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FREE Copy of UGA’s Apollyon Edition with $50.00 Mob Shop Order [Limited to 100]

With the pending release of the Underground Avengers album Anomaly 88, Bukshot’s web store The Mob Shop announced the release of a special edition EP called Apollyon Edition.

As reported last week, this album features the entire 2012 UGA EP, as well as 7 additional tracks that have never been heard before!

There are 2 different album covers for the Apollyon edition.  One will be available for sale individually, and the variant cover (pictured above) is limited to only 100 copies and only available with a purchase of $50.00+ from!

Here’s a description of that special edition cover from

Don’t let the price tag fool you! This CD comes FREE with any order for $50 or more in the Mob-Shop! As soon as you add products in your cart that total $50 or more, this item will automatically become visible in your cart when you look at it. If the 100 CD’s are sold out, you will know by checking your cart because you wont see the FREE CD visible if it’s sold out already. So as long as you have items totaling $50 or more in your cart, as long as the CD is still available, it will show up in your cart!

This limited edition collectible CD comes in a very special & unique plastic jewel case! The regular version will come in a standard cardboard wallet case.

This is the re-release of the original Underground Avengers CD but it now has 7 new bonus tracks added and also highlights all brand new album art!

The regular version of this CD with the regular cover, will be available at Attack Of The Ninjas as well as sometime next week on the Mob-Shop.

PLEASE NOTE: All orders that have the FREE UGA CD in them, will not ship until next week!

So for you serious collectors out there, make sure you snag enough merch from Bukshot’s webstore to get this bonus flavor!

And don’t forget about the main event: Anomaly 88 which is available for pre-order at the MNE Store:

Twiztid Announces 2018 Fright Fest Tour

Twiztid just announced that they will be going out on a Fright Fest Tour this October!  They will have Alla Xul Elu, The Underground Avengers, and MMMFD (Scum & Insane Poetry) on the bill with them, and so far they have a few weeks of dates confirmed!  More are being booked, but as of now, this is where you can see the demented duo for the 2018 Fright Fest Tour.

  • Cleveland, OH – The Agora – October 10th
  • Pittsburgh, PA – Foxtail – October 11th
  • Worcester, MA – Palladium – October 12th (Rock and Shock)
  • Amityville, NY – Revolution Music Hall – October 13th
  • Syracuse, NY – Monirae’s – October 14th
  • Minneapolis, MN – The Cabooze – October 16th
  • Milwaukee, WI – Miramar Theatre – October 17th
  • Iowa City, IA – Gabes – October 18th
  • Lincoln, NE – Royal Grove – October 19th
  • Denver, CO – Roxy Theatre – October 20th
  • Houston, TX – Scout Bar – October 23rd
  • Dallas, TX – Curtain Club – October 24th
  • Memphis, TN – Growlers – October 25th
  • Cincinnati, OH – The Venue – October 26th
  • Fort Wayne, IN – Piere’s – October 27th

Check the official announcement from Facebook.

From Twiztid @ Facebook:

We are celebrating 15 years of Fright Fest this year by taking the Halloween celebration on the road! Joining us will be MNE’s ownAlla Xul Elu – AXE,The Underground Avengers, and LSP’s ownMMMFD(Scum and Insane Poetry). The underground is alive and well. Tickets and VIP’s on sale Weds. More dates to come!!!

We’ll keep you updated with more dates as they pop up!  In the meantime, stay tuned to for VIP packages which are coming soon!

New Blaze Track “Go Go Go Go” Hits Spotify

As promised, today we got  a brand new track from Blaze Ya Dead Homie!  The track is called “Go Go Go Go”, and if you like that down and dirty Dead Homie shit reminiscent of “Nasty”, then I think you’ll really dig this track.

It’s available on Spotify for streaming, or you can purchase the single via iTunes here:

Listen to the full track below:

Razakel’s “Blood On My Chucks” Tour (ft. Zitro, Douuble You, Crackle Kapone, Hard Jawz) Now Booking

The homie Razakel just dropped some info about her upcoming tour: “Blood On My Chucks”!  It’s tentatively scheduled for the month of November, and you’ll see performances by:

  • Razakel & The Slice Girls
  • Zitro
  • Douuble You
  • Crackle Kapone
  • Hard Jawz

If you’d like to see this tour in your town, hit up your local promoters and tell them to drop an email to!


Juggalo Damian “Pookie” Huber Shot and Killed in Home Invasion

It is with great sadness and regret that I have to inform you of a big loss in the Juggalo family.  A 24 year old Juggalo named Damian “Pookie” Huber from the St. Louis area lost his life due to a senseless home invasion. Three men broke into a house that Pookie was visiting where he was shot in the chest and later died at the hospital.

You can see the press release by the local sheriff’s department below.

From Madison County Sheriff’s Facebook:

Press Release
August 17, 2018
MCS Case Number 18-674

On August 16, 2018, at approximately 11:09 p.m., the Madison County Sheriff’s Office responded to a call of shots fired at 152 S. Oak Street, Cottage Hills, Illinois. Deputies responded and determined:

AGE: 24

had been shot during an apparent home invasion. Huber was visiting with an occupant of the home at the time of the shooting. He was rushed to a St. Louis area hospital for emergency medical treatment, but sadly died as a result of the injuries received during the home invasion.

The Major Case Squad of Greater St. Louis was activated and is interested in speaking to anyone who knows anything about the events that lead to Mr. Huber’s death. The contact number for the Major Case Squad is 618-296-5544

Capt. T. Mike Dixon
Major Case Squad Deputy Commander

You can also see the local newspaper, The Telegraph‘s article about the incident Right Here.

One of Pookie’s homies, Cora, hit us up with several pictures, articles, and a bunch of info about him. I could tell what an impact that he had on his close homies, and the Juggalo family in general, and what a tragedy this is.

Another one of Pookie’s friends, Ashley S., had this to say about him:

The Juggalo World lost a Soldier today. Damian Huber (aka Pookie) was one of the realest, belonging to the 618 Lost Ninja Clan. For more than 15 years, Pookie has run with the hatchet, “holdin em up” wherever he went. Attending more than 8 Gatherings, with his Juggalo Crew, spreading mad love and probably “fucking your bitch”!! He was OUR Lost Ninja, who was just starting to find his way all while constantly encouraging each of us to never give up! No matter how low he got, he knew our Juggalo Family would help keep him whole and lift him whenever needed. We were his family!! His hugs, his smile, his laugh….you couldn’t help but feel his soul. Pookie was priceless!! He was the Juggalo you would never trade!! Just 24 years old and ripped from our family. Pookie was MURDERED!! Shot in the chest and robbed of the life he should still be living. He was and always will be a Ryda and went out like one!! The 618 will never be the same without our Lil brother. Lost Ninja Clan you will forever be. You will forever ride in our hearts and continue to live on in the Juggalo World. Pookie, till we meet again, fly high and hold it down in Shanghai-la till we get there. You may be gone, but Wicked Clowns will never die!!!

If you want to see more, and possibly donate to laying Pookie to rest, you can do so here:

Rest in Peace lil’ homie.

ICP’s “Milenko & Friends” Tour Postponed

Juggalos and Juggalettes, I know how much that you were looking forward to ICP‘s “Milenko And Friends” tour coming to your town, but I’ve got the ultimate piece of staleness to report.

Just minutes ago via Insane Clown Posse’s Facebook, our homie KG let us know that the remaining dates of this tour have been POSTPONED.  There is no word yet as to why this happened. All of the dates were Canadian shows, so hopefully our neighbors to the north get them rescheduled soon.

Here is what was said on the ICP Facebook Page:

‪JUGGALOS, the Milenko and Friends tour has been postponed. ‬

‪We apologize to the family and will have more information and details as soon as they are available. ‬

‪MCL -kg‬

We hope that everyone involved with the tour is healthy and that it’s just an unforeseen bone.

Alla Xul Elu (A.X.E.) Pre-orders Now Available at; “The Almighty” Track List Revealed

Just last week, it was announced that Alla Xul Elu was the newest artist on Majik Ninja Entertainment!  The album release date (September 28th) was also revealed, and we were promised pre-order packages TODAY at

Those pre-order packages are now available!  You can either get the CD by itself for $9.99, or an assortment of pre-order bundles that is sure to satisfy the biggest of AXE fans!

Not only that, but an entire line of merchandise and music can now be purchased!  Let me highlight the pre-orders first though:

Now, check the description of the album, which includes the track list below:

Believe. . . . . .Praise. . . . . .THE ALMIGHTY!!! Xuligans rise as the unholy trinity Alla Xul Elu descends from their church steeples and takes their places deep in the underground and new home MNE!! Their first offering is none other than “THE ALMIGHTY”, 20 Tracks sure to show that they are bringing the wicked shit with them as they dismantle what you think you know and create a brand new era in horrorcore!! A.X.E. and their army are taking the underground by storm, so get on broad for a trip through hell with Alla Xul Elu!!!
Artist: Alla Xul Elu
Album: The Almighty
Release Date: September 28th, 2018
1. Almighty ft. ???? ???????
2. The Parish
3. Stained Glass
4. Axe Is Family
5. Belial ft. ?????? ???????
6. Camp Xul
7. Down For Life
8. Dead
9. Decomposing
10. Belive
11. Blasphemous ft. ??? ??????????
12. Skin
13. Coming Soon
14. Forever Face
15. Pipebomb
16. Lost Cause
17. Venomous ft. ???????
18. The Forgotten
19. Into the Fire ft. ?? ???
20. Going To Hell
To see ALL of the AXE offerings, just go to this link:–Alla-Xul-Elu_c_138-1-4.html

To give fans a taste of what they can expect from AXE’s The Almighty, a new music video was released as well!  You can check “Axe Is Family” below:

Finally, AXE is taking over the MNE Facebook Page in just a few hours!  At 6 PM EST, you can see them discussing the new album! Set your alarms!

Click to visit the MNE Facebook!


Attack Of The Ninjas Schedule Released!

The 2nd Annual Attack of the Ninjas show is less than a week away, and the schedule for the three days of flavor (including the pre-party) was just sent to me by the homies at Majik Ninja Entertainment!

It looks like we’ll get shows starting at 6PM and ending some time before midnight. On Saturday, the VIP BBQ starts up at 2 PM!  That includes meet and greets with ALL artists, and some grub!

Check the full lineup below:

Click the pic to enlarge!

Get regular tickets, VIP, and pre-party tickets at this link:

AMB to be Interviewed by Rude Jude on Shade 45, Tomorrow at 3:00pm EST

Got some dope news for you fans of the wicked shit. Otis and Bonez, AMB are scheduled to be interviewed by the infamous Rude Jude tomorrow on the All Out Show!

If you’re a subscriber to SiriusXM radio you can tune into that on Eminem’s Hip-Hop Channel XL, Shade45 tomorrow, August 17th at 3:00pm EST. Although I’m sure we’ll have the video of that once it becomes available.

I’m not sure, but this may be the biggest interview I’ve seen for the Garcia Brothers. Definitely tune in for that, ninjas.

Ouija finishes “Body Drop” Music Video, Shows Off New Merch, Announces Contest for Signed Gutterwater Albums

We’ve got a GRIP of Ouija Macc info to tell you about, and I’m gonna try to cover it all in this single post!

Ouija hit me on a DM with some info he wants Faygoluvers to cover before it’s blasted out on his socials.  There’s all kinds of Ouija flavor coming down the pipeline, so check this out and get schooled:

Headed to NYC, just wrapped the “BODY DROP” shoot in Detroit w/ my loccs & I got a few announcements to make!

1) BODY DROP video soon!

2) Every song on GUTTERWATER is getting a video… what should be next?

3) I’m looking to work with dope directors with sharp editing skills, tag them in comments!

4) miracles are happening like a mf, do something kind for no reason.. or u a bitch.

5) Everyone of you who gets a new person to download my album GUTTERWATER digitally from any retailer or order the physical from will be entered to win a signed copy of GUTTERWATER from me personally along with some 1 of a kind gifts! To enter just have the people you got to download GUTTERWATER msg me a screen shot of their purchase with your @name (on Twitter/IG) and whoever has the most after 1 month will be selected! Must repost this post to qualify. I will FaceTime with the top 10 influencers!

6) Garyway, hoe.

Alright, just so you are covered for the contest, let me share some links with you:

Buy Gutterwater on CD/Digital:

I’m sure there are a million other places that you can get it, so pick your favorite outlet and snag a copy for you or a homie!

Now, just in case you aren’t following Ouija on his socials, here’s where you can send him a message with your receipt:

Finally, Ouija has collaborated with Offend My Eyes Clothing for a brand new shirt design!  It’s LOUD, and I’m sure you wouldn’t expect anything less from Ouija.  They want 1,000 retweets on this shirt before the release date drops, so let’s make that happen:

I think that covers it for now!  Look for that new Body Drop video to drop soon, and don’t sleep on reaching out to make suggestions on his next videos!

HOK “Home Sweet Home” Vinyl Pre-Order Shipped Early! Order Today and it will Ship Immediately!

Did you pre-order the House of Kazees vinyl from or It’s likely already on it’s way to you, homie, if you haven’t already received it! We got hit up by George over at Majik Ninja Entertainment to let us know that the pre-orders have already been shipped out and that if you “pre-order” the vinyl, it will be shipped out immediately!

I know it was out on August 14th (yesterday) but shipping early means a lot of you ninjas likely received the vinyl before the release date. You lucky, lucky ninjas.

If you haven’t order this classic, horror themed record by The House you need to hit up and do that.

Check out the pre-order options here:

Moonshine Bandits’ “Gold Rush” Pre-Order Packages Available Now

I’m not sure how many of you Juggalos are diggin’ Moonshine Bandits but I sure as hell know I am.

Over at they have their newest album “Gold Rush” available for pre-order right now! That album is going to be dropping on October 5th so definitely check out the packages and grab one while you can.

The pre-orders packages give you three different options:

The Rose Gold Package

Click to pre-order

This package comes with the CD and an 8×10 augnographed glossy poster.

The White Gold Package

Click to pre-order

This package comes with the CD, an 8×10 augnographed glossy poster, a bottle top shooter and a card for 10% off at their merch booth.

The Solid Gold Package

Click to pre-order

This package comes with the CD, an 8×10 augnographed glossy poster, a bottle top shooter and a card for 10% off at their merch booth, a 3×5 Gold Rush flag, a gold metallic cup, and a coaster set with a bottle opener.

Holy shit. To the fans of the Bandits out there, once again, hit up and order something.

Upcoming Twiztid and Boondox Shows (Blue Ridge, Rock & Shock, more!)

Twiztid may have just gotten off of the Vans Warped Tour, but that doesn’t mean that they’re slowing down!  We’ve got some shows that Madrox, Monoxide, and Boondox will be a part of that you need to know about!

First up, Boondox has a one-off show happening in Spartanburg, South Carolina on Friday, August 31st.  Tickets to the show are $15.00 in advance, or $20.00 at the door.  Check the flyer for more details:

Click the pic to enlarge!

Get your tickets to this Boondox show here:

The following day, the Blue Ridge Rock Festival starts up in Concord, VA!  That’s Labor Day weekend, and that means 3 days of live music!  Not only will you see huge acts like Jonathan Davis, Lamb of God, Puddle of Mudd, and Motionless In White, but there will also be performances by Boondox, Twiztid, and Stevie Stone!

Boondox goes on Saturday, September 1st; Twiztid is scheduled for Sunday, September 2nd, and Stevie Stone will be on the last day, Monday, September 3rd.  Check the details on the flyer below:

Click to enlarge!

For tickets and more info, hit up!

Finally, the flyer for Rock and Shock 2018 has just been released!  It’s happening from October 12th-14th at The Palladium in Worcester, MA!  This year you can expect to see such horror icons as Ted Raimi, Bill Moseley, and Andrew Divoff.  Of course you know that Twiztid will be headlining one of the shows!  This year, they’ve got the Friday, October 12th slot.

Get tickets and find out more about guests and vendors at!

ICP Mentioned in ESPN’s Five Craziest WWE SummerSlam Moments

Some of you younger ninjas may not remember this, but J and Shaggs were both members of the WWE (then called the WWF) back in 1998 during the Attitude Era. They were members of a stable called the Oddities; a group of wrestlers considered misfits and freak shows. Fitting, right?

ESPN has released a list of their five craziest SummerSlam moments and the Wicked Clown made the list. I’m not exactly sure why. I guess wicked rapping clowns would seem pretty crazy to ninjas that aren’t exposed to it everyday like us.

You can check out that entire article over at by CLICKING HERE or you can check out the excerpt about ICP below.

1998: The Insane Clown Posse sings The Oddities to the ring at MSG

It might be a little hard to believe 20 years later, but for a short stretch of time in 1998, The Oddities were one of the most positively received acts in the WWE, thanks to two major elements working in their favor. First and foremost was their entrance theme sung by the Insane Clown Posse, which had a hook and a beat that fans took to immediately. Secondly, one of the four members of the group, Golga (aka the late John Tenta) took to wearing T-shirts and carrying dolls depicting South Park’s Eric Cartman at a time during which South Park was starting to catch fire.

It was the late ’90s and the WWE’s Attitude Era … so it didn’t always make the most sense.

The previously dead-in-the-water group that featured Golga, Giant Silva, Kurrgan and Luna Vachon found new life as crowd favorites, and ICP began appearing with the group and helped whip up the crowd. While the wrestling wasn’t stellar by any means, the arm waving and energy during the song was undeniable. Trust me. This anomaly of a spike in popularity culminated at SummerSlam 1998, when the Insane Clown Posse sung the aptly named “Oddities” live to the crowd at Madison Square Garden to bring the group out for their match against Kai En Tai.

By the start of 1999 the ride was over, and The Oddities ceased to be. The live performance is no longer featured on the WWE Network version of the broadcast (though a full version of the performance can be found with a little bit of Googling), but for a moment in time, The Oddities and the Insane Clown Posse had their moment to shine.

Lyte’s Out Show in Pontiac, Michigan

Head’s up Michigan Juggalos! There’s a jam-packed show coming your way next Friday, August 24th!  It’s the 3rd Annual Lyte’s Out show, and will of course be headlined by none other than the Psychopathic Monstar: LYTE!

It’s goin’ down at:

The Crofoot Ballroom

1 S Saginaw

Pontiac, MI 48342

Along with the always energetic performance from Lyte, you’ll also see sets from:

  • The Dayton Family
  • Project Born
  • Skitzo
  • MBK
  • DJD
  • AntG
  • Str8Jaket
  • Napaulm
  • Hannah B
  • Headshot Louie

The entire show will be hosted by Southwest’s own DJ Carlito!  Tickets to this show are $15.00 in advance, or $20.00 at the door.  Get your advance tickets RIGHT HERE!

There are also VIP Packages available for $75.00 which includes your ticket to the show!  Check the details for that below.


VIP starts @ 4:20pm! Includes – Your ticket and early access into the show plus a ticket to the after party!. A VIP laminate and access to the VIP lounge in the balcony. And of course a one on one meet and greet with Lyte! Grab it while you can, limited quantity available.

Get your VIP tickets here:

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