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The best inauguration video I've ever seen
January 26, 2017
7:43 pm
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May 22, 2012
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krunkazphuk said    
STFU.jpgImage Enlarger


the more one thinks on this, the deeper down the rabbithole one falls.  


of course, this assumes that one can think without injuring themselves.  

Whoop whoop scruffy :


  awfully paranoid, arent you?   

January 26, 2017
8:17 pm
영덕, South Korea
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August 6, 2013
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Yakk, that depends on how you define “fair.” In what ways do you think he has been treated unfairly. 

January 26, 2017
8:33 pm
The Warlock
The Warlock
New Mexico
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March 31, 2012
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they definitely did a great job painting him in a light that appealed to a ton of people.. and they know any exposure is good exposure and ANYONE who’s given THAT much coverage would do well in an election.. he deserves props for winnin’, anyone couldnt of done that tho.. especially with unconventional views like his.. so yeah, even tho he was painted negatively he was clearly their favored candidate in airtime..

January 26, 2017
11:44 pm
King Lucem Ferre
King Lucem Ferre
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September 18, 2012
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YakkAttack said

I was just overall pointing out what has happened to the economy since he’s been elected… learn to have a conversation without trying to claiming victory in your first sentence. But anyways, I guess I ripped these articles out of my ass.…../97067334/…..teve-moore

Honestly I can go on and on… just google it. The market is effected in tons of different ways… one of the ways is based on investors and how they feel the future of the economy is going to be looking. When Trump was elected he said his main priority would be the economy… and for that reason the investors and market reacted really well… everyone is calling this the Trump bump… apart from you on this forum I haven’t seen a single news station credit Obama for the market increase. Do u see how I made my point? After making your point like I just did can you then say… you lose.

A. You did lose. B. The stock market is not the economy. Learn the difference. Also, look at what companies are going up in stock.

Clearly you dont know jack shit. Not only did Obama send Iran 33 BILLION!!!… a country who said they want to destroy our ally off the face of this earth… but then in his last HOUR in office he tries to send another quarter of a billion to another country who wishes to destroy our ally. On the other hand Flint Michigan still doesn’t have clean water after all this time… in a area where he received 90%+ of the minority vote… a man on the people? Not unless you’re a nation who supports the death of Jews. What a fucking coward Obama is.

I don’t know jack shit on why he’s giving money. Did me flat out saying that help you come to that conclusion? Oh my god, we have a regular Sherlock here, guys. Oh, and clearly you don’t know jack shit on why he did it either. Difference between me and you is, you are going to jump ship and assume it’s shady. I want the facts before I form my opinion.

As someone who has started working in a hospital about 4-5 years ago (before Obama care was put in place)… I can without a doubt say… ITS BEEN A FUCKIN JOKE! and the bigger problem is a lot of people they put in the group “can afford” REALLY fucking cant… and then fine them for not doing so? So what then… they get the cheapest plan… pay monthly for that, and when they try to use it… they’re not covered for shit. Its been a disaster and only gets more and more expensive as every year goes.

I don’t know, I could afford it off of $10 an hour along with my bills and a shared 5 bedroom house with my homie. What it covers, is more than nothing. The cheapest one.

Umm… I think you mean SORE WINNER!!! hahahahahahahahahahahaaaaa!!!!!!! As for your second statement… thats a straight up lie… you have no numbers to back that up… go ahead… start googling. typical liberal.

He lost the popular vote. He’s sore about that. There for, sore loser.

Just googled it. I was completely right. You were full of shit. Again.

Like I give a fuck what you think about it… look what illegal immigration is costing this country every year. lol.

Well, you obviously do. That’s why I triggered you. If I look that up, will I find it insignificant compared to military spending?

lol, are you serious right now? Have you done ANY research on ANYTHING you have responded to in my message? For fuck sake.. you got to me kidding me.

I have. Have you? I mean out side of Trump’s twitter.

You use liberal logic… there is no convince the brain dead. If Trump gave free healthcare to everyone in America you would say… I dont give a fuck… I already had insurance… I bet the taxes will go up!! Liberal logic.

I actually don’t already have insurance. I also would praise him, like I praised him for TPP. Liberal logic must be trusting facts while your are cherry picking and distorting them to fit your agenda.

You are not worthy to speak the The God-Emperor’s name.

You’re not smart enough to talk politics. Well, not logically. Because that’s for liberals.

Is this guy for real right now? please… I need someone to give me confirmation is I’m reading your reply right. There is liberal logic… but from here on out the lowest insult is… there is being King Lucem Ferre. Im in shock by that statement. lol… but not really.

I like how instead of defending your bullshit you just call my facts “liberal logic”. Either way, accusing me of using logic isn’t an insult. Then again, you don’t actually use logic yourself or you would have come to that conclusion. You’re all like “fuck that, logic is for Liberals!”

Jesus Christ… do I need to spell it out for you?! A CAREER politician. Use your head… not your liberal logic.

He is a business man that historically is known to take advantage of our system for his own gain… he’s everything you didn’t want from a career politician… liberals get that… because they use logic…

Okay… your just trolling now. hahahaha. you got me.

Ha ha ha yeah, because I know you couldn’t name a crime, ha ha ha.

Either you dont have a sense of humor or you don’t even understand what the joke is. I would explain it… but I dont think you’d still get it.  

I just had nothing better to say about that other than pointing out the obvious. It’s not my fault you aren’t funny. Then again, I think it takes some logic to construct a good joke and, fuck that, logic is for the liberals and you aren’t no god damned book reading, topic studying, critical thinking liberal!

Whoop whoop King Lucem Ferre :

January 27, 2017
4:30 am
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July 31, 2014
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“Free Healthcare” can work, all over Western Europe we use to have it. Which is a good thing. Just sayin.

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