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Full 25th Annual Hallowicked Artist Line Up Announced!

To much anticipation, the full 25th annual Hallowicked artist line up has finally been fully revealed by Psychopathic Records across social media and we here at Faygoluvers are wiling out more so than a poor scrub kid finding out he won a life time supply of pumpkin shaped Reese’s during a hip-hop radio contest. Ninjas will be celebrating Halloween harder than ever this year because Hallowicked turns 25! And its freshly stacked with mad raw talented  emcees from across the United States from the likes of New York’s “Rap Slayer” (Golden Age Era  of hip-hop) Cage, Miami’s “Cocaine Enthusiast” Stitches, Kansas City “Speed Genius” Mac Lethal, Psychopathic’s very own Sin City, Las Vegas “Rap Demon” Ouija Macc , the original Detroit hip-hop King (Esham’s Dope Hoe! That’s why he’s the OG King!) Esham, and of course the Wicked Clowns of Detroit!

Will the Motor City and the surrounding urban decayed suburban areas be able to handle this vicious hip-hop pandemonium?!  A snow flakes chance in hell, maybe. Doors open at 3 P.M. EST at the Russel Industrial Center. Event will be hosted by Juggalo favorites  Clownvis Presley & Rude Boy with fresh vinyl flavor from DJ Carlito.  Many fun, family events held through out the day.  No news yet about the Hallowicked Afterparty Line Up, but stay tuned to Faygoluvers for more info. Whoop! Whoop!

Get your tickets here before it sells out:

NOWNESS Covers the Gathering of the Juggalos / The Wicked Shit

At this year’s Gathering of the Juggalos, a documentarian named Joshua Gordon experienced the 4 day festival complete with a cameraman (using some vintage equipment), and a genuine curiosity about our Juggalo Family.  Between running around like a mad man, I actually had the chance to speak to Josh about my life experience as a Juggalo, and even recorded a little snippet which you can hear in the 8 minute video that was recently released.

Along with that, you’ll see a freestyle, several shots of Juggalos in our element, some bare knuckle boxing, dancing, fire-breathing, questions answered by Vinnie the ICP Kid, and many other sights and sounds from our Shangri-La on earth.  Take a look at the description below.

From Nowness @ Youtube:

No doubt you’ve heard of the Juggalos—the wild fanbase of face-painted American rappers Insane Clown Posse, whose fans (it’s estimated) number well over a million. Once a year this disparate group convene in Ohio for the Gathering of the Juggalos, a festival of fire-spinning, smoke breathing, and bare fist fighting, accompanied by a soundtrack from ICP’s label, Psycopathic. Enter Joshua Gordon, director of underground hit Krahang, which dropped on Dazed earlier this year. Gordon, an obsessive documentarian of extreme communities and fanbases, has “been interested in Juggalos since I was a little kid,” as he explained to NOWNESS. It made absolute sense, then, for Gordon to attend the much talked about annual gathering in order to dispel some myths about this daunting and seemingly diabolical community. What he walked away with was a strangely warm and tender portrait of a group that has been classified as a gang by the FBI. Speaking about his time spent with this compellingly clownish community, the Irish-born director explains: “They’re a diehard community with a strong presence online and a very unique personal style. I’ve seen a number of short films on them but always found them a bit bland and obvious,” continues the London-based filmmaker, “so I wanted to meet some of them and make a film about them in my own style, something more tender and less sensationalist. “My idea was to make more of a moving photo book then a traditional documentary, and to film it, direct it and do the sound on my own so I could make a more natural connection with the jugallos and jugalettes, just hang out with them for a week and see what they’re about.”

Here’s the video which I think you’ll definitely enjoy:

Dates for Necro’s “The Notorious Goriest” European Tour Released!

Just a few days ago, we posted some info about the projects and US tour dates that Necro has scheduled.  You can see that right here.

Now, the dates for his Notorious Goriest European Tour have all been released!  There are about a dozen dates listed in the Netherlands, London, Germany, France, and Sweden!  See the dates, and a recap of everything Necro has going on from his Facebook post below.

From Necro’s Facebook:

Click to enlarge!

Here are the dates for my EUROPE TOUR in November
Which city are you gonna represent? Where my Necromaniacs at? Where the fly ladies at? You ready to party? My brother @mrhyde666777 will be joining me as usual along with the maniac @drewwayneplr – and show love to the homie @youngsyrup who will be opening up all the shows as main support – THIS IS GONNA BE INSANE!! You know how I get down Live – I ain’t playing – you got enough energy to start a pit? Let’s go Europe!!


OCT 26th – GRAVE OLD WORLD – Single




NOV 16th – MURDER OBSCENE – Single


Hallowicked XXV Podcast drops Devil’s Night for FREE on Faygoluvers!

Juggalos and Juggalettes…we’ve got a big surprise for you coming in less than two weeks!  Our homie Brandon Ward who you might remember from the 20in17 Podcast Series is putting the finishing touches on an all new episode for you! It’s called Hallowicked XXV: 25 Years of Gathering the Dead” and it drops Devil’s Night for FREE on Faygoluvers!

In this video documentary Brandon Ward looks at the past 25 years of Hallowicked Clown Shows with concert footage, behind the scene crew videos, band interviews, news clips, classic flyers, singles, merch, & much more!

This is sure to be an episode you don’t want to miss, so check in on Tuesday, October 30th, get your download on, and set the mood for the grand finale of the Hallowicked tour!

Professional Producer BAD MIND’s 103118 [EP] Cassette Preorder Now Available!

BAD MIND has been representing the wicket shit since 2001. His“103118” EP will be dropping this Devils Night in honor of celebrating Halloween and is sure to be one Hell of a horror-tastic release! We’re brimming with excitement at the fact “103118″ has gone up for preorder today! It’ll be releasing physically as a professionally pressed cassette tape (only 100 copies) and across all digital store fronts and streaming services (iTunes, Spotify, GooglePlay, Amazon, Bandcamp, etc.).

The physical portion of this release will go quick, so reserve yours as soon as possible! All orders will include a digital copy of the album in 320k MP3, lossless FLAC, and WAV formats.

Order your copy from Bandcamp today!

You can also pre-save the album to stream on Spotify!

Official Tracklist Below!
BAD MIND – 103118 [EP]
1. Intro
2. 103118
3. Evocation (feat. Alla Xul Elu – AXE)
4. In Death We Trust (feat. Menacide and Majik Duce)
5. Autopsy (feat. J Reno The Sadist, Labrynthine, & The J. Hexx Project)
6. Salem (feat. Razakel)

Twiztid Unleashes Slamming Infectious Bloody Single “Death Day”

As promised Twiztid unleashed another October Halloween single titled “Death Day” and it’s  drenched in lyrical bloody madness inspired by the horror thriller “The Purge”.  Nuff said!

Bump “Death Day”  Loud And Proud Till Your Ears Bleed At This Official MNE Link:


Next Twiztid October Track Drops Oct 30 and its titled  “name brand > off brand”

Mars of Force 5 Records Dropping New West Coast Horror Gangsta Single “Caught A Body” On Halloween

The prince of the Bay Area of California underground hip-hop scene is always hard at work to give his fans fresh content. Who? That Killa Mars of Force 5 Records! That’s who! His fans are in for a wicked Samhain rap treat because this October 31st the Hannibal Lector  influenced emcee will be dropping a gangsta “Tales from the Hood” style track upon the hip-hop world and it’s bound to flip some wigs right off the scalp thanks to Mars consistent wicked word play!  The anticipated Halloween single is titled “Caught A Body” and will be featuring V-Town.  In the words of Porky Pig, that’s all folks. Stay tuned for more news!

Mars Speaks With Kevin Gill On Brawl With Eminem At The Fillmore

Underground Veteran Emcee Menacide Brings Back Classic Devilz Nite Compilation! Now Accepting Exclusive Tracks!

The Devilz Nite series was a FREE (long defunct)  annual Devils Night/Halloween  hip-hop compilation. It was always available the night before Halloween as a free digital download. The first Devilz Nite installment was released in 2003, and every year following, a new compilation had been released all the way until 2012 with brand new exclusive wicket shit tracks from underground artists all over the globe for free! Michigan’s Menacide ran the compilation from 2003 through 2008 until he passed the torch to Dirtcore giant Crossworm. Crossworm ran Devilz Nite from 2009-2012. Six years after Crossworm decided to put the Devilz Nite on indefinite hiatus, Menacide has decided to bring back the classic compilation from the grave and is now accepting horror/Halloween rap tracks from talent all over the world!


The music must be hip hop (and/or a closely related Urban genre), it must be very dark (preferably the darkest an artist can write), it must be well written, and it must be the best quality possible.

The submissions must be a high res MP3 (320kbps ONLY).  Nothing else will be accepted, and anything else will be trashed.

The submissions must be labeled.  Please label your song with the artist(s) name and title. If your song is not labeled, it will be trashed. It WILL NOT be listened to at all.

There is no cap on the amount of songs an artist can submit.  Send as many as you like.

The song must have NEVER been released prior to the submission.

WHERE  TO SUBMIT YOUR SONGS: Upload Your Track To A Hosting Site And Email (No Later Than October 28th) Link To


Devilz Nite is specifically geared to the wicked underground, which is a scene that is comprised of multiple genres of very dark and aggressive / hardcore hip hop. Some of these genres include, (but are not limited to); Horrorcore, Wicked Shit, Acid Rap, Death Rap, Devil Shyt, etc. Every year, Devilz Nite houses the darkest music the wicked underground has to offer. The annual Devilz Nite compilation was started in 2003 as a unique way to give something back to the fans of the Horrorcore Hip-Hop genre. The idea is simple: The fans around here support the artists of Horrorcore throughout the year by purchasing their CD’s, merchandise, and attending their shows. Those artists take advantage of the Halloween season to record original, exclusive audio to partake in a compilation given free to the fans via download on Devilz Nite each year – A fresh ass “goodie-bag” if you will, of various audio flavors themed around the Season Of The Pumpkin.

Artists who have participated in the past include Q Strange, Menacide, Lo Key, Castro The Savage, McNastee, Bedlam (Prozak and Madness), Mars of Mad Insanity Records, Shy One, Playboy The Beast, BAD MiND, Mr. Hyde of Psychological Records, Majik Duce, J-Reno, Dark Half, Insane Poetry, Stitchmouth, Donnie Menace, and many countless others from within the realms of the Wicked Shit!

Who Should Participate?

Every last artist who has ever sold a CD to a fan in this genre, a piece of merchandise, or played a show to a crowd full. You owe it to your fans, and the fans of Horrorcore in general, to give something fresh back each year. And one exclusive audio track isn’t that much to ask. It builds loyalty with the fans, and continued support for the genre in general. They truly look forward to this free download every Halloween season – Much more than you could ever imagine.

Every Insane Clown Posse Vinyl Record Dropping Before The End of 2018

At this year’s Gathering of the Juggalos during the ICP Seminar, Violent J announced that they planned on releasing a lot of their back catalog on vinyl. A lot of those releases were announced to be dropping before the end of the year. The year’s pretty damn close to being over and it looks like we have pre-order links for 5 different vinyl records and a vinyl dropping as a special for Record Store Day, all before the end of 2018! Not only that, the Ringmaster vinyl has just dropped. Check that off your list Juggalo vinyl collectors. Holy shit.

Here’s a list of every Insane Clown Posse vinyl record dropping before the end of 2018:

Ringmaster: Gold Version

October 12, 2018

The 2nd Joker’s Card was released a few days ago so many of you ninjas already have this spinning in your record players, enjoying those old school, ’94, wicked shit classics. If you don’t, you ain’t got nothing to wait on now.

Order Link: Ringmaster Vinyl @

October 19, 2018

It is also available at with a ship date of this Friday!

Order link: Ringmaster Gold Vinyl @


Hell’s Cellar

Halloween, 2018

This release contains 8 outtakes originally recorded for the Hell’s Pit album and originally never heard. Until now… The Hell’s Cellar EP was released at this year’s Gathering of the Juggalos and pre-orders for the vinyl were available right on sight. As far as I can tell, is now the only place you can scoop that up.

Order link: Hell’s Cellar Vinyl @


Hell’s Pit

November 16, 2018

Only a couple weeks after the Hell’s Cellar vinyl drops it’s appropriate that the Wicked Clowns have also decided to drop Hell’s Pit on the same format. Hell’s Pit, for you ninja’s that don’t know, is the 2nd half of the 6th Joker’s Card, The Wraith.

Order link: Hell’s Pit Vinyl @


Bang! Pow! Boom!

November 16, 2018

Now, after this release, every current Joker’s Card of the 2nd deck will be available on vinyl. I’m talking about the 1st Joker’s, Bang! Pow Boom!. The card that we didn’t really even know was a card until a year or so later. This one is dropping on the same day as Hell’s Pit so you can pick ’em up as a set.

Order link: Bang! Pow! Boom! Vinyl @


The Amazing Jeckel Brothers

November 23, 2018

Last year ICP teamed up with Island Records to release The Great Milenko on Vinyl for the first time as a Record Store Day special and in celebration of Milenko’s 20th Anniversary. This year it looks like they’re doing the same thing with The Amazing Jeckel Brothers. Next year is also Jake and Jack’s 20th birthday so hopefully we’ll also get this up for some online pre-order later on (as well as that 20th Anniversary CD).

Order link: None. Hit up your local Record Store and request this for Record Store Day.


The Terror Wheel

December 7, 2018

Not only do we have pretty much every Joker’s Card now released on vinyl, with the release of The Terror Wheel we’ll also now have every original Joker’s Card sideshow album on vinyl (If you don’t know what a sideshow album is, ask a Juggalo friend)! This is the last of the vinyl records that have been announced to be dropping in 2018.

Order link: Terror Wheel Vinyl @

7 Different Faygo Beer Flavors Debuting at Michigan Brewers Guild Fall Beer Festival!

Ninjas… Juggalos… Homies… Errbody… I’m very pleased to announce that Faygo Beer is something that has actually been created and you may get the chance to try for yourself! Seven different beers have been brewed by seven different breweries with seven different Faygo flavors that will be debuting at the Michigan Brewers Guild Fall Beer Festival. That event will be going down on the weekend of October 26-27 at the Eastern Market in Detroit, MI. Check out more info on the event including ticket links at by CLICKING HERE.

Now on to the beer.

If you’re lucky enough to hit up the event, you’ll get the chance to try any of these seven different beers including:

  • A Redpop kettle sour by Traffic Jam and Snug
  • Scotch Cherry Whoop Whoop (inspired by Rock n Rye) by Founders Detroit
  • A Moon Mist IPA by Eastern Market Brewing Co.
  • Cotton Candy Berliner weisse by Brew Detroit
  • 60/40 Radler by Detroit Beer Co
  • A Double Dirty Blonde with Faygo Orange and coriander by Atwater
  • Better Made Grape FayGose (which uses Detroit-based potato chips in the beer) by Batch Brewing Co.

If you’re going to be in or around the Detroit area on October 26-27th and you’re a Juggalo and you also like beer I recommend checking this out ninja! has posted an article about the beer and even include Juggalos in the title and writing. You can check out that full article by CLICKING HERE or you can check that out below.

Props to Lisa Dunn.

Juggalos, Rejoice! Seven Faygo Beers Are Here For Your Consumption

It is a well-established fact that fans of Insane Clown Posse, a.k.a.Juggalos, have a deep and abiding love of Faygo, the Detroit-based beverage company that makes over 50 different flavors of soda. And, in fact, though Faygo has long been a Michigan staple, it’s thanks to our ICP-loving friends that most Americans even know what Faygo is.

Now, Juggalo and non-Juggalo fans of the soda company have a new reason to celebrate: according toFood & Wine, the Detroit Beer Experiment will debutseven beers made from seven Faygo flavorsat the Michigan Brewers Guild Fall Beer Festival this autumn.

According to theDetroit Free Press, here’s what you canexpect from the seven breweriesparticipating in the venture:

Traffic Jam and Snug is making a Redpop kettle sour. Founders Detroit is making Scotch Cherry Whoop Whoop, inspired by Rock n Rye — a rye scotch ale with dark cherry and vanilla. Eastern Market Brewing Co. is making a Moon Mist IPA. Brew Detroit is making Cotton Candy Berliner weisse. Detroit Beer Co. has created a 60/40 Radler. Atwater is brewing a Double Dirty Blonde with Faygo Orange and coriander. And Batch Brewing Co. seems to be going the extra Detroit mile with its Better Made Grape FayGose, using the Detroit-based potato chips in the beer as well.

Stephen Roginson, one of the brewers involved in the experiment, said in a statement, “Getting together with our brewing community to brainstorm, bend elbows, and do something outside of the norm? What a fun industry to be a part of.”

We agree that it’s pretty cool to try to figure out how to synthesize Redpop and the Warhead quality of a kettle sour. It’ll be interesting to see if this whole experiment works. Guess you and all your Juggalo friends will just have to go to the brewfest the weekend of Oct. 26-27 to find out.WHOOOOOOP! FAM-IL-EEEEEEE.

The Detroit Free Press has also posted an article about the beer which doesn’t mention Juggalos at all, but Faygo is Detroit based. But y’all know that. You can check that article out by CLICKING HERE, or check that out below.

Props to Meira Gebel.

7 Detroit breweries creating Faygo beer flavors for Fall Beer Festival

If you have ever had to choose between Faygo’s Redpop and beer … now you won’t have to pick one over the other.

Detroit’s Beer Experiment, a collaboration between seven local breweries, all will incorporate signature Faygo flavors into each one of their beers for the Michigan Brewers Guild Fall Beer Festival in Eastern Market this year.

The Fall Beer Festival takes place on Oct. 26-27.

Eastern Market's Shed 5 and its adjacent grounds played
Eastern Market’s Shed 5 and its adjacent grounds played host to the 6th annual Detroit Fall Beer Festival on Saturday, October 24, 2015. (Photo: John Froelich)

“Getting together with our brewing community to brainstorm, bend elbows, and do something outside of the norm? What a fun industry to be a part of,” said Stephen Roginson, co-founder of Batch Brewing Co. in Corktown, in a statement.

Batch Brewery Company seen during the Detroit Free
Batch Brewery Company seen during the Detroit Free Press first Detroit Untapped brewery bus tour on Thursday, March 24, 2016, in Detroit, (Photo: Salwan Georges)

In 2016, the beer experiment took on food-inspired beers, featuring a pilsner made with ginger, lemon peel, yuzu and whiskey-barrel-aged fish sauce.

This year, the collective experiment will pay homage to the pop that defined Detroit.

Eastern Market Brewing Company is making a Moon Mist IPA ahead of Fall Beer Festival, which will take place Oct. 26 and Oct. 27, 2018.
Eastern Market Brewing Company is making a Moon Mist IPA ahead of Fall Beer Festival, which will take place Oct. 26 and Oct. 27, 2018. (Photo: John Froelich)

Traffic Jam and Snug is making a Redpop kettle sour. Founders Detroit is making Scotch Cherry Whoop Whoop, inspired by Rock n Rye — a rye scotch ale with dark cherry and vanilla. Eastern Market Brewing Co. is making a Moon Mist IPA. Brew Detroit is making Cotton Candy Berliner weisse. Detroit Beer Co. has created a 60/40 Radler. Atwater is brewing a Double Dirty Blonde with Faygo Orange and coriander. And Batch Brewing Co. seems to be going the extra Detroit mile with its Better Made Grape FayGose, using the Detroit-based potato chips in the beer as well.

Whether or not these classic, syrupy Faygo flavors will shine through in these brews depends on your taste buds.

Each brew will debut at its respective brewery starting Oct. 19.

Shaggy 2 Dope’s Drop Kick Discussed on “Trends In Low Places” Podcast

It seems as though every media outlet was talking about the Shaggy 2 Dope / Fred Durst dropkick felt ’round the world!  There’s a podcast called “Trends In Low Places”, and on their latest episode 89, they speak on it.  The guys really wish the kick would have connected, and talk about it for around 7 minutes.  Check the description below.


This week, the boys really wish Shaggy 2 Dope had actually kicked Fred Durst in the head. Mike gets really, upsettingly angry at Daniel Stern, Michael sees a meth ghost, and we all learn a thing or two about the absolute horrors of bed bugs. It’s our best yet.

The 2 Dope portion starts at the 8 minute 30 second mark.  Enjoy!

Details Released for 5th Annual Twiztmas Party!

Before you know it, the holidays will be here, and that means that Twiztmas is sneaking up on us!  This year, the 5th Annual Twiztmas Party will be held at The Crofoot in Pontiac, Michigan!  As usual, the event is next to free to get in!  It will only cost you $1.00, or 4 canned goods for entry!

Monoxide and Madrox will host it, and you’ll see performances from the following:

  • Eastside Mash Up
  • Alla Xul Elu
  • Insane E
  • Redd
  • Mr. YUG
  • Kosha Dillz
  • Xtra Overdoze
  • Daniel Dahmer

That’s a hell of a line-up for a buck!  Remember, all donations will go to charity! There will also be a silent auction and free food!  I think we’ve covered everything, but you can get the ticket link below.

From MNE’s Facebook:


Just $1 or 4 Canned Food Donations which can be dropped off at the Crofoot in advance or the day of the show in exchange for a ticket!


Check the flyer with all the details below:

Click the pic to enlarge!

New ABK Jackets Available at!

Every Juggalo’s favorite Native Warrior, Anybody Killa, has made some jackets available at his webstore:!  There are four different designs, and each jacket will cost you $90.00.  Check the description straight from the web store.


9.8 oz., 80% ringspun cotton, 20% polyester heavyweight fabric
Soft cotton faced fabric creates ideal printing surface

Knitted collar, cuffs, and waistband with striped details
Press-stud closure buttons
Taped back neck
Hanging loop at back neck
Earphone cord feed hidden inside pocket
Hidden earphone loops inside collar

See larger pics of each jacket here:

There’s only one spot to pick them up:!

Full Wizard of the Hood Gathering 17 Set DVD Now Available To VIP’s During Current Hallowicked Tour!

This is going to be a quick post.  Scottie D just in-boxed from the Gas Monkey Venue in, Dallas, Texas. Full Wizard of the Hood set filmed during the Gathering of the Juggalos 2016 is finally available for your viewing pleasure!  But only for those who are lucky to be VIP (for now?!) during the current  Insane Clown Posse Hallowicked 2018 Tour! Enjoy the flavor!


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