must succeed a wisdom saving throw equal to your 8+ your proficiency + your charisma, if they fail they are compelled to attack you.

Musical rage

Starting at level 14 your rage manifests in violent music, when you may choose any number of creatures within 60 feet of you and to give them 1 bardic inspiration die, a d6

WIthin the next 10 minutes a creature can roll the die and add the number rolled to one ability check, attack roll, or saving throw it makes. The creature can wait until after it rolls the d20 before deciding to use the Bardic Inspiration die, but must decide before the DM says whether the roll succeeds or fails. Once the Bardic Inspiration die is rolled, it is lost. A creature can have only one Bardic Inspiration die at a time.

Those that you don’t choose are annoyed by the music, and must succeed a wisdom saving throw of dc 8+ your proficency + your charisma or be compelled to attack you.

I see no difference between a corpse and a sex toy

September 6, 2018
2:34 pm
Iris The Tranny juggalette
Iris The Tranny juggalette
Forum Posts: 1295
Whoops Received: 476
Whoops Given: 408
Member Since:
February 16, 2018
sp_UserOfflineSmall Offline

Another one, this one is a bit more odd, and I’m less sure of it. But neither have been tested so I guess it doesn’t matter, also nobody is reading this, so, it doesn’t matter, but here it is


Majik Ninja Rouge

Magic ninja rouge


Wicked ninja magic

At 3rd level you gain innate magic via a mix of arcane ninja magic, and mind bending illusions. You gain the following benefits. Any spell dc’s are equal to 8+ your proficiency + your charisma

-you gain the minor illusion cantrip

-You can cast arcane script at will

-you gain the ability to cast misty step or disguise self once per day, once you do you cannot cast it again until you take a long rest.

-you can consume a willing targets 2nd level spell slot to cast knock, spider climb, or invisibility


Kickin Kickin

Starting at 3rd level after moving at least 10 feet you can jump at a target and make an unarmed attack using acrobatics instead of your normal attack modifier. If this hits it automatically triggers sneak attack. After they are hit they cannot make an opportunity attack against you.

Majik death mark

Starting at 9th level If you spend two turns not moving and making no actions you may cast hex and hunter’s mark on a target, with one concentration that covers both spells, in order to move it to another target you have to be hidden from them. This feature cannot be used again until you finish a short rest.


Quick sleight of hand stab

Starting at 9th level you make a sleight of hand check contesting with an adjacent target’s perception as a free action at the end of your turn. If you succeed, you can make a melee attack with a dagger as a free action on your next turn. Once used it cannot be used again on that target until the target finishes a long rest. This feature can be used without disrupting the two turns needed for mark for death, and automatically triggers sneak attack. After hit the target cannot make an opportunity attack against you.


Magik artifacts

Starting at 13th level you choose an artifact that belonged to a juggalo before you.


The blue voices: the blue voices are 2 entities that enter your mind when you choose them, they appear as abstract human figures covered in blue and black body paint. When they enter your mind they cannot be removed other than by a wish spell, when they enter your mind you gain the following effects


  1. Your alignment is now chaotic neutral
  2. Your alignment is now chaotic evil


  1. You gain +10 movement when moving towards an enemy
  2. You gain extra damage equal to twice your rogue level when attacking a prone target
  3. You gain the ability to add finesse to all weapons you carry
  4. You gain a second attack



  1. You add +2d6 to your sneak attack
  2. You have advantage on strength (athletics) checks
  3. You gain +2d8 health
  4. You gain the ability to grapple using dexterity

The voices are always telling you to kill things, and once a week, at a time of the DM’s choosing, you must make a wisdom saving throw or else lose control to them, during which the DM can make you kill things against your will.


The green book: the green book opens a gateway into distant realms of the mind, if you read it you gain the following benefits

Proficiency in wisdom saving throws

Resistance to psychic damage

You learn all exotic languages

You gain +2 intelligence not exceeding 20


Stardust: this dust does nothing, it is peddled by con men, however it does have a powerful allure. You have an endless supply, and you can use it to force any humanoid to make a dc 10 wisdom saving throw, if they do not succeed they will buy some, paying up to 500 gold for it but only paying what they have within 4 hours of them.


Head of the zombie king: this head has the power of an undead ruler of the afterlife, using this head you can cast animate dead once before a short rest, and greater dead once before finishing a long rest. All undead summoned by this head gain the extra damage from hexes and hunter’s marks you cast.


Gauntlets of BLAM!: These gauntlets are made to help you kill things with your bare hands, all of your unarmed strikes use your highest stat instead of strength and you have proficiency with them. In addition they deal damage equal to ⅓ of your sneak attack dice rounded down. In addition, you gain +2 constitution.


Filthy spirit bomb: This bomb is charged by your anger, and grit, it is not a physical object, but is instead created by your own hands and can be thrown as an action, when thrown it explodes it deals damage to only certain enemies within 50 feet. It can only damage enemies you’ve and have been enemies with for more than a year, it deals damage equal to your sneak attack die multiplied by every year you’ve known them, not exceeding 6. One used it cannot deal damage to targets damaged until you finish a short rest. In addition you learn the eldritch blast cantrip, and it can apply sneak attack.

Drunken Ninja master

Starting at 17th level you have mastered the art of the juggalo ninja. You’ve learned enough that you tell yourself you can get drunk and it won’t affect anything, which is false, but it is fun as hell. You have gained the magic power to endlessly produce sake, rum, or wine, but you won’t share it with anyone. As you were trained in wicked shit, you have some rather vampiric elements to you.

  • Every hour you must make a constitution saving throw or gain disadvantage on wisdom, and intelligence saves and checks for the rest of the hour, you can also choose to fail

this save willingly

  • You can use a reaction to turn dematerialize and vanish into the air, you are suspended in the air invisible and intangible for 2 turns before returning somewhere within 500 feet of where you disappeared. You can only use this once before finishing a short or long rest
  • You have no reflection in the mirror
  • You lose no movement when climbing
  • You can suck somebody’s blood to damage their soul, if you do so when somebody dies they cannot be brought back to life unless you are killed.
  • You can imbue a 1st level warlock spell into a sword. When you stab a target with the sword it casts the spell on them, if the spell has concentration it will last until the end of your next turn. After attacking with this weapon, you must attack with it each turn or you cannot use the spell feature of it until you finish a long rest
  • You can take an action to throw a smoke ball, you can hold onto the ball or throw it to a point up to 30 feet away as part of the action used to produce it. The area in a 10-foot radius around the stick is filled with thick smoke that blocks vision from anyone other than you, including darkvision. The stick and smoke persist for 1 minute and then disappear. After using this feature, you can’t do so again for 1 minute.

I see no difference between a corpse and a sex toy

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