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Gathering 2018 Side Shows Announced

The 2018 Gathering of the Juggalos is creeping up on us quickly!  It’s already less than 2 months away, and details are steadily starting to drop!

Last night, put up info about 6 different side shows including Juggalo Show Live, Peep This Shit, Hooded Magician, and the one that I’m most curious about: The Big Money Hu$tla$ Extravaganza! You can see all of the details about them below.


The Juggalo Show Live

Live and in effect, it’s everybody’s favorite Juggalo webshow come to life in ultra supersonic 3D holographic vision but better—real life muthafuggah! Join your favorite hosts the Rude Boy, KG Kevin Gill, Jumpsteady, and Natalie the Ring Girl as they discuss the state of the union and all things Juggalo, with contests, extra special guests, and surprises right before your eyes. And the best part? The homie KG Kevin Gill isn’t stuck on a screen within a screen. Wooooaaaah dude. It’s the Juggalo Show LIVE as only GOTJ can bring. It’s about to get real up in here! Whoop whoop!

Peep This Shit Stage

Hey—hey ninja. Yea—hey. Come over here. Yeah, ninja. Psst. Aight. Listen closely. You ready? “PEEEEEEEEP THIS SHIIIIIIIT BIIIIOOOOYYYYTCCCHHH!” Say it loud and proud and wow the crowd, because this is your time to shine. We’re givin it up: a professional sound system, 2 mics, a super sound crew, and a stage at the heart of the Gathering—all for YOU! We can provide background jams or bring your own music as you freak it to untold levels for the fam. It’s the Gathering’s very own open stage and open mic. What’s missing? You and your crew, gettin hype! Be there.

The R-Rated Circus Sideshow

Come closer, my friend. Enter the mysterious folds of this circus tent and bear witness to the sights and sounds of delight and unthinkable feats as this merry band of wild sideshows, freakshows, strongmen, Juggalette Burlesque dancers, and spectacles school you from your head down to your…hey! It’s R-Rated. Keep that wholesome bullshit the fuck outta our circus tent. Cuz when this sideshow of circus geeks, carnies, and extra freaky deakey freaks hits the stage? Check nuts. It’s going down!

The Hooded Magician

Who is this mysterious, magical man? The one who captivates the crowd with his obscene and grotesque acts of spectacle and magic? Enter the realm of the sorcerer known only as the hooded one. Prepare to witness death-defying stunts and illusions that bend the mind and deceive the eyes. The very fabric of time bends to the will and whim of this cloaked madman, but be warned my friend, for this spectacle is not for the faint of heart or weak-minded. Dare to gaze upon the incantations and otherworldly powers of your host as the mystery unravels before your very eyes!

Freakshow Deluxe

Step right up, ladies and gentlemen, make your way to the big top show as your host the good Reverent Tommy Gun, his lovely assistants, his high flying daring troupe of renegades and freaks, and…woah wait…WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT? That quickly, your head gets cracked by the wig-splitting freshness of what can only be described as the straight-up killer carnie FREAKSHOW. See the geek pounding nails in his fucking forehead, oddities and horrifying sights, death defying feats, and all the weirdness you know and love. What would our Dark Carnival be without its very own freakshow? And when the Freakshow DELUXE is in the mix? Things are about to get SUPER weird.

The Sickening Skin Suspension Show

Imagine flying through the air, whisked away by acrobatic poise and grace. Feel yourself drift into peace and perfect balance with the wind through your hair and the sun on your face. The ground gives way and sends you sailing through the sky as time drifts away and inhibitions fall. You feel peaceful. At ease. Boundless. Except…there’s a giant footlong hook carved into your back. Not exactly pleasant, right? So how about this instead…Post up with a cup and enjoy the breeze stage side and let the real pro suspension artists do all the hard work for you. Seeing is believing. The human body will be pushed to the limit and all bets are off! Peep the madness if you dare. (Barf bags not included.)

The Big Money Hu$tlas Extravaganza

We’ve all seen the Juggalo classic Big Money Hu$tlas. But you you’ve never seen it like this before! Come join your hosts, the 618 Lost Ninja Clan and Vinnie Bonnaducci, in the air conditioned autograph tent, to watch the chaos ensue in this one-of-a-kind interactive cinema experience…Juggalo style! We’re talkin’ doughnuts, popcorn, and peanuts soaring thru the air. And NO that ain’t the shrooms creepin up on you—see the movie actually come to LIFE as our cast of fully costumed ninjas sneak up on you with shenanigans! Can you hit ApeBoy with a peanut? What about flinging a whole roll of toilet paper at that motherfucker Cactus Sac? Blow your kazoo to your heart’s content as a whole pack of ruthless ninjas Honk for Sugar in glorious unison! This cinemanic experience includes drinking games and a best-dressed contest. Seating IS Limited, so bring a lawn chair and come get your gift bags full of flavor while they last! And stick around for a double feature presentation of Ru$tlas right after the movie! HONK FOR SUGAR!

Ouija Macc’s Gutterwater Officially Drops Today; Pre-order update

Ouija Macc’s debut album on Psychopathic Records dropped today!  The album is titled Gutterwater and it has been highly anticipated ever since the first single, Ghost, was released last month.  See track list and media links below…

Gutterwater – Ouija Macc

  1. The Summoning
  2. Human Waste
  3. Choker
  4. Galoshes
  5. Diamonds (ft. Insane Clown Posse)
  6. Ripped Velvet
  7. Bear Hands
  8. Astari
  9. Shreddy Krueger
  10. Body Drop
  11. Urinal
  12. Fucture Wicced (ft. Lyte)
  13. Otherside
  14. Ghost
  15. Killahoe Tribe Anthem
  16. Denial
  17. On Everything

Hard-copy available for purchase at: Psychopathic Merch

Also available for download at: iTunes and Spotify

PRE-ORDER UPDATE from Scottie: If you pre-ordered the album from, you may have received an email about the status of the order.  Just to keep everyone in the loop though, here’s what that email said:

We’d like to thank you for your purchase of Ouija Macc’s Gutterwater Pre-order and we apologize about the delay in receiving your order!
At this time we’ve yet to receive the CD from the label/manufacturer for this release. We’ve been in contact with them and have been told they are on the way to us but have not arrived yet.
Once these items arrive to our facilities all orders will be immediately shipped and you will receive tracking via email!
Thank you so much for your patience and understanding!

After that portion of the email, they included a link to download the WAV files of Gutterwater. They stress to wait until you get in front of a computer to download it because the album is 600 MB!  Just an FYI for those who do everything exclusively on your phones.  Those data overages could have you paying out the ass to download the album!

Anyways, as soon as we get word on when orders start shipping, we’ll let you know!

RoxxxTv Offers Gathering of the Juggalos Ticket Raffle

Trying to get to GOTJ this year? Want to experience the freshness for the first time or want to reunite with your GOTJ family, but you just don’t have the funds?  Well, here is your chance to win a free ticket!!!

RoxxxTv will be raffling off ONE ticket to The Gathering on June 29th at the F*CK CANCER Benefit Show III, and you DON’T even need to be present to win!  You can even watch the raffle live at RoxxxTv’s YouTube channel.  The ticket to the show also serves as the raffle ticket and you can purchase them here or at the show.  RoxxxTv claims your odds of winning the ticket are 200 to 1 and the ticket has a $190 value so DON’T sleep on this opportunity!

Click to enlarge!

Enter Tech N9ne’s “Bou Lou-Vardia” Sweepstakes [**LAST DAY**]

To celebrate Tech N9ne‘s recent collaboration with Boulevard Brewing Company, there’s a sweepstakes where you and a friend could win VIP passes to a festival, a meet & greet with Tech N9ne, flights, hotel stay, and more!

All you have to do is fill in a form with your name, email address, phone number, and mailing address, and that’s it!  The contest ends at Midnight Tonight (May 24th), so if you’re reading this, and want a chance to enter, do it NOW:

Check out the details below.


To celebrate Bou Lou, our new collaboration with homegrown hip-hop legend Tech N9ne, we’re teaming up with Tech and Strange Music to reward one lucky fan with a dream trip to Kansas City. Enter now for your chance to win the following:

  • Two (2) VIP passes to attend the Boulevardia beer and music festival on Friday, June 15th
  • Pre-show meet and greet with Tech N9ne
  • Pre-show Boulevard Brewing Co. tour
  • Two (2) GA passes to attend the Boulevardia beer and music festival on Saturday, June 16th
  • Two (2) nights (6/15 and 6/16) hotel stay
  • Airfare voucher
  • Boulevard Brewing Company/Tech N9ne VIP swag bag

Not only is this the Tech N9ne fan experience of a lifetime, with the opportunity to meet and see him perform in his own hometown, but you’ll be one of the first to try Bou Lou, our collaboration wheat beer with pineapple and coconut that pays homage to his original creation and hit single.

Learn more about Bou Lou.

See the official rules for the contest.

Rittz, Stevie Stone, and G-Mo Skee Coming to Australia!

If you’re reading this post from Australia, then we’ve got some devastatingly fresh news for you!  You may already know that Rittz and Stevie Stone have 2 dates booked for Australia in June.  It has just been announced that G-Mo Skee has been added to the roster as well!

You can see details about these two shows from the following MNE Australia Facebook:

Our very ownG-Mo Skeeis joiningRITTZ&Stevie Stonenext month for two big Australian shows!
Limited G-Mo VIP’s (DOES NOT INCLUDE SHOW TICKET) will be available tomorrow at the MNA Shop!
Get your show tickets here:
Thu 21 June – Laundry Bar

You can also get your G-Mo Skee VIP tickets soon at

Those two dates are coming up fast, so don’t sleep on buying those tickets!

Chad Carsten of Faygoluvers interviews The Nomadz (Chucky Chuck of DGAF, The DRP, & Insane Poetry) [Editorial]


I told this story before in another article, but I found a ton of fresh artists and underground movements because of this moment.  I was in line for Hallowicked 2007 in Detroit to see Insane Clown Posse for the first time. I witnessed damn near thirty Juggalos surround a blonde female police officer while chanting, “LET HIM GO!” because the officer tried to arrest the wrong Juggalo who accidentally hit a state police car and that’s thanks to an unknown  individual who skyrocketed a Moon Mist Faygo bottle in the air and it unexpectedly collided at the front of a state police car. And during all the chaos that’s when a person wearing a killer clown mask handed me a Long Range Distribution compilation titled “Got That Murdercore?” It had a ton of underground artists on it that ranged from Q-Strange, The Dayton Family, Kardiac, Grewsum, Intrinzik, and even Mr. Freeze! I had never heard any of these artist prior to this.  I remember getting home damn near  5 a.m. after the show ended and popping in the disc right away. Insane Poetry’s “Murderland” kicked off disc one of the compilation and my mind was instantaneously blown back as if a musical hip-hop shotgun blew my brain into little tiny particles by something wicked fresh and my cerebral matter couldn’t handle the dopeness pouring out of my vintage Pioneer HPM900 speakers. Insane Poetry’s abundant creative lyrical ability will forever stand the test of time within the hip-hop world. Any fan of the wicket shit needs to bump Insane Poety’s debut “How Ya Gonna Reason With A Psycho?” in their life. Pop that record in after reading this article! Trust me! It is essential listening for better understanding the history  behind horror meshing with hip-hop so brilliantly.

Now I am a “Nu-Metal” kid.  Primer 55, Linkin Park, Static-X,  Coal Chamber, Trust Company, Reveille, Project Wyze, were my bands of choice during middle-school and high-school.  In 2008 when news broke out across the rock/metal community worldwide (thanks to that Primer 55’s new vocalist was a punk rocker emcee by the stage name “The DRP” became super intrigued. I hadn’t heard anything by Primer 55 in nearly a decade at that point, but when The DRP became the new Primer 55 frontman, it gave the band a much needed breath of fresh air to continue. The punk rock attitude The DRP brought forth inside Primer 55 for over two years was thrilling and helped resuscitate the nu-metal genre by exploring new styles off riffage and combining fast aggressive hip-hop punk flavor. It was a genius move that should’ve lasted a lot longer. But things happen for a reason of course. After The DRP left the band I tried my best to keep track of what the emcee was up to and that’s when Mars (Bay Area, not Chicago!) announced that he was dropping a single with The DRP titled “Kill Em All”. When I finally heard the track I was in utter shock at how great the track turned out to be and  that’s when I acknowledged the fact the Wicked Wisconsin emcee was fine as a solo artist and was destined to do significant things on the mic!

Fall 2009 is when I first rented my own place with my name of the lease in Laurel, Montana (near Billings) I was beyond stoked and proud! I was jumping around my room in excitement from accomplishing leaving my home city and going out on my own.   DGAF’s self-titled debut was the main soundtrack all day the day I was officially moved into a house on the Colorado block of Laurel. Of course I was familiar with Saint Dog prior to DGAF, but Chucky Chuck stood out to me the most. His honest “GIVES NO FUCKS” attitude towards the rap game is what caught my attention towards  him as an emcee. Chucky’s west-coast ska-punk-hop rhyme structure gave DGAF major strength as a group and proved that Chucky Chuck does indeed have raw lyrical talent to demolish new-age faux rappers and the necessary hip-hop skills to pay the bills. He’s a golden age lyrical hip-hop lyrical savage that the underground is proud to be able to listen to on full blast daily!

Insane Poetry, The DRP, and Chucky Chuck joining together as a group to form The Nomadz is precisely what the underground hip-hop genre needed to keep the scene far, far, away from staleness. The Nomadz lyrical content is keeping hip-hop alive and breathing with their raw original ruggedness because of how each artists delivers their own unique ruggedness to the table. Their debut record is bound to grab hip-hop fans by their musical souls and take them to a time warp (Bill & Ted style) back to the golden age era of hip-hop when spitting rhymes on the mic was brand  spankin’new; a time when bullshit politicians strongly feared the genre and tried to ban it from existing through police brutality. Dive into this in-depth FLH exclusive interview below and learn why The Nomadz self-titled debut record came about and why this supergroup forming is going to become legendary status within the underground for years to come!





MNE’s Attack Of The Ninjas 2 will be a 2 Day Event in Kokomo, Indiana!

The homies Dustin and Michael took to the airwaves for another episode of The Hookup via the MNE Facebook to drop some knowledge on several different happenings at Majik Ninja Entertainment!

One of the events they teased a few hours before the show aired was the 2nd Annual Attack of the Ninjas show!  About an hour into The Hookup, they spilled the beans that it is now a 2 day event, will take place in Kokomo, Indiana at Front Row Live, and will cost $40.00 for both days!

This will be an All Ages Show and feature the following performances:

Friday, August 24th

  • Twiztid
  • Boondox
  • G-Mo Skee
  • LARS
  • Gorilla Voltage
  • MORE!

Saturday, August 25th

  • Twiztid
  • Blaze
  • AMB
  • Underground Avengers (Boondox, Bukshot, CLAAS)
  • Lex The Hex Master
  • The R.O.C.

Twiztid will be performing 2 different sets!  Check out the flyer that I pieced together from The Hookup broadcast here:

Click the pic to enlarge!

Early-bird tickets will go on sale this Friday, May 25th!  Tickets & VIP packages will be available at soon!

You can watch the entire episode of The Hookup here:

Attack Of The Ninjas News on Tonight’s episode of “The Hookup” (aka The Dustin Show)!

In just a few short hours from the time I’m typing this, the latest episode of The Hookup will be airing on the MNE Facebook Page!

At 6 PM EST, our big homie Dustin will also return to the airwaves, and that’s reason enough to tune in!  What will be the primary topic of discussion?  This year’s Attack Of The Ninjas, of course!

Where will it be?  What dates should you ask off for vacation?  Who will be performing?  You can find out all that and more on The Hookup!

To view it live, hit up this link after 6 PM EST:

(We’ll make sure to update the link as soon as the show starts!)

Kissing Candice Set To Haunt The Stage On The Summer of Screams Tour

Kissing Candice was the fourth band announced to take part in the inaugural “Summer of Screams” tour. The Browning, Powerman 5000, and Psychostick will also be apart of this tour on select dates.

Another band announcement is set to happen on Monday, May 28th.  The tour dates and venues will be announced on June 4th.

The Summer of Screams tour will kick off on August 17th and conclude on September 15th. Stay tuned for all information regarding this tour.

Here is the press release:

For the fourth reveal for the Summer of Screams tour, which is presented by us here at Dread Central as well as our pals over at Scream Factory, we’re stoked to announce that Long Island, New Yorkers Kissing Candice are joining the fray alongside The Browning for the whole tour with Powerman 5000 and Psychostick joining on select dates! Also, as you can see via the announcement image below, we’re going to be revealing the full touring schedule in a couple weeks, so get ready to see when this tour is coming to your area!

The masked metal band’s most recent release was the Safe Word EP from last November, which you can pick up via Amazon.

Follow Kissing Candice on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!

Make sure to follow Summer of Screams announcements via our tag and also check out their socials to stay up-to-date: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

DCG Con Merch For Sale!

Were you at the 2nd annual DCG Con, and didn’t have a chance to pick up merch due to it getting shut down early?  Maybe you didn’t get to go, but still want to get in on some of that exclusive Dark Carnival Games flavor.  Whatever the case may be, you’re in luck! Dark Carnival Games has made a handful of their merch from DCG Con available for purchase online!

We’re talking game mats, hat pins, zippos, beanies, shirts, hats, hoodies, and more!

A graphic has been put together to show you everything available, and you can click it to get your shopping on:

Click to purchase DCG Con Merch!

If that doesn’t work, just go to!

Liquid Assassin’s “KOBA” Tracklist and Pre-order

If you’ve been out of the loop, the homie Liquid Assassin of LSP has been hard at work on his next album KOBA for a minute now!  The release date has been announced, and pre-orders are now available!  KOBA will hit the streets on June 18th, and you can pre-order it here:

Check out the full track list below:

  1. Blast Off
  2. KOBA
  3. Let Me Out (ft. Doe Boi & Claas)
  4. Bloodshowers
  5. Machete (ft. Kamikazi & Playboy The Beast)
  6. Right Away
  7. Valak
  8. No Help (ft. Whitney Peyton
  9. No Mercy
  10. Run Fast
  11. SCAR (ft. Geno Cultshit)
  12. Losing Control
  13. Blues

You already know that L.A. spits fire, and with features by CLAAS, Playboy The Beast, Whitney Peyton, and even a previous recording by Geno Cultshit, this is an album you’re not gonna want to sleep on!  Pick it up Right Here!

The R.O.C. Speaks on Psychopathic / MNE “Beef”; Violent J Reacts [Updated with Monoxide’s Response]

Update [05/20/18 @ 1:16 PM CST]: Shortly after my initial post, I was able to catch last night’s “Smoke Sesh” with Monoxide on Twiztid’s Facebook.  Someone asked about R.O.C.’s statements concerning the beef, and he had a lot to say about it.  A majority of his 30 minute smoke session talked about the status of Juggalos, what he considers “family”, MNE, Psychopathic, and a lot more.  You can watch the entire video here:

Original Post: With all of the drama that seems to dominate social media these days, particularly in the underground, it’s good to see some positivity surface.  This time, it was The R.O.C. who took a few minutes to speak about the “beef” between Majik Ninja Entertainment and Psychopathic Records.  Just to set the record straight, this video actually isn’t all that new.  I reached out to The R.O.C. who confirmed that it was from a year or two ago, but the sentiment remains the same.  You can see that below:

I’m guessing that this video has been reuploaded and shared by Juggalos looking to spread some love and positivity during these seemingly toxic times.

Not long after this video surfaced, Violent J tweeted the following:


The R.O.C. responded a few times since this tweet, first saying this:


Then, he went into further detail stating the following:

Listen… Here is what I want to explain. It is OK for PSY & MNE to waggle our genitals/represent our labels without it being a direct conflict or diss to one another. In today’s music game it seems so hard for people to understand that! It’s like a child only allowing themselves to play with one friend and excluding the other potential friend. Why not have a bunch of friends/family? And the ones that destroy that vibe kick’em to the curb. @tweetmesohardmentioned about the DCG con on their Facebook page. And from what a friend of mine #kegan told me, he #robbruce & @icp had a positively impactful #psyradio show. None of them had to do any of that shit but they did. We have to get the ball rolling somewhere. So no I’m not signing with Psy or Twiztid ain’t resigning there or ICP signing to MNE. To all the Juggalos/Ninjas/Fans, This is how you do grown folk shit! Grown ass men doing grown ass men shit! #spreadthelove

For as long as I’ve known him, the R.O.C. has never been about any negativity or drama.  Kegan mentioned that R.O.C. even reached out to him prior to the Juggalo March to wish him the best of luck.  The same happened to me, and that seemed to be when tensions were at their highest.  Maybe this will be the catalyst to get both sides talking.

Let’s hear what you have to think about the statements from both sides.  Are you on board with starting this healing process to reunite the underground?

ABK’s “Killa Features Tour” starts Today! [All Dates Inside!]

This year’s edition of ABK’s Killa Features Tour is right around the corner!  In fact, it starts up this Saturday, May 19th in Seattle, Washington!  Killa will be on the road from then until June 9th where he wraps things up in Detroit, Michigan!

Along the way, he’ll have stops in Oregon, Nevada, Texas, Kentucky, North Carolina, and more! You can see ALL of the dates currently booked below:

Click the pic to enlarge!

We’ve also added all of these dates to our Facebook Events, so feel free to mark yourself as going, and get your tickets too!  I’m sure I’ll see all of my D/FW homies in Fort Worth later this month!

Boondox Interviewed On The Underground Amped Podcast

The Underground Amped have released episode 11 of their podcast. This episode featuring Boodox aka Turncoat Dirty. 

Here’s a little synopsis of the episode:

Boondox is back with his brand new Turn Coat Dirty ep “Dirty Days of Night” a project that he thought would never see the light of day. We find out just why that is, as well as the other projects he is currently working on including Underground super group “The Underground Avengers” and much more!

You can listen to episode 11 featuring Boondox below via SoundCloud.  This episode and all other previous episodes are available on iTunes.

Chris Webby Announces East Coast Dates For “Raw Thoughts” Tour

Chris Webby has announced the dates for the east coast leg of his upcoming “Raw Thoughts” tour.

This leg of the tour is set to kick off on July 15th in Atlanta, GA and conclude on August 2nd in Portland, ME.

You can check out a full list of tour dates and purchase tickets by heading to

West Coast, Midwest, Canadian and Europe fans peep this message from Chris:

FYI : the #RawThoughtsTour will be coming to the West Coast next, then the Midwest.

Canada, I have NOT forgotten about you even if it seems that way at the moment. I got y’all on a full Canadian run as soon as my ppl can put it together.

And Europe.. I’m workin on it

Check out the latest single from Webby below.

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