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Score an Interview with Ouija Macc and Help Out Juggalos In Need

Ouija Macc has made a post on social media regarding how you can score an interview with him.

If you would like an interview with Ouija, you will need a few things including the cash flow to purchase a car that will be donated to a Juggalo in need.

You can find out all of the details about this by reading Ouija’s social media post below.

From Ouija Macc

Everyone who thinks I’m just going to do an interview for them at the gathering is wrong… I have had a lot of time to think about this and I have decided that I am protecting the integrity of my story… I am protecting the perception of my family and I am using my energy to do good in the world… If you would like to interview me here is what is required of you…

1) a heart
2) a brain
3) the will to create miracles in the juggalo community. (You’re a juggalo publication? Prove it!)
4) the ability to finesse

The price for my interview is one vehicle. It is my intention to donate cars to Juggalos n Juggalettes who really need it… The type of Ninjas who would get a job if he had a car to get him to and from that job. Or a juggalette who’s tired of riding the bus with her two kids but can afford the insurance because she works hard. We are going to create miracles in the juggalo community and I’m starting with a funky ass car or 2 bitch. It might not be the best set of wheels. but it should have no major issues & be able to accelerate, lol. NOW! you might think I’m an asshole or that it’s impossible because you don’t have the money to buy a car… That is where #4 comes in… You could start a gofundme & encourage people to get excited about doing good in the community raise the money and hit my line when you have a enough for a car. Interview LOCCED! We gon picc REAL juggs with VERIFIED stories & buy em whips in their city. Your karma will be insane!!! And I’ll respect you enough to share MY PERSONAL VIEWS AND OPINIONS in front of the public to be documented on the internet forever! Run it.

If you’re not interested in getting involved with a miracle, there’s always NEXT gathering for that interview! But there’ll be a miracle coming out of that too!

(This does not apply to Faygo Luvers because they cared about me when I was homeless & getting stabbed in the bacc from every direction. But if they would like to donate a car that would be cool. They finesse!)


Our interviewer Chad Carsten has launched a campaign to help needy Juggalos and to secure an interview with Ouija. You can find out more by CLICKING HERE.

Myzery Interviewed about Para La Isla, The Gathering, More! [FLH Exclusive]

Our homie Hodge, who has been the liaison between Myzery and FLH for years, had a chance to chop it up with Nay Nay prior to his return to the Gathering of the Juggalos!  They speak on the Gathering, the new edition of Para La Isla / Demon Angel, how they’ve kept the EP intact and how well the scrapped tracks mesh with the ones from the original EP, and lots more!

Whether you’re gonna see Myz rock the main stage in a few days, or just want to check in with what he’s up to lately, peep the interview below:

Myzery Interview 2018

Alright, so with less than a week before he’s set to return to the Main Stage for the first time in over 17 years, Myzery took some time out to speak on all the happenings going on in his world right now!  Aside from the excitement surrounding what is sure to be a highlight performance for both new and old school fans alike, the buzz is amplified by the news of his new double album, being released exclusively on Psychopathic Records at this years GOTJ.  In this interview Myzery covers a range of topics, from his return to the Main Stage, the content of the double album, tracks that ended up on the cutting room floor, his stage entourage, impressions of working in the studio with Str8 Jaket, and his age-old brotherhood with ICP.

Hodge– It’s been 17 years since you last performed on the Main Stage at the Gathering.  Although, you have rocked every other type of stage and hosted every type of crazy event imaginable in the years in between.  In fact, in 2012 you were booked for 4 events (concert, DJ Clay party performance, Emcee Battle Judge, and a surprise set following Raekwon).  How did the announcement of getting the Main Stage back affect your preparation this year?

MYZERY– Honestly though, it felt like everything has started to come full circle for me lately Hodge.  Year after year I would hear rumblings of a return to the Main Stage, but it just never unfolded like that. When I got the word this year, along with all the other big news, it just seemed like all the pieces finally came together for me.  As for my prep work, I’m coming at this opportunity aggressive as fuck.  It’s a privilege to get this spot back, so I’m gonna give the most dominant impression of my career for sure.

Hodge– Also, being the 20th anniversary of your signature album, Para La Isla, can we expect a lot of homage to that era during your set?

MYZERY– I mean, I always try to construct my set to move the audience, and a lot of this audience never strayed too far from my music.  Even after 20 years.  So yeah, you can expect to hear samples from all era’s of my music.  It’s live music though, so of course I can’t include all the deeper, more gut wrenching tracks.  Sometimes those tracks don’t translate as well to a live crowd.  These are the most spirited fans in the world, so I’m bringing my more high octane cuts.

Hodge– I know Psychopathic Records really hyped up your double album release on that special gotj podcast last week, as well as the infomercial, but I was a bit nervous when I heard that your Para La Isla album had been tampered with.  And by tampered with, well, to me, any adjustments to that classic seems like a gamble.  I know I’m very partial to that album, but it really was/is something I could always appreciate, from intro to outro, and with no skips.  Can you ease those minds that might be tentative that edits of any kind might damage this stroke of throwback brilliance?

MYZERY– Nah, no worries at all.  I always been very protective of that EP.  When Violent J and me discussed the 20th Anniversary idea, I was very stubborn in my stance that only the prime cuts would be re-mastered to fill out the LP.  Yeah, it’s more than doubled in tracks, but that’s not cause I packed it with everything we recorded back then.  A lot of those cutting room floor tracks, are still right there on the floor.  This is only the most worthy stuff.  Everything that might’ve been good for other albums from back then, got a hard pass for Para La Isla, unless it measured up properly to the original.  If the old EP was your jam, this will be the new measuring stick no doubt.

Hodge– Aside from the obvious staple track “Witching Hour”, were there any other unreleased tracks with ICP that found its way to onto the Para La Isla LP?

MYZERY– Actually yeah, well, another track with with Shaggy is on there.  The production on that one is just crazy.  It’s called “The Way that We Live”.  In fact, when we were at work arranging the tracks, this is one of those tracks that reminded me how much I miss those vintage, those real, hip hop beats.  Everything in hip hop today sounds like the beat is built around garden sprinkler noises.  And I’m not from that generation butt hurt or anything, but I’m not a fan of the current shit.  Production wise at least, still a lot of spittaz out there.

Hodge– You used to really capture an audience with your occasional practice of going Spanglish on listeners, and without warning.  Like you did on “Meat Cleaver”.  Kinda like how OG’s like The Terror Squad used to do it in the 90’s.  Any chance we’ll hear more of that on the Para La Isla LP?

MYZERY–  That’s just in my blood, my upbringing.  So when a moment comes to make it hot with some Spanglish bars, I’m all over it.  I got a track on there that I recorded a few years after the EP dropped.  Everything about that track screams Puerto Rico.  Of course, I know my audience, and I know my instincts, so most of my bars are still Bronx born and raised.

Hodge–  Even though The Demon Angel will be officially packaged with the Para La Isla LP, I know you well, and I know that the album has gone through many incarnations, at least 4, in about as many years.  What makes this one, finally, the Official release of The Demon Angel?

MYZERY–  Yeah, this album has taken on a lot of changes to the tracklist.  It’s really my best work ever, and that’s even including Para La Isla.  I just had a few patches of time in my career, where my luck just couldn’t get any worse.  So when i started working on Demon Angel, I didn’t know when/if I’d be making another album again.  So, with that goin on in my headspace, I made it necessary, that this be my defining album.  So the end result is only about half of the polished tracks I had to choose from.  Some of those shelved songs are still worthy as hell, and featured heavy hittaz like Slaine, Rah Digga of Flipmode, Opio of Souls of Mischief, Mastamind and others.  Those songs would have made it on any other project, but this one required that it not only be a certified banger, but also fit the whole flow of the record.  What you end up hearing, is exactly how I always pictured it sounding in my mind from day one.  The final cut definitely got my nod, but some really solid tracks, some even stacked with guest features, got set aside this time.

Hodge–  You’ve always had a raucous crew as part of your stage presentation.  That crew has gone through a handful of lineup changes through the years.  Since this year marks your 20th year as a performer, will you be bringing any of your old cohorts/accomplices with you?

MYZERY–  Yeah, I got a mix of both my old and newer hypemen along for the celebration set.  You know the rest of Spanish Side and PME will be in the house as well.  We ain’t holding nothing back this year.

Hodge–  It was mentioned on that GOTJ podcast that Psychopathic’s In-House Producer Str8-Jaket was responsible for mixing down the double album.  I’ve heard new cuts of “Passion”, “Let Me Go”, and the “If I Ever Die” remix, and even though I dug each of those tracks before, Str8 totally exceeded my expectations with his unique spin on them.  How would you describe Str8 Jaket’s involvement with the albums?

MYZERY– I’ve worked with nearly all the In-House Producers since the boss Mike Clark.  I’ve had my own circle of Producers down with me for years.  From the Salt Mine Studios in AZ, to my longtime Producers DJ Pee and 21, to Ponch’s boy at Extraordinary Gentlemen, every one of them put in work for your boy.  Even Kuma, that man knows how to work the boards right there. DJ Clay, that’s my boy straight up.  I gotta give Str8-Jaket all the props in the world though.  I came to him with a ton of music to mix down, and not a lot of time for the turnaround.  What he came up with, even the touches he put on my old EP, dude was spot-on every time.  He was all focus, but still chill as fuck.  We gonna definitely work together again.

Hodge– Not to state the obvious, but it seemed as if Violent J and Shaggy reserved as much hype and anticipation for your GOTJ happenings, than nearly everything else going on combined this year.  And that observation didn’t appear as any slight to any of the other artists/festivities this year, just as mad love for you going into the Gathering.  Is it safe to say that your decades old brotherhood with ICP is stronger now, than it’s been in years?

MYZERY– Me and Joe are always close, even when we’re outta the picture for a bit.  Always been that way.  Usually unspoken, but it’s an always present kinship with him.  He knows I always got his back, Joey too.  Same for Rudy. KG always shows love and we send it right back.  I might not rap like it, but I am the type to internalize everything.  That’s caused a lot of confusion to those closest to me throughout my life.  But somehow, and even without a ton of words said between us, a better understanding was formed and things really got rolling.  Put it to you like this, you ever introduce a coworker to others as your work friend.  Nah, not them, that’s my friends for real, no qualifier, period.  That’s why at times, when the coworkers thing was a distant thing at best, my crew appeared outta nowhere to help set things right or lend support.  It’s the realist type of kinship you’re gonna find in this game.  It just also helps that when these homies link up on a track, the result is an instant classic.  Look at “Knockin on Heavens Door”.  When have you heard J spit deep bars like that?  What about him rocking the stage wit me for “Witching Hour” at last years Gathering.  We just always raise each others game like that.  That’s my Fam for real.

Hodge– So, I couldn’t help but recognize Violent J’s podcast reaction when Str8-Jaket announced that Bizarre was on a guest feature. He didn’t seem displeased or concerned or anything, maybe even a bit psyched, but definitely caught off guard. Now I know the history of this collab, and when it all came about, but fans out there might have been puzzled by this. Can you explain a little bit about his seemingly odd placement on your album?

MYZERY– So that was years ago. Like maybe recorded in 2013 or 14. We already had Insane Poetry on the track. It’s a like a sicko type track, so of course Bizarre was on our short-list. Plus, I been a fan of D12 for a while. This was all way before the civil war stuff happened with all the Camps. It’s not like this is a new track claiming allegiances or whatever. Nothing related to stuff over the last few years. Nobody disses nobody. Just a dark track that’s got some effed up storytelling on it. No politics or whatever at all. Same goes for my verse on the Madchild joint. I name drop a ton of underground people, but that’s just wordplay. When I wanna diss somebody, there’s no guesswork about it. Nothing on the album is a diss at nobody. I can and I have, but fuck drama, my mind is in a good place.

Hodge–  Alright, so it’s Gathering season, and I know you got a lot of stuff going on.  Before we wrap this up, is it safe to assume that we will seeing more from the Myzery/Spanish Side/Psychopathic connection down the road soon?

MYZERY–  I mean, that’s the intention.  Things are going great right now, I don’t wanna jynx it ya know.  I’m kinda cursed like that.  But yeah, I aim to be that guy, that hip hop guy to give fans a NY option.  That throwback-through-now option.  My range is all over the place…you’ll see what I’m saying on Demon Angel.  I can be that rapper in the discussion that they stack up against their friends favorite rapper.  But that’s down the road I hope.  Right now, homie I’m just counting these blessings and laser focused on the Main Stage and new album.

Hodge- Thanks for all the inside news Myz.  Congrats on the new album, and go kill that shit on the Main Stage my friend!

New JCW “OddBall” Matches announced for Gathering of the Juggalos!

Insane Clown Posse just posted across their social media some fresh flavor regarding JCW at this years Gathering of the Juggalo “Whoopstock” edition!  You’ve got matches from some Juggalo Favorites such as Moshpit Mike, Chuey Martinez, The Hooligans, and many more!

You can see a list of the matches you can expect below.

From Insane Clown Posse @ Facebook:

Homeless Jimmy VS Moshpit Mike “House Versus Hair Match”

Joey Janela VS Invisible Man “Grudge Match”

“A Marijuana Mayhem” Match between Hyzaya, Smokey C, The Nerd, and Jeff Cannomball


Hardcore Tag Team War between Hooligans and Big Baby Powder & Freak Show

Bryan Idol VS Spider Nate Webb “Pull Your Bitch” Match

“King of The Death” Match between The King Of The Death Match “Jimmy Loyd” Vs Chewy Martinez

“Brooklyn To Bright Super Ball” Match between Casanova Valentine and Big Fucking Joe

Super fresh! JCW going all out for Whoopstock! Grab some grub early because you don’t wanna miss this because of a long ass stale line!

ICP Announces Just-Found Hell’s Pit Tracks Dropping at GOTJ: Hell’s Cellar!

Holy shit, Juggalos!

This is some of the biggest news we could possibly imagine dropping on the Juggalo World just days before Whoopstock!

While preparing for the Hell’s Pit show happening Thursday, July 19th at Whoopstock, part of the 19th Annual Gathering of the Juggalos, ICP was digging through the Lotus Pod archives and found a true treasure: 9 unreleased Hell’s Pit era tracks, which will be released at the Gathering of the Juggalos on the Day of the Hell’s Pit Show.

They’re calling this never-before-heard Hell’s Pit Era Album: Hell’s Cellar!

Holy shit! Holy shit!

Here’s the word straight from the clown’s mouth, via ICP’s social media, complete with tracklist:

JUST FOUND! A BRAND NEW ALBUM OF HELL’S PIT TRACKS IS DROPPING AT THE GATHERING! From 2002…Psychopathic Records Proudly Presents…HELL’S CELLAR! As we prepare to descend into HELL’S PIT for the first and only live performance of the dark side of The Sixth jokers card, we have been rocking asbestos suits and digging deep through the burning embers of the original studio sessions for this Darkest of Dark Carnival masterpieces. We found a tiny door in the studio floor….and opened it! Behind it we found an impossibly small staircase downwards, which led to massive canyon of trapped decrepit souls…In the center of this canyon was a rapidly moving river of hate filled lava…so we followed it to it’s source! Deep beneath Hell’s Pit, we descended into and discovered HELL’S CELLAR!!! A previously unimaginable destination of unspeakable evil. 9 NEW HELL’S PIT ERA TRACKS DROPPING AT GOTJ! JUST NOW FOUND AND UNEARTHED!!!! Untold darkness and torment has been captured, and returned to the light….in the form of these lost Violent J Hell’s Pit Recordings!  A complete album. 9 songs of hell, direct from Hell’s Cellar. Tracklist:
1) Hell’s Pit Intro (Extended)
2) Clown Show
3) Can’t End Myself
4) Takin’ It Away
5) I Can See It All
6) Big Bad Wolf
7) Alakazam
8) Spontaneous Combust
9) The Truth
Available the day of the Hell’s Pit Show–THURSDAY at The Gathering Of The Juggalos!!!! HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!! #Whoopstock

Along with the tracklist, they’ve also released the cover art. Super dope!!!!

As if this Gathering could be anymore hype, attendees will be the first to hear these never before released 2002 Hell’s Pit tracks!

Who’s ready for the Hell’s Pit Show AND the release of Hell’s Cellar??????

Juggalos, muthafucka. It’s goin down at the Gathering. We’ll see you there!!!!



Cali Juggalo Joedy “Cactus” Le Gault Passes Away

An extremely familiar face in the Juggalo world has unfortunately recently passed away.  Jody “Cactus” Legault of Escondido, California is no longer with us.  He leaves behind a young daughter and was a staple at just about every major Juggalo event that you can think of.

If you’ve ever been to the Gathering of the Juggalos, you’ve undoubtedly seen him there.  He had a true passion for the underground.

Our condolences go out to his friends and family.  May he rest in peace.

Feel free to leave thoughts and condolences on his FB timeline at

TwiztidShop’s 13% Off Friday The 13th Sale!

In celebration of Friday the 13th, TwiztidShop has announced a special 1 day Friday The 13th Sale! If you complete your purchase using the coupon code Twiztid13, it will automatically deduct 13% Off of your entire order!

I know that it’s pay day for some of you, and you’ve probably had your eyes on some new MNE gear, so why not take advantage of this deal and get some new merch!  Just hit up and get your shoppin’ on!

Click to visit!

G-Mo Skee’s “Chaly & The Filth Factory” Out NOW!

It’s Friday, July 13th, and not only will you get to see marathons of Friday the 13th all over basic cable today, but the homie G-MO SKEE‘s latest album Chaly & The Filth Factory has officially hit the streets!

If you didn’t get the pre-order from, you still have the option to pick up the album and other pre-order packages there!  Just hit up!

If you are more about the digital outlets, we’ve got some links for you to snag the album from there as well.  Check it:

Pick it up and let us know what you think in the comments below!

FBI Releases Documents about Juggalo Gang Investigation

A few days ago, the FBI published over 100 pages from their files that document their investigation into whether Juggalos should be classified as a gang.  There is a lot of info that has been redacted, and about the first half of it is very repetitive.  You can see it for yourself RIGHT HERE.

The Washington Times has broken it down and found one memo in the documents that states the following:

The Juggalos are a violent street gang whose membership follow a small niche of the rap scene, known as ‘horrorcore’

You can see the full breakdown from The Washington Times below.


The FBI on Wednesday released a trove of records compiled by investigators prior to placing Juggalos, die-hard fans of the Insane Clown Posse rap group, on its 2011 National Gang Threat Assessment.

Consisting of over 100 pages’ worth of emails, memos and news reports, the records predate publication of the FBI report that described Juggalos as a “loosely-organized hybrid gang” — a label contested by ICP’s members and the subject of a lengthy federal court fight.

“The Juggalos are a violent street gang whose membership follow a small niche of the rap scene, known as ‘horrorcore,’” reads an FBI memo included in the dump. “The genre is mainly associated with Detroit artist Insane Clown Posse, but has spawned a host of imitators who excite crowds with musical horror stories in which murder, rape and suicide are recurrent themes.”

Dated March 15, 2011, the memo was issued by the FBI’s Salt Lake City office in tandem with the opening of a federal criminal enterprise investigation into Juggalos, according to the document:

“This enterprise Investigation seeks to examine the structure, scope and relationships pertaining to the captioned violent street gang; to identify members and the organizational structures of the gang; to identify relationships between the members of the gang; to identify all illegal activities which may constitute a pattern of racketeering activity conducted by individual gang members and groups of gang members and which may support prosecutions for federal violations.”

The FBI listed Juggalos in its annual National Gang Threat Assessment published eight months later, effectively placing ICP’s fans alongside members of the Bloods, Crips and MS-13. The American Civil Liberties Union sued the FBI in 2014 on behalf of four self-described Juggalos and ICP’s two members, Joseph Bruce and Joseph Utsler, but their efforts to have the gang label rescinded were ultimately rejected by a federal appeals court in December.

“The FBI received more than three FOIA requests for Insane Clown Posse material, and the documents were posted to the FBI Vault pursuant to FOIA public inspection requirements,” an FBI spokesperson told The Washington Times. “Specifically, the FOIA Improvement Act of 2016 requires agencies to make available for public inspection in an electronic format records that have been requested three or more times (known as the “Rule of 3”). Accordingly, the FBI posts such records to the FBI Vault.”

A media contact for ICP did not immediately return messages seeking comment. ICP previously said that the gang label “resulted in hundreds if not thousands of people subjected to various forms of discrimination, harassment and profiling simply for identifying as a Juggalo.”

Other documents included among the 121-pages published on the FBI’s website Wednesday include arrest reports and news articles from across the country detailing criminal cases against suspected Juggalos.

One of the earliest documents, dated June 24, 2008, showed the FBI was interested in that summer’s “Gathering of the Juggalos,” an annual festival organized by ICP every year since 2000.

“The fans of the group have been linked and are known to commit violent acts not only during concerts but at other times,” the document said. “Previous communications have documented the Juggalos as a legitimate gang with a large following. The fan base is known to number in the thousands and they follow the ICP in almost a religious manner.

“Juggalos are in a type of gang war in California with the MS-13 gang and are holding their own against them,” an unidentified source told law enforcement, according to the 2008 memo. “Juggalos are known to be present in all 50 states and numerous foreign countries.”

Kegan The Creep Releasing “The Tre Deuce” Mixtape at Gathering of the Juggalos

Kegan The Creep is releasing a mixtape entitled, The Tre Deuce at the Gathering of the Juggalos.

The mixtape will feature two tracks from Kegan’s upcoming album, a Ouija Macc freestyle, and an extended version of a DJ Clay mix from The Sidewayz Room.

Here is a video with details about this upcoming mixtape:

We done cooked up something good for ya! Get yours at The Gathering before they are gone!

Posted by Kegan Ault on Thursday, July 12, 2018

Peep the cover art:

Ouija Releases Music Video for “Choker”, Two New Soundcloud Tracks, Trashfire Deluxe on Cassette!

Over the past few days, Ouija has been busy as fuck releasing flavor to us!   Most recently, he dropped his music video for “Choker” from his GutterWater LP!

The video is definitely a departure from the norm and features an animated Ouija walking down a road with live stream videos spliced in throughout.  If you haven’t seen it yet, you can do so here:

Not only did the new music video drop, but he also hit us with not one, but TWO NEW TRACKS via his Soundcloud Page!  The first is called “Nardwuar Glocc”, and for those familiar with Nardwuar, you’ll hear the inspiration in the chorus:

The 2nd track is actually the “Say My Name” freestyle track at the end of the “Choker” music video posted above. You can hear that here:

Ouija reached out to say that there are hidden messages everywhere and hidden content to unlock!

The final new piece of Ouija info comes in the form of a cassette tape!  For you collectors out there, Sleepcvlt has the cassette tape version of Trashfire available for just $11.00 (+S&H)!  This 9 track EP is extremely limited and is sure to sell out with the quickness!  Click the pic below to purchase:

Click the pic to purchase!

Just a note to those who try to place an order here.  You have to login to the site (can be via Facebook) before you buy it.  Then click Buy Cassette and follow the prompts!

ABK’s “Road To The Gathering” Spot Dates in Ohio & Indiana

The homie Anybody Killa has 2 dates scheduled leading up to the Gathering, and one actually happens TONIGHT!

The spot dates are called the “Road 2 The Gathering”, and there are shows in both Columbus, Ohio and New Haven, Indiana!

The first show happens tonight in Columbus at Trabue Tavern!  It will feature performances by Jay Villain, C.D$, FISO G6ix, and Food Bandits!  Check out the details on the flyer below:

Click to enlarge!

This Sunday, July 15th, ABK wlil be in New Haven, Indiana at Carl’s Tavern!  There is a cookout with Free Food/Drinks with your $10.00 admission!  Click the flyer below for more info:

Click to view details @ Facebook

There may or may not be some of your Faygoluvin’ Homies in the house in Indiana!  Hope to see you there!!

Zug Izland’s “Promised Land: Event Horizon” Now Available for Pre-order

Our homies from Zug Izland just made an announcement via the Zug Izland Facebook that you Zuggalos will definitely want to know about!  They have made their upcoming CD release: Promised Land/Event Horizon available for pre-order!  You can get them in either regular or autographed varieties!  Our good homie Sewerside was also involved in a remix track!  Check the details below!

From Zug Izland’s Facebook:


Awesome News!!! We are stoked to announce that Pre-sales for Zug Izland’s much anticipated upcoming cd release of “Promised Land/Event Horizon” Featuring – “Next To Me”, “Woke Up Screaming” and Promised Land Remix by Sewerside!!! Are now available to pre-order. All you ninjas & ninjettes if you want to pre-order a hard copy in advance here’s your chance. Cd’s available for $10.00 and $15.00 autographed plus $5 shipping. You can place your order thru paypal at MZL

SCU T-shirt Fundraiser Results [Shirts Now Shipped!]

If you are one of the Juggalo Badasses who were able to help the Scrub Care Unit out by purchasing one of their fundraiser t-shirts this year, then first of all, THANK YOU!  You have no idea how many thousands of dollars it takes to keep the SCU running to provide Juggalos and Juggalettes food, water, and shelter at Gatherings (among other things).  Every little bit helps!

That being said, if you placed a t-shirt order, you will be receiving your shirt very soon!  They have all been shipped just in time for you to get them to sport at this year’s Gathering of the Juggalos!

Bob and John of the Scrub Care unit have a message for all of you about the fundraiser which you can read below.

From Bob Adams of the Scrub Care Unit:

Juggalo Family and SCU Supporters,

We have wrapped up our t-shirt fundraising efforts and I would like to report the following results:

22 t-shirts were sold for a total of $395.00 raised for SCU’s Gathering efforts (after total costs for t-shirt manufacturing deducted). T-shirts were shipped out today (July 9th, 2018) and should be to those that purchased shirts this week.

SCU would like to thank the following for all the support:

  • Psychopathic Records for their continued belief and support of SCU and our efforts!
  • Faygoluvers – especially Scottie D – for the support and spreading the word!!
  • Vinnie the ICP Kid and Slasher Dave for the “WhoopStock” shirt design!
  • Donnie Theis (a.k.a He Who Smokes A lot) for the “SCU Juggalo Hero” shirt design!
  • GoTeez Shirts for the manufacturing and awesome support!

Mostly, SCU would like to thank the following “Juggalo Heroes” for their t-shirt purchases, which all profits received will go to helping the Juggalo Family during this coming Gathering:

Gathering of the Juggalos/WhoopStock Shirts:

  • Craig Bergmann
  • Dennis Pendleton
  • Derek Sech
  • Donny Eckrote
  • Doug Mahugh
  • Frank (Bane) Cope
  • Ivan Ovchinnikov (SCUM)
  • Jacob Anderson
  • Kevin McWilliams
  • Scottie D
  • Thiemo Tornau
  • Wattson Budinger
  • Phillip Wymer
  • Mark (The Pin Guy) Bauer

SCU/Juggalo Hero Shirts:

  • Alaina Yount
  • Craig Bergmann
  • Derek Sech
  • Eric Houston
  • Morgan Skinners (x2 shirts)
  • Scottie D
  • Terra Schoelen

Family, when you’re at the Gathering this year and see ninjas wearing these shirts, make sure to give the a special “WHOOP WHOOP” and a big hug as their support of SCU is helping all those Juggalos that need help at the Gathering, from food to water to medical supplies to clothing and/or shower supplies (just to name a few of SCU’s efforts at the Gathering each year). They are true Juggalo Heroes!!!

Thank you all for the support!!!

Bob and John

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Twiztid Shows Love for the Gathering; Confirms MNE Artist Will Perform

In a brand new interview with Bionic Buzz, Twiztid is asked about performing at the Gathering of the Juggalos. The interviewer may have gotten them confused with ICP, but Twiztid took it in stride and actually gave massive props to the 19th annual GOTJ!  Monoxide said that if you get a chance, you should definitely go to it, and Madrox echoed his sentiments saying that it is “one of the greatest experiences of the Juggalo world!”

Monoxide also confirms that they DO have an artist on the GOTJ lineup.  After looking at the infomercial and timeline, I don’t see any current MNE Artists listed.  So maybe this is an artist that hasn’t been announced as being signed to MNE yet.

Either way, it was a short, extremely positive interview which is super fresh to see!  Check it out below!  (Gathering question starts at 2 minutes, 30 seconds!)

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